Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Mother's Day announcement

This is a long overdue post!

I celebrated Mother's Day of 2008 with the birth of our daughter Julianna Alyssa. It was my first time to celebrate Mother's day and I have the best gift ever.

We celebrated Mother's Day lunchtime with my family. We ate at Lamesa Grill in Trinoma. After that, while mom and dad do the groceries, my sibblings along with my hubby, my SIL and the babies went on shopping. Pauwi na kami and nag-text si BIL saying we should meet at dinner time to celebrate Mother's Day with them. So, we just took a rest for a while and by 7:00p.m. we are on our way to Brick Road in Marikina. We ate at Friday's and the food is so good. And Janna's having a great time coz they gave her a complimentary sundae because of her birthday on May 11.

Then we went home by 10:30pm. I saw an open drugstore and asked hubs to buy me an EPT kit. My period is delayed for a week already and I wanted to make sure that I'm not pregnant coz I've been taking some meds for my allergies that time. But when I took the test, it's POSITIVE. Oh my God, after a year I got pregnant again! Jason and I was laughing so hard because this was an unexpected news for us. Well, actually hindi rin naman kami shocked kasi we're not into contraceptives.

I went to my OB on May 11 and confirmed that I am really really pregnant. By May 21, I already saw Baby J#2 on ultrasound, He's so tiny like a grain of rice. And I can already hear his heartbeat already nakakatuwa. I have a slight hemmorhage that's why I was advised to have bed rest.

We're embrassing this gift from God with open arms and everybody is excited already just like the time we have Julianna. I'm not really sure if I can handle a toddler and a baby at the same time. But what the heck ... yung mga may anak nga na twins nakaya nila mapalaki ng sabay ang mga anak nila, eh what more yung magkasunod lang di ba? My mom has been so not into na makasunod ang apo niya sa akin pero she's not into me having contraceptives, so wala siyang choice. And I told them na let the baby feel na he's welcome ... ayoko lumaki siya na unwanted.

My EDD is on January 10, 2010. I'll be a mom of two on 2010 ... after 3 years of being married to hubs ... thanks for the wonderful Mother's Day gift, Lord. And we hope you give us a baby boy this time. Janna would love to have a baby brother.

Monday, May 04, 2009

WifeSpeaks: Memoir Monday - Commitment

Wifespeaks: Memoir Monday

Photo by Paul Vincent

This is me and Jason on the day of our wedding, October 28, 2006. We took our vows in the presence of our Lord and surrounded by the people we love and love us. We binded our commitment through the sacrament of marriage.

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