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My Birthing Story 05.11.2008

I gave birth to Julianna Alyssa Recta Jamias last May 11, 2008 (Mother’s Day) at 6:01 a.m. thru normal delivery. She weighs 5.53 lbs. and 47 cm in height at 37 weeks and 3 days. Allow me to share my birthing story. It was truly a very memorable experience for me… how it feels to be a mom for the first time. Not to mention, to celebrate Mother’s Day with Julianna as God’s gift for me and Jason.

April 28, 2008 - 35 weeks and 5 days
I was admitted at FEU Hospital for preterm labor contractions. When hubby and I went to hear mass last Sunday, April 27, 2008, I felt a huge kick in my tummy na halos ma-weewee na ako sa sakit that went on for a couple of seconds. Jason told me to ask my OB if we have to worry about it or not. Pag-uwi namin sa bahay, I was already having back and abdominal pains, although it’s pretty much tolerable naman pero very alarming. OB told me to have complete bed rest and pumunta na daw ako ng clinic niya kinabukasan.

Nung nandun kami sa clinic ni OB, she already knew that I’m having preterm labor contractions. Contraction intervals went on every 15 minutes. Ang akala namin ni Jason movement lang ni Baby J yun kasi everytime nagmomove siya eh may kasamang contraction. She advised Jason that I would be admitted in the hospital to observe my contractions.

I was at the Labor room for one whole night. Contraction intervals went on every 15 mins. … to 10 mins… to 7 mins… to 2 mins. I keep on praying that time, if it really is time for her to be out, please make her healthy and help her to recover fast. With the help of some meds they made through dextrose, Baby J was still in my tummy, patiently waiting for her right time. I stayed in the hospital for more than 3 days.

April 30, 2008 – 36 weeks
I’m still in the hospital, had my schedule for another ultrasound to check on Baby J. Everything is normal, but then again, she didn’t gained any weight since her last ultrasound, which is last month. The OB Sonologist got worried and advised my OB for me to have a Doppler study. Kinabukasan pinauwi na ako ni OB at complete bed rest nanaman ako.

May 3, 2008 – 36 weeks and 3 days
Had another ultrasound but this time it’s a Doppler study. Everything is normal except that my amniotic fluid went down from 13 to 9. Saka dun sa part na dapat amniotic fluid ang nakikita eh nakita ng OB Sono puro umbilical cord daw. So hindi daw niya alam kung less na yung amniotic fluid ko or not. He advised me to have a Non-Stress Test to know whether Baby J is reactive inside my tummy or not. Good thing she’s okay and very reactive. By the time I went to OB’s clinic, she just advised me to continue bed rest, drink 2-3 liters of fluids a day so that my amniotic fluid won’t go down again.

May 7, 2008 – 37 weeks
Went to OB’s clinic again for my weekly prenatal check-up. According to her IE, my cervix already ripened and thinning. Bed rest is over and now allowed to go out. Pwede na ako matagtag weeeee … Sabi ni OB kung hindi pa daw time ni Baby J lumabas eh she advised me to have another ultrasound on Saturday. Jason and I went to the mall to purchase last minute stuffs needed in the hospital and baby cabinet drawer for Baby J. Is it too obvious? Masyado kami atat matagtag ako hehehe. Natagtag nga ata ako dahil nung umuwi kami ng bahay halos di ako makatayo dahil masakit ang likod at puson ko. Pero hindi naman siya nagtuloy-tuloy, so false alarm lang.

May 9, 2008 – 37 weeks and 2 days
Jason and I attended a surprise party of one of Jason’s colleague. I was entertained by them about their stories on how they gave birth on their first born and they all wished that I give birth soon, coz it’s a lot better if you’re already cuddling your little one rather touching and talking to your tummy. Nung gabi na yun, I was starting to experience slight contractions and little abdominal pains. Later on back pains were already present as we are heading back home. I told Jason that maybe I might give birth on Mother’s Day. Of course, I was only kidding that time.

May 10, 2008 – 37 weeks and 3 days
I had a hard time getting up because of the pain that I’ve been having since last night. I’m walking like a penguin and my Mom told me that I looked like I’m in labor already.

12:00nn - Off we went to my scheduled ultrasound. OB Sono told me na parang bumaba na daw yung head ng bata. Jason and I exchanged looks with glee. Fetal weight is still the same as last week … nothing has changed. I was advised to go to OB right away.

2:30 p.m. - OB checked on me and told me I’m already 2 cm dilated. She told me she has to induce labor already because she’s worried about Baby J not gaining weight. Kung hihintayin pa namin na mag-dilate ako the natural way, eh baka ano pa mangyari sa baby namin. She gave us a new admission letter and asked us to reserve a room at FEU Hospital. I should be in the ER at

7:00p.m. Pinauwi na muna niya kami at ihanda na ang mga gamit namin. At wag ko daw kalimutan maglakad-lakad. Para at least daw pag nasa hospital na ako ng 7:00 p.m. eh at least 4 cm dilated na ako.

Everything is all set, all our bags are packed. Mom told me to take a bath already coz matagal daw akong di maliligo (matandang pamahiin na bawal maligo ang bagong panganak). So I did. I also ask Jason to take pictures of me, coz I haven’t have any preggy photos eversince, though I had one when I was still 4 months pregnant. Grabe di ko ma-imagine ganun pala kalaki ang tummy ko. Kasi pag tumitingin ako sa mirror, parang ang liit ng tiyan ko. Eto lang ang lone picture ko na buntis ako ... buti na-document ni Jason hehehe.

6:30p.m. - My Dad told us to go to the hospital before the rain pours hard. So off we went to the hospital. We were still at the lobby and doing some rounds of walking while waiting for OB’s advised when to go to the ER because we’re 30 minutes earlier. Nag-text na siya at sinabing pumunta na kami sa ER coz she already informed the OB residents na nasa hospital na ako.

7:00p.m. - pumunta na kami ng ER and they gave Jason our admission slip to get the room we reserved that afternoon. After that, they wheeled me to the DR, kissed Jason before going inside, coz I know it will be a long night for him and for me. He’s not allowed to go inside the DR so he just stayed in our hospital room and wait for OB’s instructions.

8:00 p.m. – OB instructed the OB residents for me to have nipple stimulation to increase the contractions. Good thing, I’m the only one whose in labor that time, so all JI (Junior Interns), PGI (Post Graduate Interns), OB Residents, midwives and nurses were all concentrated on me. I didn’t get bored by the way, they never left me and they always make it a point to entertain me hehehe.

9:00 p.m. – established already the right interval for my contractions. The fetal monitor was hooked in my tummy and my contractions are now under observation.

10:00 p.m. - When OB checked on me, I’m already 4 cm dilated. She asked Jason to visit me at the Labor Room because the time the Anesthesiologist injects the epidural, he will never be able to see me until I deliver Baby J. So he went, and OB told him the situation and the procedures to be done. OB broke my water bag and checked the water if it’s contaminated or not. If it’s clear, we will proceed on induce labor. If the water is in greenish color, that means nakakain na ng dumi or dumumi na si Baby J. Clear naman so proceed to epidural and induce labor na.

11:00 p.m. – Bago ang epidural, pinag-nebulize muna ako ni OB dahil baka daw ma-trigger yung asthma ko during the procedure. It’s one of the worst feeling I have that time. Hindi ko alam na ganun pala ang procedure sa epidural. You have to curl up dahil ini-inject siya sa likod sa pelvic bone ba yun. Correct me if I’m wrong, basta dun sa dulo ng spinal cord. Tapos habang iniinject yung gamot, nararamdaman mo yung daloy ng meds sa likod mo and it’s super duper makirot. Kailangan ko magtiis, kasi super masakit na ang contractions ko that time. Kaya kailangan ko na ng epidural. Feeling ko nagflashback yung childhood memories ko nun. And I was hyperventilating that time because of the pain. But the Anesthesiologist told me to relax kasi pag na-over ako sa oxygen eh mas malaki magiging problema ko. Mga 5 na injections ata yun. Basta marami yun. The epidural take effect after 5 – 10 minutes. I felt relieved and I slept.

May 11, 2008 – The D Day
2:00 a.m. – Every 2 hours nawawala yung effect ng epi … kaya nagpapa-inject ako palagi sa Anes … susme … kahit sabihin nila na mas maganda may konting pain pag nagdeliver ako ng baby eh di ko kakayanin. Masakit talaga for crying out loud. OB again checked on me… bagong gising pa siya nun ha hehehe! I’m already 7 cm dilated. 3 cm’s to go. Contractions are now 10 – 5 minutes interval. Pati heart tone ni baby J under observation na kasi may time na bigla nag 96 bpms ang heart tone niya. Pero bumalik din ulit sa 130’s to 140’s. At natulog nanaman ako.

4:00 a.m. – Nag-trip yung kuryente sa pinagkakabitan ng fetal heart tone monitor. Nawindang ang mga nagbabantay sa akin dahil hindi na nila marinig yung fetal heart tones ni Baby J. Buti nalang may Doppler sa tabi, yun muna ang ginamit nila, magastos nga lang sa battery pero what the heck, buhay ang binabantayan nila dun.

Tinawag na nila si OB, again bagong gising siya ulit hehehe. 100% induced na ako and OB checked on me and was already 9 cm dilated. She coached me na try ko umire that time … and I did … she asked if na-wiwiwi daw ba ako, I said oo … she asked one of the nurses to bring a bed pan. She then again told me na umire … and right there, I’m now 10 cm dilated. They rushed me sa birthing room. Inayos ang paraphernalia and everything, inayos ang position ko, binantayan ang contractions ko. OB gave me 2 hours para mailabas si Baby J. Pag hindi pa daw siya lumabas, CS na ako. And since maliit lang si Baby J, she insisted na mag-normal delivery ako dahil kaya ko daw siya iluwal, may konting effort nga lang.

5:00 a.m. – hindi pa din nagdedecend si Baby J. Nakikita naman ni OB na nag-oopen ang kwelyo ko pero hindi bumababa ang bata. Sabi niya walang force ang pag-ire ko kaya ganun. Some of the PGI’s told me na isipin ko na nagpu-poopoo daw ako na sinlaki ng buko yung ebs ko para daw mapilitan akong i-ire si Baby J. Yun nga ang ginawa ko pero wala pa din nangyari.

5:45 a.m. – bago ang lahat, the reason why alam ko ang oras is because I was monitoring the time (nasa tapat ko kaya yung clock hehehe!). And since 2 hours lang ang binigay sa akin ni OB, panic mode na ako niyan na kailangan ko na talaga ilabas si Baby J bago mag-6:00 a.m. She decided na I need some help na. Kaya she asked one of her assistant to help me push the baby by pushing my tummy. At ganun nga ang nangyari, lumabas na ang portion ng ulo ni baby J.

5:50 a.m. - nag-ready na lahat, may tela na nakaharang na right in the middle of my body. Somebody put oxygen in my nose, I could hear the Anesthesiologist coaching me to give all my strength sa huling ire na yun. I could see OB instructing a JI when and where to position the camera. After the scandal in Cebu, nagkaroon na ng restrictions in taking photos and videos sa loob ng operating or delivery room. And like I’ve said, ako lang ang nanganak that time, kaya madami ng tao sa paligid ko. Marami na nakabantay.

It’s time, one of OB’s assistant coach me to push and hold for 10 seconds. At the count of 6, yung isang OB resident eh sumampa sa akin sabay pinush yung tummy ko hanggang sa hindi na ako makahinga dahil super bigat niya. Akala ko magpa-pass out ako that time. Kahit sinasabi nila na mag-relax ako eh hindi na ako makarelax. Gusto ko sipain yung babaeng nasa ibabaw ko para umalis na. Hindi na masaya to … waaaaaaaaahhhh! Then I’ve felt may lumabas sa akin down there na parang large chunk of something.

6:01 a.m. – “Baby Girl Jamias was out 6:01 a.m.”, someone said and I was furiously crying over what happened. OB even told me, “Oi Sheryl, ano iniiyak-iyak mo diyan, eto na baby mo oh.” Iba ang feeling, lalo na nung narinig mong umiyak yung baby mo. I could hear her cry na super parang pa-cute pa na di maintindihan. She was brought outside the DR for a while to be cleaned. I can still hear her cry and I was so giddy to hold her but I can’t … the anesthesia and the sedation’s keeping me from doing it. Not to mention, nililinisan na ako ni OB that time. After a few minutes, they let her latch on my breast (hay bakit nakapag-latch siya nung time na yun, samantalang ngayon ayaw na niya) … pagkatapos nun di ko na alam ang nangyari. I passed out already.

7:00 a.m. – I gained consciousness and saw 4 guys dressed in scrub suits transferring me to another bed. I’m wearing diapers and super duper gaan na ng feeling kasi wala ng mabigat sa tummy ko hehehe. I was transferred sa Recovery Room and stayed there for 2 hours.

Since nawala na yung sedation, and the anesthesia is starting to run out, nararamdaman ko na yung pain. Super duper umiiyak na ako kasi gusto ko na makita si Jason. Gusto ko na umalis dun sa Recovery Room. Gusto ko na sapukin yung isang Junior intern na nakabantay sa akin. Wala naman daw idudulot na maganda pag-iyak ko kaya tumahan na daw ako … eh upakan ko kaya siya … ang sakit na nga ng sugat ko eh.

9:00 a.m. - Two hours was like forever. Super duper naiinip na talaga ako. Bakit kasi hindi ako sinidate nung time na yun, eh di sana naka-recover nga ako ng maayos di ba? Buti yung isang nurse na guy na in-charge sa akin eh mabait. Pinakalma niya talaga ako kasi I was crying na talaga sa sakit. Inalis na ng Anesthesiologist yung catather sa likod ko.

After a few minutes, inakyat na ako sa room … nandun si mom at dad, at siyempre si Jason. Nung nakita ko si Mom, bigla nanaman ako umiyak, sinabi ko sa kanya “Mommy, ang sakit!” and I saw my mom crying, too. Ngayon naiintindihan ko na paano maging ina … mas na-aappreciate ko si Mom ngayon. And si Dad muntik na din umiyak. Si Jason naman kissed me agad by the time he saw me. And they were telling me na ang cute ni Baby J, she’s so malikot daw and kamukha ni Jason hehehe.

The whole day I was just resting and patiently waiting na makita si Baby J. 9:00p.m., Jason and I decided to visit her in the Nursery. Too bad, hindi nanaman pwede siya pumasok, and mommy lang daw ang pwede. And then I saw her … she’s so pretty and tiny … she really looked like her dad and I could say matindi ang magiging bantay ni Jason sa kanyang prinsesa. I tried to latch her pero super tulog siya. Kahit ginigising namin siya nung isang midwife, talagang sleeping ang drama niya. Nabigo nanaman ako on breastfeeding her, so we just went back to our room.

May 12, 2008
Around 7:30a.m. they room-in Julianna, super tuwa ang Lola (si mom kasi nagbantay sa akin the next day kasi si Jason may site visit) at na-cuddle na niya ang kanyang unang apo hehehe. I was taking pictures of her using my cellphone to send MMS to Jason para mapaaga ang balik niya sa hospital. Hindi naman ako nabigo, kasi maaga nga bumalik si Jason, excited na makita ang kanyang prinsesa. Nung gumabi na, dumalaw naman ang Mommy Lola Perly at Tito Jade. Excited din sila dahil unang apo din siya sa side nila Jason.

May 13, 2008
Umuwi na kami ni Julianna …

Realizations …
  • The battle on breastfeeding has started and getting me frustrated already. She’s having a hard time latching and I on the other hand is having a hard time increasing my milk supply. Hay buhay!
  • As a first time mom, I welcome myself to the world of sleepless nights and less social life. Kahit puyat lagi, I do love the job in taking care of my Baby Julianna. Being a mom is the most highest paid job in the whole world, kasi ang pambayad sa iyo is LOVE.
  • Pumapayat ako kahit hindi ako exclusively breastfeeding dahil sa puyat hehehe.
  • Hindi pala biro maging ina … masaya and fulfilling pero exhausting din. I know naman it’s just for a few months lang naman. By the time Julianna grows up, male-lessen naman lahat ng pagod mo. Kaya Mommy, mahal na mahal kita.
  • Hindi mo maintindihan kung bakit isang iyak lang ng anak mo eh natataranta ka na gawin yung gusto niya ipagawa mo.
  • Kahit gaano ka-busy si Jason sa work, maaga siya umuuwi hehehe. At kahit pagod siya, he gives his share of responsibilities for Julianna.
Eh makita mo lang ang baby mo na ganito palagi … sabihin mo sa akin kung nakakapagod nga maging mommy. Tiring, yes ... but it's all worth it!

Thank you Lord for keeping us safe from the time I got pregnant until I give birth to Baby Julianna... for keeping her healthy and normal ... for making me strong to endure all the pain from labor to delivery... for helping us to be financially stable to cover all the expenses from day 1 up to the day I give birth. Thank you for everything ... for giving us this wonderful gift.

Thanks to Dra. Cecilia Nogoy (OB Gyne) for not giving up on me and for being patient the whole time on my pregnancy. Dra. Espanol (Anesthesiologist) for making my birthing experience painless hehehe. To Dra. Ma. Paz Ong (Pedia) for taking care of our little princess, who patiently answers to all my queries. To all JI, PGI, nurses and midwives who are present that day, I can’t thank you enough how grateful I am on how you took care of me from labor until my delivery to Julianna.

To my family, Jason's family and our friends who showered us with prayers and support. I appreciate it a lot.

And to my loving husband, Jason… for taking care of me and our little princess all throughout my pregnancy and until now. We love you so much mwah!


Jacque May 23, 2008 8:37 PM  

sis, congrats on your baby! she's such a doll! smiling face. hehe. and yes, super kamukha ng hubby mo. :)

motherhood is tiring pero everything nga is so worth it. much more actually, may sukli pa anak natin. haha.

Anonymous May 24, 2008 8:58 AM  

wow! welcome to the world, Juliana :)