Monday, March 22, 2010

Janysha Andrea's Christening 03.25.2010

We celebrated Janysha Andrea's Christening last March 20, 2010. We celebrated it with close friends and family. Thanks to all who came and thank you Majic and Lloyd for covering the whole event. Hope you do the same on Julianna Alyssa's 2nd birthday on May.

More photos here and here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Janysha Andrea's @ 2 months old


  • Respond to sound by startle, blinking, crying etc.
  • Fixates on human face ... follows with eyes.
  • Respond to parent's face and voice
  • Lifts head momentarily when prone.
  • Can sleep 3-4 hours at a time and stays awake 1 hour or longer
  • Can be consoled by being talked to or held.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts Month

... to those who are taken

... almost taken

... still-to-be taken

... taken for granted

... need to be taken

... waiting to be taken

... assumed to be taken

... and those who will never be taken


and to our Chinese friends ...


Friday, January 29, 2010

My Birthing Story (the second time around)

I gave birth to Janysha Andrea Recta Jamias on December 23, 2009. I've been into a series of unfortunate events that only now I had the time to share my 2nd birthing story. All is well with this 2nd pregnancy. But giving birth to Jandi was very traumatic not only to me but to my husband and the whole family as well. Gotta warn you that this might be a very long post. Don't worry, I won't bore you as I will post some photos with it. So are you ready?

November 2009
My OB had me on bedrest because my cervix is semi opened. All I was thinking that time is how can I do some shopping for the little one, and of course, I need a new outfit before I give birth. I was so disappointed.

December 18, 2009
This day marks my 37th week. House arrest has been lifted, and I went with my family to do a bit of shopping. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the whole time, coz I've been experiencing a little contractions and some pains in my tummy. And of course, everybody's busy shopping for Christmas, a lot of people inside the mall. I'm having a hard time breathing and a lot of people just accidentally bumped into my tummy that made me so grumpy.

December 22, 2009
I went out with Janna and my brother. He bought his remote control for his camera while me and Janna stayed inside the car. After that we went to the mall to do another attempt to shop something for me and the baby. But again, another series of contractions were present and my super kabadong brother told me that we should head home at baka daw sa mall pa ako putukan ng panubigan.

December 23, 2009
My scheduled day for my weekly check up. OB did an IE and she smiled and asked me...

Dra. Nogoy: Kailan mo gusto manganak? Ngayon, bukas ... kailan?
Me: Doc bakit po?
Dra. Nogoy: Eh kasi you're 4 cms dilated na ... actually, 5 cms na
Me: What? Di na ako aabot ng January 2010?
Dra. Nogoy: So ano kailan mo gusto manganak?
Me: Eh di ngayon na doc, wag na natin pigilan.

She reserved a room for us at FEU Hospital right away and was advised to proceed to the hospital by 2:00p.m. I was at her clinic at around 11:00a.m. I texted Jason, asking him to go home immediately. I'm not going to give birth to this baby without knowing that he's with me. But my ever workaholic husband told me that he can't make it by 2:00p.m. coz he has to go to the bank to withdraw some cash for his laborers. It just happened that day was their Christmas party, too. So I asked my O.B. if I can buy some more time because I'm still waiting for my husband to come home. My O.B. told me that I'm in active labor but it would still take a while for me to give birth. She told me to just relax while I wait for Jason.

2:00p.m. the bloody show ... I texted my OB ... OB sa "Doc, may bloody show na ako, do I have to go to the hospital na? Wala pa din kasi si Jason." OB said, "Normal lang yan kasi dinutdut kita kanina (she's referring to the IE), ok lang yan, mag-relax ka lang habang hinihintay mo si Jason."

3:30p.m. I asked my brother to take a photo of me. Coz I haven't had a decent preggy photo (again) the whole time of my pregnancy with Jandi. So my brother took some shots of me while waiting for Jason. Take note: I'm on active labor and I'm 5 cms dilated hehehe.

I didn't realized I was this big ... when I had Janna, I was a bit smaller ...
a bit lang naman hehehe!

Since I was on bed rest on the last leg of my pregnancy, I didn't have the chance to buy a maternity dress for myself. I have no choice but to wear the same maternity dress I wore when I gave birth to Janna.

4:00p.m. Finally, Jason arrived ... he and my brother hurriedly put everything inside Jason's pick up ... hospital bag, baby bag, laptop (yes laptop ... hehehe!), PSP, everything we need on our 3 day stay at the hospital. By the time I was inside the car, contractions went on every 15 minutes. The baby really wanted to come out that day already. She's so active and I could feel she's pushing her way down there. Arrrghhhhh labs, bilisan mo at nakakaramdam na ako ng sakit!

4:30p.m. Jason parked his car near the lobby of the hospital, not near the ER ... so I have to walk a bit until we arrived at the ER. Labs, wala naman sinabi si doc that I need to walk para mag-descend ang bata, pinahirapan mo pa ako maglakad! Anyway, while I was at the ER waiting for my cue to go to the DR ... I started praying for me to have a safe delivery... no complications please, Lord. And make it safe for my baby ... I'll make sure I'll push hard so she'll get out in no time ... gagalingan ko talaga promise.

5:30p.m. I was wheeled to the LR. I kissed Jason, for I will not see him for hours. For sure he will not bore himself naman sa hospital room dahil my brother was with him the whole time, at meron siyang dalang Sun Wireless Broadband (shameless plug). This is it ... I'm back after a year and 7 months ... in the same bed that I was when I had Janna, with the same OB residents. Just like when I had Janna, I was the only one who's into labor that time and I'm so lucky that all people are focused on me. Actually, every now and then umaalis sila kasi Christmas party ng OB Gyne department ... hala! While waiting for my OB, they advised me to sleep. Sigurado kasi pag descending na si baby eh hindi na ako papatulugin ng sakit. Ang kainis pa is yung mga interns na tanong ng tanong ng history mo na paulit ulit mo naman kailangan sagutin. Nakakaloka! Paano pa ako makakatulog nun?

9:00p.m. OB made an IE, and I'm already 6 cms dilated ... She popped my waterbag and the pain is unbearable. She asked the anesthesiologist that its about time to give the epidural. The anes had the hard time inserting the epidural on my spinal space. Tumaba daw kasi ako and naka-dalawang shots pa siya sa akin. Hello? ang sakit kaya nun no! I was shouting that time, nakakahiya pero I had too to bear the pain. I think every 30 minutes, I can feel the pain. Err doc, painless di ba? bakit may nararadaman ako ... grabe na ang sakit eh.

11:00 p.m. A resident checked on me, when she saw there's oozing blood already in my vajayjay, she immediately did an IE ... she said, "Tawagin na si doc, ready na to naka-position na" ... So that's the reason why the pain is so unbearable ... Oh my God, this is it! I began to pray again, and trying to relax myself coz I wanted to get things over ASAP. They wheeled me to the DR, I know this place looks familiar ... I was here 1 year and 7 months ago hehehe. As usual, may cheering squad nanaman ako sa tabi ko, they keep telling me to push hard. Yah yah yah alam ko na yan ... pangalawa ko na kaya to!

"Inhale! Exhale! Inhale then push ... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10" Oo, kabisado ko yan ... since I was on epidural, everything should be in sync. Everytime I'll feel the contractions, I have to tell them and the next thing they'll do is to say those lines. I think I did better with the push this time. I think I had 10 pushing lang eh, basta sandali lang, di ako masyado nagtagal sa DR unlike when I had Janna that I stayed for 2 hours kasi she won't descend when I push. Muntik pa na-CS.

11:42 p.m. Baby out 11:42p.m. baby girl ... I was sedated already that I didn't have the chance to see how she looks like. I didn't even know they let her latch on my breast. Funny though, we had a photo together, which I smiled but didn't quite remember that it happened. Medyo nagising lang diwa ko when my OB and a resident was talking while they clean me up ... "Grabe, sobrang madugo ... sana tumigil na to" Ano? Sana tumigil na to? Anong klaseng statement yun? you mean may possibility na di tumigil yung pagdudugo ko? After that, everything went black!

I was awake again for the second time around when they wheeled me to the Recovery room. This time, and dami nakakabit sa akin na kung ano-ano. They're checking my vital signs every now and then. Hmmm ... mukhang serious to ah ... then my OB went inside the room. "Sheryl, about sa date and time ng baby out, hindi sila pumayag na maging December 24 kahit ilang minutes nalang. So, we changed the date stamped to its original time and date." Nakakalito? it's a long story, wag nyo na alamin. Okay sige na nga. I asked kasi kung pwede gawin nalang December 24 yung birthday ni Jandi para Christmas Eve and ka-birthday ng kuya ko. Hindi pumayag yung sa NICU kaya back to original time and date ang birthday ni Jandi. Then she explains that they had a difficult time cleaning me up. Super dami daw ng dugo ko, nakailang gauze daw sila just to pat the bleeding. napatigil naman nila, yun nga lang ipinaalaml ang niya sa akin yung naging situation.

December 24, 2009 ... 2:00a.m. ... Inakyat na ako sa room, but I'm kinda wondering bakit hindi pa tinatanggal yung catather ng epidural sa likod ko. When I had Janna, tinanggal nila agad. When I was there sa room, they strictly advise me to lay flat in bed for at least 8 hours. Huh? that's new ... para san yun?

8:00 a.m. super sakit ng ulo ko ... tumayo ako dahil I want to pee. As soon as I got up, I had this really super painful and nakakahilong headache sa tanan ng buhay ko. Umiikot paningin ko and my head was like pounding talaga. Whew ... kahit dati pag nakakainom ako, hindi ganito ang hangover na nararamdaman ko after that. Grabe, parang mamamatay na ako sa sakit ng ulo ko. Then I could feel something is dripping from the catather. I informed the nurse about it ... lalaki yung nurse, he said "Ay mom, asan yung nakakabit dito, yung parang lock?" "huh? may lock ba yan? eh nung nasa recovery room palang ako wala na nakalagay diyan." "Sige po, humiga lang po muna kayo at itatawag ko po sa anes."

Sobrang tagal ng anes ... feeling ko hindi na siya pupunta. Nung dumating na, tinanong nanaman niya ako ... "Mommy, asan po yung lock na nandito?" "Hindi ko alam, kagabi palang wala na yan lock na yan. Di ko nga alam itsura nun eh" Umalis siya ulit, went back with a small thing that he put at the end of the tube, and began injecting NSS to it ... wow ang lamig naman nun. He explained why I'm experiencing headache. "What you're experiencing right now is spinal headache. blah blah blah ... what you have to do is lie flat in bed for at least 8 hours again, walang tayuan, pa weewee use bed pan. Pag kakain ka, patulong ka sa husband mo. You have to lie flat po."

December 25, 2009 ... 7:00am ... argh! that headache, it's still here! Bakit ganun, ayaw ako lubayan ... Then dumating nanaman yung anes na resident and again put NSS on my catather .... wow ang lamig talaga nun. Then he said to gently get up, sit down ... asking if there's still headache, and I said no! He let me walk a few steps, asking if nahihilo ba ako or what. I said, No! And he said "ok, you're ready to go!"

10:00am ... we called the NICU if we can room in the baby since we're going home na. After 30 minutes, she's already here ... oh my precious Jandi, you're so pretty like your Ate Janna.

She looks like her father again but some says she looks more like me. Well, it doesn't matter who she looks like. Important is she's healthy and normal.

We didn't enjoy Christmas that time because we were at the hospital. My in laws went over for a visit and see their 2nd apo/pamangkin na di mapagkakailang kadugo nila. Itsura palang kasi di pa ba obvious na kamukha nila hehehe.

December 26, 2009 ... SPINAL HEADACHE AGAIN!!! I was really crying and couldn't do anything about it. I texted my OB about my situation so that she can inform the anes to have my blood patch immediately. Dad and I went to the hospital while Jason stayed at home to take care of Janna.

They inserted a catather again on my spinal space and injected 10cc of my blood. Ewan ko kung ano medical explanation nun, pero after the blood patch, super abrupt yung relief. They let me lie down first for 30 mins, then they let me get up, sit down, walk ... the headaches gone! Grabe sana ginawa na nila to while I was at the hospital para di na ako balik pa ng balik tsk!

January 4, 2010 ... after breastfeeding Jandi, napansin ko lumalakas ang discharge ko ... sabi naman nila normal daw yun. Kasi it helps daw para tumigas ang matres. But by the time I went inside the bathroom to take a bath, the maternity pads were already soaked with blood. And bloods oozing alreading in between my legs. Chunks of blood were also present. I texted my OB, who was in Singapore that time that I'm heading to the E.R.of FEU and relayed to her what happened.

They checked on me and the blood stopped. So they let me go home and bed rest for a while.

But when we arrived at home, my napkin is soaked again with blood and oozed again in between my legs. We decided na magpa-admit na ako. All I was thinking that time is for me to get well kasi my kids were still young and ayoko pa mamatay. I want to be there when they grow old. I want to be there for them, for my husband. Jason was crying that time coz we don't know how this things could happen to me.

To make the long story short ... lumambot daw ang matres ko ... stress ... pagod ... everything ... by January 7, I'm already at home. But it didn't end there...

January 8, 2010 ... it was Jandi's turn to be admitted at the hospital due to neonatal pneumonia. Nahawa siya kay Ate Janna niya who has colds and cough that time. We stayed in the hospital for 7 days.

My 2nd pregnancy is quite very traumatic. I just hope to have no babies for now coz I want to enjoy Janna and Jandi while they grow up. And I want to be back to my pre-pregnancy shape before having a baby again. I know it would take a lot of discipline and sacrifice but I'll do anything just to be healthy for my family.

Janysha Andrea @ 1 month old

We celebrated Jandi's 1 month birthday last January 23, 2010. Mom cooked pancit and lechon paksiw while Jason bought cake and ice cream. It's still too early to tell Jandi's milestone, for she's only a month older. But all I can observe is that she can now recognize voices. Whenever someone is talking to her, she makes effort to look to the direction where the person is. And she loves classical music. Everytime my mom plays her instrumental CD's, she automatically be lulled to sleep (or all babies are like that? hehehe!). I can see tell that she can see a bit, maybe ... but still blurry.

here's Jandi with her first ever cake ... looking forward to have
more of these in the next coming months

our first ever family picture with Jandi ...
look at Janna, she's such a darling.

blow! blow! blow! Janna's helping her little sister to blow her candle

Friday, January 22, 2010

Janysha Andrea

I gave birth to healthy baby girl last December 23, 2009 at 11:42p.m. in FEU Hospital, Quezon City via normal delivery. Some says she looks like her Ate Janna, so pretty and adorable. Lakas nga daw ng dugo ni Jason, for she is another carbon copy of himself. But some believes, that she took some of my qualities. Oh well, too early to tell, she's barely a month old.

We call her Jandi for short. Yes, mom's got it from Boys Over Flower. She's fond of calling her Andi, while us we call her Ysha. So mom got the nick Jandi so that she bares the letter "J" in her nickname, too.

Will post my very traumatic birthing kwento soon.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

December na ...

... and I'm not done yet preparing my hospital bag to think that I might be giving birth in 2 weeks time ... yaiks!

... haven't done with Christmas shopping ... I just wish all my inaanaks, friends and relatives will understand if I might not give them something this Christmas ... kasi naman ang hirap ng bedrest eh.

... still thinking of what we will give for Janna this Christmas. Though I wanted her to have a kiddie pool pero isn't it too weird give her something she can't use as of this moment? Ang lamig kaya ng weather ngayon. I also told Jason that we should buy educational flashcards. Kasi Janna can now repeat what you are saying and she learns fast. Sayang naman kung hindi ko tutukan di ba? And we are also thinking of buying her a toddler bed ... but it will require more space right? So that's one bit of a problem.

... still thinking of an outfit for our family picture this December. I thought of us all wearing red shirts ... even the kids. Sayang naman kung di gagamitin si Nikko at Nikki sa event na ganito di ba?

Arrrgghhhh too many things to do pero wala ako magawa huhuhu!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Preparing for Baby J#2

I'm already on my 35th week tomorrow. And in two weeks time, we will start to wait for Janysha Andrea a.k.a. Ysha's grand entrance to the outside world.

Since I'm on bedrest (how many times have I already told you about it hehehe!), Janna and her yaya usually help me on certain things like packing stuffs for Baby Ysha. I'm already done with her hospital bag. It's my hospital bag that I'm trying to prepare this time. I don't have button up blouses, and don't have the time to go to the mall after my OB will lift my house arrest. I might as well borrow some blouse from moms' ... anyway, mom has been a lifesaver for me on anything.

Janna has two cabinets ... we already taken out the clothes she doesn't wear anymore to make way on Ysha's clothes. And I let her yaya wash Janna's premmie clothes so I won't have to buy for her. Anyway, she'll only use it for only a month or two. I can say that I have a brilliant yaya, she soaked Janna's white clothes in bleach. When I saw it yesterday, they're as good like brand new. I'm sure Ysha would look good on those clothes.

Mom and Dad got Ysha some onesies from the US, sizes from 0-12 months. No need to buy it for her. I asked them if they could buy an electric breastpump just in case Ysha had problems on latching, I can pump milk for her. They bought an Avent electric breastpump (pricey daw yung Medela). Hay salamat! I hope I'll be successful on breastfeeding this time. That was one of my frustrations when I had Janna. I've got a dozen of receiving blankets (what the hell will I use that for?). Some are gifts from my tito and tita din naman. I got 4 premmie mittens which are very small talaga, I'm so sure hindi matatanggal sa kamay niya yun unlike the one's sold here in the Philippines. I don't think I saw sizes like that here kasi it's a bit small than the regular ones I saw at the mall.

Janna's baby crib has been washed and kept already, and also the stroller with baby carrier is also ready, all washed, dried and kept clean. The only thing that is still not yet prepared is our room ... we are trying to re-organize it again to make way for the crib. How the hell can we do that again? Siguro naman Jason won't have a hard time coz naka-wireless router naman na kami, and there's internet everywhere inside the house. We should be doing that anytime soon.

Another thing we aren't still not prepared for is how to handle Janna and Ysha at the same time without one of them feeling neglected or jealous. Jason and I are still not prepared for it pero we are all excited for the new baby. I'll shower both of them with all my love and care so that they won't feel deprived of the love we have for them.

May God help us.

Our Baby Nikko

I haven't given birth yet ... and like I've said, our baby is a girl. but Nikko was one of a wish that just came true. It was included in my Christmas wishlist last year, but I got a point and shoot camera instead. Jason made it happen this year, it's his anniversary gift to us and birthday gift for himself. I so love you, my labs ... thanks for this gift!

a shot of him and Nikko at a practice photoshoot in Intramuros

I know, Jason and Nikko look good together

ok, one of his Piolo moments hehehe! Whenever he poses for the camera,
ang term niya lagi is "eto pormang Piolo" hahahaha!

Yes ... Nikko is a DSLR camera, a Nikon D90 DSLR to be exact. I always wanted a Canon DSLR but due to a lot of good reviews from friends and photo hobbyist, we were convinced to purchase this kind of brand. I really wanted to use it the first time I held it but it seems that DSLR's are a bit tricky to use. I need to practice and focus on the settings unlike using point and shoot cameras. And since I'm on bedrest, I can't just get out of bed and do practice shots outside. Maybe in a few months time, by then I have given birth already, and will have time to learn how to use it.

it's my brother's Piolo moment hehehe!

Actually, my younger brother got his Nikki (his own D90 camera) a bit earlier than us, and he already is having his photo workshop in Intramuros ... awww kainggit! He's improving and I'm glad he did enroll in that workshop. Christmas is coming and there'll be a lot of events coming up.

Here are some of Jason's shots from Intramuros (arrrrggghhhh walang watermark) pinasa naman na niya to sa contest for Architecture week ... Architecture in Intramuros.

and the winning shot is ...

Next practice shoot would be my maternity portrait ... hmmmm! Kaya kaya nila? hehehe!

And to Baby Nikko (and Nikki na rin), looking forward to create good memories with you :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby J#2 @ 32 Weeks

Baby J#2 is a girl ... Yes, it's another baby girl for us. Sabi ko na nga ba it's a baby girl ulit hehehe. We will gonna name her Janysha Andrea. Ysha for short.

Last week I had my monthly check up for November. I've been experiencing some pain sa may puson, thighs and butt. My OB did an IE and found out yung first layer ng cervix ko was slightly opened. I'm on bedrest for 2 weeks. And if I'm still experiencing preterm contractions, I'll be admitted in the hospital to prolong the baby for a while inside my womb.

I'm beginning to miss Janna everyday, for we can't do our daily activities as mom and daughter because of my condition. She's more into her yaya nowadays and it breaks my heart that she finds her yaya more than me. I promised myself that after I give birth, babawi ako kay Janna. I'm sure baby Ysha will understand that I have to attend to her ate's needs as well.

I really wanted to shop for the baby even if she'll have a lot of hand me downs from her ate Janna. But of course, I want her to have her own things, too. Eh kaso paano ko naman magagawa yun if I'm on bedrest ... hmmm ... makapag-online shopping nga hehehe!