Monday, July 30, 2007

Rockin Girl Blogger

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Wella left a message on my tag board and telling me to visit her site. So I did and found out that she nominated me as one of the Rockin Girl Blogger. Oh stop Wella... I'm blushing joke! Since Wella is an exception because she already voted for me, I'll tell something about how we became online buddies. We are in the same group called Weddings At Work. It's an e-group for Filipina bride-to-be forum where in we share some ideas on wedding stuffs and suppliers. It all started with an email and became a fan of her blog. Actually she's the one who inspired me to have my own blog. And there's a time she helped me on editing my blog template. I haven't met her in person, but I could say she's a true friend. You can tell her everything under the sun. She'll make you laugh on her witty replies. To know more about her ... just visit her site here.

And here are my nominees for the Rockin Girl Blogger. So I tag:

1. Bianca - ok, this girl doesn't know me, but I've been a fan of her blog way back 2004. She's a showbiz personality by the way (obviously, I'm not) and I've found out a different side of her through her blog. There were a lot of her entries that really moved me. She's so smart, kikay and so pretty.

2. Mec - just like Wella, I met her through W@W. She's really good in what she writes. Wishing someday I could be like her, writing in English fluently. Her writing skill is so amazing. I've felt the need for a dictionary whenever I pass by her blog. Some words aren't that common to my sight, and I have to read the definition of the word. Being a bookworm herself, she might have got it through reading. I remember me once when I bought this certain pocket book by Anne Rice with so many words that I have no idea what it means ... I tried to write them down on my notebook and find it on the dictionary to understand the meaning of it. Back to Mec, I love how she deals with life with style. She knows everything, she's a know-it-all girl. That's how I see her through her blog.

3. Mai - She's one of the few who inspired me on digiscrapping (digital scrapbooking). Met her on W@W as well, she's one of those people who inspired me to release those creative juices and express it through digital scrapbooking. Too bad, I'm not as artistic as her. I can only do a few, but she can do it a hundred times. Go visit her blog, she has everything on it.

4. Cheche - I love her pay-per-post blogs. Like Mai, they are very informative and at the same time, they get to be paid just by blogging. And have you seen her photos? She's one hell of a great photographer. Do we need to hear where I met this girl? Where else ... at W@W hehehe! W@Wies are bloggers as well. It's our way of sharing our wedding ideas to other bride to be. And Cheche did a great job. Although we don't have common suppliers, she helped me with some details of her wedding through her blog.

5. Thet - I met her through W@W and exchange some emails before I stumbled into her blog. This girl rocks! Hehehe ... She's so outspoken, she doesn't care what other people would say, she just let it out. She's hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Family is always first on her list. She hates being mushy but if she did end up like that ... not bad... keep trying hehehe! Just kidding girl :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

From now on

From now on, I'll stop blogging about pregnancy issues. But I want to let you know that hubby and I are now in the process of producing the prettiest baby there is. For now, all I need is your prayers that everything would turn out fine. And I'm also praying to God to grant us our wish ... ok enough said.


Tonight, Jason and I are going out with my in-laws. It was Mommy Perlie's birthday (Jason's mom) last Saturday. Since Jamie is in Palawan, Kuya Jade was with a patient, Jason is in a tournament and Mommy Perlie didn't file a leave of absence for her day, we just called it off and celebrate it tonight. The last time I went out on a gimik was last May or June... I couldn't remember. I seldom go out now. Hayz... ano nanaman ang isusuot ko waaaaaaaaah!


We watched a show on a local channel last Thursday... the topic is Mahirap Maging Genius. Do you still remember Shaira Luna? The Promil Gifted Child who already know the anatomy of the human body at the age of 4 I think. To summarize the whole story, I think she never enjoyed her childhood days. Because based on her stories, that time she's busy excelling in all things like academics, play different music instruments (piano, violin, flute and drums... and she's all good at it), do gymnastics, joining competitions etc. There was a time in her life that she got tired of studying ... shifted course for several times already... I think it's 5 courses ... and still an undergrad. Right now, she's a professional photographer doing prenups and weddings. It's something she wanted all her life. She also said that she doesn't care if she's undergrad. Maybe for some people, having a diploma can do wonders. But for her, it isn't. And the career path she have chosen was something she will keep forever.

They also featured some 4 year old kids who are genius as well. Imagine, he was asked about global warming, he answered it well detailed. He also know who Al Gore is. I thought kids only know Dora or Big Bird.


Huhum... boring! Have a nice day guys!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Feast One Hundred and Fifty Three

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Describe a toy you remember from your childhood.
A walking doll that I never had the chance to play with because my mom keeps it inside the cabinet until it broke down.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how observant are you?
I'm an 8 :)

Where would you rather be at this very moment?
Hmmm... hubby and I never had the greatest summer vacation this year so I'm thinking of Bohol or Cebu.

Main Course
When was the last time you learned something new?
I think that was 5 months ago when I learned how to do digiscrapping.

Fill in the blank: I have the 3 Shopaholic books but I haven’t started reading it, not one.

I'm back!


Dito na ulit ako ... I'm glad it's already fixed. Thank you Blogger Team for your help mwah! Sorry sa mga nasabihan ko na WP na gagamitin ko ... inayos na nila ang blogger ko weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

punta muna ako Tagaytay ... we need a lot of catching up to do :) I'll be back later mwah!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Photo Hunt Theme of the Week: Tiny

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This is my entry for this weeks Photo Hunt theme. Shot was taken last April of 2007. This is Bobby, our premature baby mini pincher.

View my fellow hunters here >>> Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Here's one reason why I haven't post any entries this past few days.

Your Blog is locked

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We received your unlock request on July 19, 2007. On behalf of the robots, we apologize for locking your non-spam blog. Please be patient while we take a look at your blog and verify that it is not spam.

The other reason is because I'm tinatamad again. Maybe it's the hormones. Guess what? It's been 5 days of inducing but still no period. Hmmm...

Yet Another Movie Date...

Yesterday, we watched the much awaited movie of the year, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As I expected, Harry Potter movies keeps on getting better and better every sequel. Though there's a lot of stuffs that's in the book but not in the movie. Of course, if they'll gonna feed in the whole storybook in it... it would not only take you 2 1/2 hours to watch it but 5 to 10 hours I guess. The actors are all grown up especially Bonnie Wright, the one who portrays Ginny Weasley. Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) is a very interesting character even on books. If you really want to know how wizards go in war ... this movie will give you an idea on everything.

The Harry Potter VII book will be released on Saturday. Too bad I wasn't able to reserved a copy. Naaawa kasi ako kay Jason kasi medyo mahal yung fertility workout, ayoko na madagdagan yung gastos namin dalawa since siya lang nagwowork sa amin dalawa. I'll just wait for the paperback issue. Para di masyado mahal. For the meantime, wala muna magkukwento tungkol sa HP7 na book ha hehehe!

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Poles are Open

Guys, I need your help. I wanted to win an Xshot. You can help me win by voting for my entry at this link:

People may vote once a day every day until July 27th at 12:00noon. There's a lot of time to support me. Advance birthday gift nyo na sa akin please! Thanks thanks thanks for all your help mwah!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another hormonal imbalance...

Yup, I'm not pregnant.

I went to my OB around 2:oop.m. This is the moment me and Jason was waiting for this past few days. My OB took my blood pressure first before anything else. She was a bit worried about my blood pressure. It was 160/90. One of the biggest factor in trying to be pregnant is high blood pressure. So she set aside her blood pressure apparatus for a while and took my pregnancy test again ... in a few minutes ... only one line is visible. I really wanted to cry pero ganun talaga ang buhay. Kailangan tanggapin. Hindi ako buntis shit! After that, she went back on checking my BP again. Well, it went normal ... 117/70. Nung nalaman kong negative...nag-normalize ang body chemistry ko. Hahaha!

What she diagnosed was another hormonal imbalance. One of the factors is being over weight. I need to loose some weight and eat a low salt, low fat diet. Huhuhu ... Goodbye to chocolates, ice creams and cakes ... goodbye to craving of certain foods. Lessen the pasalubong from hubby. I need to do this in order for me to get pregnant. I need to involve myself to a lot of moving around the house and not sitting to much in front of the computer. I want to play badminton again, but its been 2 years now that I haven't set foot on a badminton court. Baka mangapa ako... and not to mention... lahat ng kalaro ko dati mga Class B and C na... left out na ako masyado huhuhu!

My OB is trying to induce my period. And while we're waiting for my period, hubby needs to have his semen analysis for OB's basis ... so wish us luck ... sana makabuo na kami with God's help and my OB.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

An Xshot For You

Yup, you read that right, you can have the chance to Win an Xshot from Benspark. What's this Xshot anyway? Well, you gotta find out for yourself. But according to their website, the Xshot has the longest reach of any other device on the market. It extends to 37" and yet closes to only 9" to fit easily in a side or back pocket. It is made of high quality stainless steel, yet lightweight at 3.9 ounces and features a non-slip rubber grip and lanyard to secure it. This is so perfect for self-portraits. When I first saw it on Drew's blog, on how he uses it for his self-portraits, I already fell in love with it. So how would this thing works for you? Here's a short demonstration by Benspark on how magnificent this Xshot is and how somebody like me should have one of this new toy.

I've been to many places and saw a lot of captivating beaches here in our country. But too bad, if I'm alone I have to capture every photo of mine on my own. I have this photo a year ago when my cousin and I went for a stroll on the beach. It's one of the best beach and sunset I've ever seen. We took a photo of ourselves, but since it's only me and her ... here's what happened ...

It's all round chubby faces of us ... less beach background ... no sunset backdrop. Although we have a separate shot of the beach and the sunset, nothing beats that if we're both in it. That's why I wanted to have an Xshot because with this toy, for sure the next time we'll go for a stroll on the beach with a beautiful sunset scene, we can capture it well. With Xshot, taking self-portraits has never been easier.

You can get an XShot for $5.50 off f they use the promo code SparkRocks between now and July 15th.

Photo Hunt: Shadow

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This is my entry for this weeks Photo Hunt theme. Shot was taken last May of 2007 at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines.

View my fellow hunters here >>> Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For The Second Time Around

Jason and I decided that we should visit a doctor ASAP. Instead of buying super sensitive EPT kits, might as well visit an OB for a check up. I saw Dra. Cecilia Nogoy on TV, she's the one usually explains how family planning can work for all women and their families. Since she's on TV, I thought about it that maybe she's good. Why would ABS-CBN get her to anchor their family planning segment if is she's not good di ba? So I gave her a try. Ang maganda pa dun, wala siyang ibang clinic kundi sa Marian Building lang (a building owned by stockholders from FEU Hospital) and resident OB din siya ng FEU (10 min drive from our place).

She's very pretty pala in person. Na-star struck ako hahaha! Joke lang. I did a pregnancy test with her, and it turned out negative ... AGAIN!!! ... but she gave me a chance, maybe my HCG wasn't that high enough to detect my pregnancy. So she gave me until Saturday. Pag wala pa din ako period, magte-testing pill nanaman ako. Pag wala pa din ... saka palang niya ako i-uultrasound. Pero may hunch kasi ako na di ako pregnant. Kahit anong positive wavelength ang isipin ko eh wala ata talaga kami nabuo. Nag-divine intervention din ako when I heard mass. I asked God, kung buntis ako bigyan niya ako ng sign na buntis ako. Eh nag-preg test kami di ba, negative ang lumabas.

Hubby is scheduled for a semen analysis too. Kailangan dalawa na daw kami i-wo-workout niya. Based on my old TVU and monthly period chart, normal daw ako. Kaya baka (baka lang) kay hubby may problem. Kaya pinapakuha na niya ng semen analysis para may basis siya ng treatment. Actually, ayaw pa niya i-workout kami. Kasi wala pa naman daw kami isang taon. Kumbaga adjustment period pa rin kami. Kaso kasi kinukulit na kami ni Mom. Kasi nga, bakit pa daw kami maghihintay ng isang taon, eh baka nga may fertility problem kami eh maganda magawan na ng paraan as early as now di ba? At saka hello? 30 years old na ako sa December. Baka mahirapan na ako magbuntis huhuhu.

BTW, congrats to Mai at preggy ka na sa wakas :) Konting ingat from now on ok :)

Wish me luck ... malay natin ... nahihiya lang pala yung baby namin at ayaw magpakita hahaha!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Photo Hunt Theme of the Week: Fake

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Fake means not real, right? So this is my entry to Photo Hunters Theme of the week. This photo was taken last February of 2007 at the Flower Festival in Baguio City, Philippines.

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On Games Uplate Live and Transformers the Movie

Since I can't sleep, and Jason is finishing some work related stuff, last night, nag-trip kami ni Jason na patulan yung Games Uplate Live. Mega register kami at nagdownload kami ng isang picture message to get in the game. We practically have all the answers pero wala naman tumatawag sa amin. Super laugh trip kami ni Jason sa mga sagot nung mga contestant. Yung first game kasi is like a boggle game. Every corresponding word has a corresponding money price. Yung isa kasi ang entry niya is "noust" ... noust as in astro-nouts daw. Kaya tawa kami ng tawa ni Jason. Weird lang kasi wala sa dictionary yung word na noust, eh bakit nanalo ng 300 load yun? Sayang di kami natawagan. Trip pa naman namin yung i-Pod Shuffle saka Moto w2220 hehehe! Oh well, baka di nga yun para sa amin. Hirap talaga pag di makatulog hehehe!

Today, finally we watched the much awaited movie of the year (besides Harry Potter V), Transformers the Movie. I was watching Transformers when I was still in gradeschool. Influence yun ng kuya ko, addict sa Transformers yun eh hahaha!. We even cried nung namatay si Optimus Prime sa animated Transformers the Movie. Of course, all the late 70's and 80's child have been waiting for the longest time to watch this movie. Pag nakakakita nga ako ng mga tatay na may dalang mga anak ages 7-9 years old eh mas excited pa yung tatay mapanood yung movie kaysa sa anak niya. Yun nga lang, we initially plan to watch it at Gateway Mall, kaso due to schedule, eh sa SM Fairview nalang kami nanood. Gulat ako kasi it's a Friday pero madami pa din tao ang nanonood to think 1 week na siya showing sa theaters. So sad nga lang to see Bumblebee in Camaro not a Volkswagen. I bet a lot of car fanatics would buy a Camaro model this year hehehe! Sana may sequel ... oh I can't wait!

P.S. 7th year Anniversary namin ni Jason today as boyfriend and girlfriend. Without any plans of celebrating, na-celebrate namin siya by watching a movie hahaha!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

3 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days...

... until our 1st Anniversary.

For almost eight months of being together, I could say life with Jason is smooth sailing. Until now, NO sac is growing inside me. I'm 1 week and 4 days delayed. But on the first day of my missed period, I got a negative test result. Pag negative, negative na all through out. Pag two weeks wala pa din ako period, I'll take a test again. Malay natin may nabuo na pala. Jason told me naman, just in case wala pa din ngayon, magtatry ulit kami. Pag wala pa din eh magpapa-work-up na kami sa OB. Hmmm... whatever! I mean, gawin mo nalang labs ... mahirap kasi yung sinasabi tapos di nanaman mangyayari.

Nahihirapan talaga ako maghanap ng trabaho. Sabi nga nung mga friends ko, it's true na mahirap maghanap ng trabaho ang babae lalo na pag may asawa na. Hmmm... maybe I'm not just good enough. Or maybe, I'm a housewife material talaga. Talagang laman lang ng tahanan. Eh kung ganun nga, eh bakit wala pa din akong anak? Ikaw ba alam mo kung bakit?

Sabi ni kuya, nagiging expert cook na daw ako. I cooked sinigang na baboy (my comfort food) yesterday and he said masarap daw, gumagaling na daw ako magluto. Yehey! Hard to please si kuya when it comes to food. Kaya pag may approval niya, winner na yun hehehe! Jason eats anything I cook. Kaya pangit man lasa or hindi, he has to like it hahaha!

Yesterday, kinuha namin si Kiray (one of our mini pin puppies) sa new owner niya. Sumuko na yung tita ko sa pag-aalaga. Kasi ebs daw ng ebs kung saan-saan ... nahihirapan na daw siya maglinis. Kaya sinauli na sa amin ... hay! Ano ba yan hahaha! Buti nalang my tito from Laoag, wants to have one puppy too, pag ok na si Wacky, ibibigay na namin siya sa Tito ko. Si Kiray mapupunta sa friend ni kuya. Welcome home Kiray!

I've finished playing Fairy Godmother Tycoon, The Apprentice and Plantasia. I'm trying to finish Belle's Beauty Boutique, kaso mahirap yung last 3 levels. Masakit sa kamay hahaha! Westward was one hell of a strategy game ... susme! Hanggang 4 towns lang ako. Ang hirap nung Paradise Falls eh ... huhuhu!

That's how boring my life is ... but I still love my life. May purpose to, bakit wala ako work, bakit wala pa akong anak ... may reason to lahat. I'm still looking for the answers but I'm patiently waiting, for one day I know all my prayers would be answered.

Tinapang Bangus

Was wondering why eating tinapang bangus can cause cancer? Kung masama siya sa katawan, bakit ginawan pa ng jingle yun sa Batibot sung by Pong Pagong and Kiko Matsing? It goes something like this:

"Tinapang bagus, tinapang bangus
masarap at masustansiya
Tinapang bagus, tinapang bangus
masarap ang tinapang bangus"

Well, according to, Smoked food products are particularly dangerous for our health because smoke deposits harmful compounds in them, including carcinogenic ones. Such compounds have been detected in smoked sausage, ham, bacon, and fish as well as in fruits dried with the use of smoke. Harmful substances contained in 1.8oz (50g) of smoked sausage may cause as much damage to our health as one pack of cigarettes or four days worth of breathing polluted city air.

Hay... kung alam lang ni Ate Shena at Kuya Bodjie na masama pala kumain ng tinapang bangus, malamang walang jingle na na-compose para kantahin ni Kiko Matsing at Pong Pagong hehehe!