Friday, March 31, 2006

Something to be happy about...

I got a text message from Jason last night. He said that Jamie passed the Bar Exams. I'm so proud of her. I even told my mom about it. My mom texted back asking for Jamie's number just to congratulate her. FYI: Kuya jade, Jason's big brother is a doctor. He's in Australia right now pursuing a career at the same time studying. Jason is an Architect ... and now his sister Jamie is an attorney. O di ba? Galing nila lahat. Wish our kids got brains like them :) and a heart like mine hahahaha

Went to the grocery yesterday to buy bread. Been getting rid of rice on my diet for a week now. Yes, I'm starting to get myself fit until my wedding day. I wanted my gown to fit right and get rid of the unwanted baby-fats. But I'm not into crash diets ... My cousin, who's a nurse made a diet planner for both of us. Wish me luck ...

Then I went to a cute store here in Laoag who sells items from Taiwan. Hehehe nakakatuwa lang sila bilhin. At mura naman, I didn't splurge that much. Super tipid na nga ako ngayon eh. kasi dami pa namin babayaran ni Jason na suppliers.

Got this cute Tin Can CD Pocket for only 35.00 hehehe! It's also available in 16 Pockets and 20 Pockets. I think 60.00 pesos yung 20 pockets. I'm planning to get more kasi dami ko ng CD's dito and halo2x na from MP3s to Photos from my digital cam. Gusto ko siya I-organize.

I love this stickers ... it only cost 6.00 pesos a sheet. Hahahaha! Nag-isip bata ba ako? Hindi ko nga alam kung san sila gagamitin pero yung isang baby Mickey Mouse nilagay ko sa likod ng cellphone ko. Hehehehe!

Since mainit dito sa Laoag, I bought a fan for only 15.00 pesos hehehehe! Favorite color, blue! Lightweight and small, fits in my bag hehehe!

I'm also into origami this past few days ... form of release ba! hahaha! Natutuwa ako pag nakakabuo ako ng figures. I wanted to incorporate it on my wedding. A fellow W@wie, Anne ni Gel, let me view a friend's blog that she incorporated burgunday Albatross origami in her centerpieces. I might do the same also ... kasi it looks cute as in. Forgot the blogsite na eh.

I got this origami papers from my friend, Bren. And the other set of papers were from one of my Japanese Boss, Mr. Inoue. Weirdo ko, hindi ko siya ginagamit. Ayoko siya gamitin for origami. Kasi ang ganda niya as in. Hahanap muna ako ng supplier for my origami paper bago ko siya gagamitin hahahaha!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Last night...

I dreamed about us having our wedding without Paul Vincent, the photographer ... imagine nyo nalang kung ano na-feel ko nun coz I don't want to run down the details. The church is different, my motiff is not the same with what I'm having... even yung reception venue hindi yung Windmills ... susmiyo ... hahahaha! I think I didn't smiled the whole time. Kaya pagkagising ko nakakunot ang noo ko. Buti nalang my cousin is getting ready for a morning jog. Kaya I went out with her, at least nawala yung inis ko ... nakapag-jogging pa ako. At least I lost 20 calories. hahahaha!

Monday, March 27, 2006

On my wish list ...

I've been thinking of having a professional camera. I asked Lolo Deng kung ano ang the best camera ngayon sa Canon. and he texted me back with this ...

The 8.2 MP EOS-1D Mark II N is the essential tool of sports and reportage photographers. With pack leading image quality at 8.5 frames per second and 48 frame JPEG burst performance.

8.2 MP CMOS sensor
8.5 fps/48 JPEG image burst
45-point AF
2.5" LCD
Picture Style image processing
CF/SD card slots for JPEG/RAW image recording
Wide ISO range from L:50 to H:3200
Tough and Durable
Digital Photo Professional software

I wanted to have a business in photography. Sabi ni Jason ok daw ang talent ko sa photography, konting enhancement nalang. Siyempre, how can I put up a business kung point and shoot cam lang ang gamit ko hahaha! Oh well, panaginip nalang ata eto. I've been working too much pero di pa din ako makabili ng ganitong klaseng camera. Mas marami kasing mas kailangan paggamitan ng money kaysa dito. Oh well ... hihihihi!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Souvenir Ideas

I'm still having a hard time deciding on my souvenirs. My Tita Yolanda will buy it for us. Naks, imported from Hawaii ha. I wanted something for my guest to use rather than pakapitan ng alikabok sa cabinet nila hehehe! Eto palang nakikita ko so far and still undecided. I've been browsing the net for the whole day... wala pa ako mapili. I asked Jason about it and he said naman na linya ko daw to, so ako na mag-decide. Ahihihihi di bale matagal pa naman. Sana lang may maisip akong maganda na unique and useful.

Tama ba naman yun, brownout nanaman ng whole day dito sa Laoag tomorrow, from 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. Grabe ang init nanaman nun ... ano nanaman magagawa namin dito sa office eh wala naman kami generator. I think dadalhin ko nalang yung book ko (Angels and Demons by: Dan Brown) para may mabasa ako. Too bad my MP3 player is broken. Nasa Manila yung MP3 ko pinapalitan ni Jason sa shop na binilhan niya. May 1 year warranty pa kasi hehehe!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Something new...

Just wanted to post some pics when I had my 3 day vacation in Manila last weekend. Don't have anything to talked about wedding preps except that we already started giving out our STD Cards for our Principal Sponsors. Mukhang madadagdagan ng isang pair kasi sabi ni dad may isa daw friend niya na gawin ko din daw Ninong para makapunta din sa wedding ko. Eh taga Cebu kasi yun. Sakto may client si Jason na nagpiprisinta din maging Ninang namin (my Jason is so likeable talaga ... everybody loves him).

A new photo shot of us ... yung previous ata namin is nung December pa. Do you think we'll look good on photos sa wedding? Hindi kasi kami pareho marunong mag-project. Shy type pa si Jason... oh well...

He's kinda busy as of this moment. Got lots of projects coming (like I said, God always provide ...Thank You, Lord!) ... I really wanted to help him, pero paano? Ang layo ko sa kanya. I could be his CAD Operator w/o pay. Hehehe! Kiss lang ok na sa akin eh. Sana matuloy yung sinasabi niya na job. Gusto ko na bumalik sa Manila. Nahihirapan ako dito sa Laoag huhuhuhu! Di nga kami nagkita nung Saturday coz he finished some working drawings muna.

Sunday went well. We went to the mall along with my family just to play bowling ... Dad's going to have a tournament, so we went with him to practice. Avah! Pataasan ba ng score si Jason at si Dad? At least di ba it helped Dad na ma-practice hehehe.

A dear friend of mine, Joel (from Toyo Constructions), sent this super duper delicious Chocolate Go Nuts Donuts 2 weeks ago. He knows this is my favorite coz everytime somebody is going to Manila, I always tell them to buy me Gonuts Donuts for pasalubong. Unfortunately, nobody hasn't done that yet. So he decided to buy it for me. And he's glad that he made me happy. How sweet naman ni Joel mwah! I shared it with my cousins ... super tamis to at ayoko na makadagdag pa siya sa bilbil ko kaya shinare ko sa kanila. 1 donut is enough for me. Sarap grabe! hahaha!

I got this new bling-bling on my phone. Isn't it cute? It's a bride and groom pig ... sayang blue and pink sya. I wanted it in blue and yellow. Inspirasyon yan. It's blinking when somebody texted or calls you. Talking about kid stuff hahaha!

After Jason and I attended mass, Jaja and Boni came for a surprised visit. And I was surprise also to see them looking on our photo albums (Si mom talaga buti nalang wala yung mga baby pictures ko sa albums hahaha). Boni is working in Japan, but he'll be here on October for our wedding. Sayang pa naman, he's an events coordinator before. Hindi na rin niya kaya mag OTD sa akin kasi weeks lang pwede nya i-leave sa work niya. Pero I think he'll squeeze it in. Konting lambing lang... basta bahala na nyahahaha! Pero he's helping me out on what to choose sa mga kulang ko (like invitation, souvenirs ek ek). Hopefully I could meet him before he goes back to Japan to help me out with the flowers ... punta kami sa Dangwa to get Mang Boy nyahahaha!

Kuya Rommel naman was asking what gift I wanted for my wedding. He asked yung mura lang daw kasi naubos na daw savings niya when he was here in Manila for a vacation. Eto lang naman pinabili ko sa kanya ... any of the two ... kasi cute siya. Parang ang sarap kumain pag ganito yung itsura ng bread mo hihihi! Kala ko nga dati Hello Kitty lang meron, pati pala Winnie the Pooh meron. Kakatuwa hahaha!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What's Your Wedding Gown

Wala lang ... hehehe!

Your Wedding Gown Is
Bonny Style 510 Wedding Gown

Friday, March 10, 2006

Cake Topper

Besides the very known cake topper from Weddings at Work, I found some cute Cake Toppers from the internet. I would love one of them to be on top of our cake on our wedding day. Wish ko lang hehehe!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Isn't it cute?

Comical Bride & Groom Figurine Ah... sweet ... wanna have one of this hihihi!

Precious Moments Waaaahhh cute nila grabe! hihihi!

Cute As a Button (Cre8 with Carolyn) really is cute!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

STD Cards Part 2

Here's our very simple STD Cards for our Principal Sponsors and Entourage. Yung sa Entourage wala pa kasi hindi ko pa ginagawa kasi finafinalize pa namin yung list namin. Pero yung Principal Sponsors kasi we need to give it to them na ASAP kasi.

Eto naman yung Front view niya... corny ba yung design?

Eto naman yung back view niya ... I inserted swatches for the Ninangs tapos yung mobile no. namin ni Jason for them to keep in touch with us.

At siyempre. eto na ang packaging. Di ko alam kung ano tawag diyan pero sabi nila cloth giftwrapper daw yan ... pero di naman siya cloth. Tapos bumili ako ng ribbon close to our motiff... pero mas lighter kasi diyan yung napili namin. Parang celadon. Pero pag hindi kami nakakita ng ganun, might as well will gonna use this color.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Don't worry ... there's no sugar!

Nakakatawa talaga ang mga husbands to be. I don't know kung lahat sila tulad ng Jason my labs ko ha. I told him kasi na punta kami ng Home & Bride Essentials pagbalik ko ng Manila. He said ok at magpa-appointment na daw ako. Nung nakita na niya yung website bigla siya nagtanong, ano daw yung bibilhin namin dun eh halos lahat daw na nandun eh provided na ng Windmills. Hay naku si labs talaga. Until now di pa din niya maintindihan bakit ang girls sobrang kikay. Right now I'm in Laoag, while he's in Manila naman. He doesn't want to go through the wedding preps alone, gusto niya kasama ako. Well, ok lang yun. Ang sweet nga eh. But when I go with the preps naman, ang dami naman niyang tanong. Bakit ganito? Bakit ganyan? Kailangan ba nito? Para san pa yun? Pero kahit ganun siya, mahal na mahal ko siya. Isa yan sa mga katangian na minahal ko sa kanya. Matanong lang siya pero alam ko he also wanted the best for us. Kaya ano ang dapat gawin? BE PATIENT! Coz patience is a virtue. Don't worry, there's no sugar. :)