Sunday, December 06, 2009

December na ...

... and I'm not done yet preparing my hospital bag to think that I might be giving birth in 2 weeks time ... yaiks!

... haven't done with Christmas shopping ... I just wish all my inaanaks, friends and relatives will understand if I might not give them something this Christmas ... kasi naman ang hirap ng bedrest eh.

... still thinking of what we will give for Janna this Christmas. Though I wanted her to have a kiddie pool pero isn't it too weird give her something she can't use as of this moment? Ang lamig kaya ng weather ngayon. I also told Jason that we should buy educational flashcards. Kasi Janna can now repeat what you are saying and she learns fast. Sayang naman kung hindi ko tutukan di ba? And we are also thinking of buying her a toddler bed ... but it will require more space right? So that's one bit of a problem.

... still thinking of an outfit for our family picture this December. I thought of us all wearing red shirts ... even the kids. Sayang naman kung di gagamitin si Nikko at Nikki sa event na ganito di ba?

Arrrgghhhh too many things to do pero wala ako magawa huhuhu!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Preparing for Baby J#2

I'm already on my 35th week tomorrow. And in two weeks time, we will start to wait for Janysha Andrea a.k.a. Ysha's grand entrance to the outside world.

Since I'm on bedrest (how many times have I already told you about it hehehe!), Janna and her yaya usually help me on certain things like packing stuffs for Baby Ysha. I'm already done with her hospital bag. It's my hospital bag that I'm trying to prepare this time. I don't have button up blouses, and don't have the time to go to the mall after my OB will lift my house arrest. I might as well borrow some blouse from moms' ... anyway, mom has been a lifesaver for me on anything.

Janna has two cabinets ... we already taken out the clothes she doesn't wear anymore to make way on Ysha's clothes. And I let her yaya wash Janna's premmie clothes so I won't have to buy for her. Anyway, she'll only use it for only a month or two. I can say that I have a brilliant yaya, she soaked Janna's white clothes in bleach. When I saw it yesterday, they're as good like brand new. I'm sure Ysha would look good on those clothes.

Mom and Dad got Ysha some onesies from the US, sizes from 0-12 months. No need to buy it for her. I asked them if they could buy an electric breastpump just in case Ysha had problems on latching, I can pump milk for her. They bought an Avent electric breastpump (pricey daw yung Medela). Hay salamat! I hope I'll be successful on breastfeeding this time. That was one of my frustrations when I had Janna. I've got a dozen of receiving blankets (what the hell will I use that for?). Some are gifts from my tito and tita din naman. I got 4 premmie mittens which are very small talaga, I'm so sure hindi matatanggal sa kamay niya yun unlike the one's sold here in the Philippines. I don't think I saw sizes like that here kasi it's a bit small than the regular ones I saw at the mall.

Janna's baby crib has been washed and kept already, and also the stroller with baby carrier is also ready, all washed, dried and kept clean. The only thing that is still not yet prepared is our room ... we are trying to re-organize it again to make way for the crib. How the hell can we do that again? Siguro naman Jason won't have a hard time coz naka-wireless router naman na kami, and there's internet everywhere inside the house. We should be doing that anytime soon.

Another thing we aren't still not prepared for is how to handle Janna and Ysha at the same time without one of them feeling neglected or jealous. Jason and I are still not prepared for it pero we are all excited for the new baby. I'll shower both of them with all my love and care so that they won't feel deprived of the love we have for them.

May God help us.

Our Baby Nikko

I haven't given birth yet ... and like I've said, our baby is a girl. but Nikko was one of a wish that just came true. It was included in my Christmas wishlist last year, but I got a point and shoot camera instead. Jason made it happen this year, it's his anniversary gift to us and birthday gift for himself. I so love you, my labs ... thanks for this gift!

a shot of him and Nikko at a practice photoshoot in Intramuros

I know, Jason and Nikko look good together

ok, one of his Piolo moments hehehe! Whenever he poses for the camera,
ang term niya lagi is "eto pormang Piolo" hahahaha!

Yes ... Nikko is a DSLR camera, a Nikon D90 DSLR to be exact. I always wanted a Canon DSLR but due to a lot of good reviews from friends and photo hobbyist, we were convinced to purchase this kind of brand. I really wanted to use it the first time I held it but it seems that DSLR's are a bit tricky to use. I need to practice and focus on the settings unlike using point and shoot cameras. And since I'm on bedrest, I can't just get out of bed and do practice shots outside. Maybe in a few months time, by then I have given birth already, and will have time to learn how to use it.

it's my brother's Piolo moment hehehe!

Actually, my younger brother got his Nikki (his own D90 camera) a bit earlier than us, and he already is having his photo workshop in Intramuros ... awww kainggit! He's improving and I'm glad he did enroll in that workshop. Christmas is coming and there'll be a lot of events coming up.

Here are some of Jason's shots from Intramuros (arrrrggghhhh walang watermark) pinasa naman na niya to sa contest for Architecture week ... Architecture in Intramuros.

and the winning shot is ...

Next practice shoot would be my maternity portrait ... hmmmm! Kaya kaya nila? hehehe!

And to Baby Nikko (and Nikki na rin), looking forward to create good memories with you :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby J#2 @ 32 Weeks

Baby J#2 is a girl ... Yes, it's another baby girl for us. Sabi ko na nga ba it's a baby girl ulit hehehe. We will gonna name her Janysha Andrea. Ysha for short.

Last week I had my monthly check up for November. I've been experiencing some pain sa may puson, thighs and butt. My OB did an IE and found out yung first layer ng cervix ko was slightly opened. I'm on bedrest for 2 weeks. And if I'm still experiencing preterm contractions, I'll be admitted in the hospital to prolong the baby for a while inside my womb.

I'm beginning to miss Janna everyday, for we can't do our daily activities as mom and daughter because of my condition. She's more into her yaya nowadays and it breaks my heart that she finds her yaya more than me. I promised myself that after I give birth, babawi ako kay Janna. I'm sure baby Ysha will understand that I have to attend to her ate's needs as well.

I really wanted to shop for the baby even if she'll have a lot of hand me downs from her ate Janna. But of course, I want her to have her own things, too. Eh kaso paano ko naman magagawa yun if I'm on bedrest ... hmmm ... makapag-online shopping nga hehehe!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Jason

I was told to blog about my husband. This is a super duper long overdue post. I'm on my 32 weeks and I'm on bedrest due to my slightly opened cervix (yung 1st layer lang). And since my mom voluntered to take Janna to her workplace, I decided to do this now.

Here are some facts what I love about him and a little about us:
  • I first met him on my first job. I'm an apprentice then and he was my immediate supervisor. Or should I say I need him to sign my blue book in order for me to take the board exams.
  • He used to be an "alaskador" in the office. But not with me ... and I don't know why.
  • He's poised, bossy-looking but friendly. He's not the showy type of person. He's the opposite of what I envisioned myself of my Mr. Right. Not too tall, not too rich ... but his looks is so appealing to me.
  • We were exchanging letters (through a diskette) of how our days went, corny pero I find it sweet.
  • He was courting another girl when we became close ... I came from a break up (for 8 months na) with my ex-boyfriend that time.
  • We never get to the "courting" stage ... it just happened and we've talked about it and give our relationship a try.
  • I was his first girlfriend and he was my last boyfriend.
  • He's one person who trust me too much that he allows me to go out with my friends as long as I tell him where I was and who I am with. We are free to go out and enjoy ourselves as an individual. And makes sure we spend some time for both of us.
  • He bought his very first cellphone because of me. It was when I waited for him somewhere and I don't know how to reach him because he has no cellphone and was at a meeting. Good thing God gave him a hint where I would be staying that time and popped there he was. It made him realized how important cellphone was that time.
  • He bought his very first car because of me. He got it on our first anniversary. We named it after Judy Ann Santos' character in a teleserye that time, Pachuchay.
  • He manage his money well. One reason I know for sure when we get married, I'll never starved to death because of hunger, and I'm sure he'll be a good provider to my kids. And so he is...
  • The first time God has put a test to our relationship when I was assigned to work in Laoag. 10 hours drive from Manila. It was the first time I saw him crying really hard before I left for Laoag. Yahoo Messenger and text messaging made a big role to our lives for 1 and a half years.
  • He never proposed to me for marriage ... again, it was like a very serious talk and finally made a decision to get married. It was like presenting a project to a prospect client hahaha!
  • We've been together for 7 years before we got married.
  • We're now 10 years together and still counting.
Until now, I'm thanking God for bringing him into my life. He made a big difference out of me, and I can't imagine my life without him. He's the best husband for me and I'm sure the best father for Janna and Ysha. He may not be the perfect husband, coz I know I myself not the perfect wife in the whole world. But God made us one to be perfect for each other, for our family and for our kids.

Happy Birthday, Jason my labs ... thank you for coming into my life, thank you for the love you're showering us ... I love you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby J#2 at 24 weeks

Yes, Baby J # 2 is now 24 weeks ... hala ... barely 3 months to go before his/her grand entrance. I had my congenital anomaly scan last Saturday. The baby's fine, and very healthy ... unfortunately, we didn't get to know the gender. Eh he/she's so tamad to open his/her legs para makita yung gender niya. But the sonologist told me it's 75% girl. May hiwa daw kasi, pero it's still hard to tell. My OB told me to have it ultrasound on my 28th week, coz sabi niya ang scrotum daw may hiwa din.

It's only a week now before mom and dad will leave for the US. They will stay there for2 months or until they get their SSS no. or green card. They'll be home for before Christmas or before I'm scheduled to give birth. My kuya's house is now 90% done. By Saturday, my Lola (Dad's mom) will live with us until the house is finished. She will stay with my kuya ... actually after 2 months, mom and dad will also live there. My kid brother will stay with us. Will surely gonna miss them. But mabilis lang naman ang 2 months eh plus ... imagine how many pasalubong we will get from them.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My bunsong kapatid celebrated his 27th birthday with the whole family at TGIF, Robinsons Galleria last August 5, 2009 ... the day Pres. Cory Aquino's funeral. We had a super duper full meal. I love the steak grabe! Maybe I should try their baby back ribs next time.

Happy birthday, bunso ... love the phone ... kahit wala kang girlfriend, ok na din yan hehehe!

My Kuya's Wedding

Nope, it's not the movie ... My kuya got married last June 26, 2009. Civil wedding and reception was held at Windmills and Rainforest. Official photographer was Paul Vincent of course ... wala na ibang gagaling sa amin kundi si Paul ... (wonder how much would Paul cost on Janna's debut hahaha), Hair and make-up dome by EJ Litiatco. Wala na din ibang gagaling pa kay EJ para sa amin. Wedding preps were done at Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon Avenue.

Congratulations to Kuya Stanley and Annie!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Julianna Alyssa's 1st Birthday

It took me a lot of months to sit again in front of the PC and write something about what's happening in my life. I've been having the pregnancy syndrome called "katamaran" and I also having a lot of distractions lately besides taking care of my human walking doll. I'll blog about that later.

Last May 11, 2009, Janna celebrated her first birthday. Though her real party took place 6 days after. We had a small celebration at home. Bought a few balloons and some food for her. Time really does fly so fast. My little girl is now 1 year old (I think I'm gonna cry hahaha!)

May 16, 2009 was her party celebrated at Shakey's Tomas Morato. We had a blast... from 110 confirmed guest to 240 guest ... ang dami no? Actually, hindi na nga lahat na-accommodate sa Shakey's, my dad had to bring his guest at Dulcinea hahaha. All throughout the party, my little girl is sleeping. Arrrggghhh! Good thing we didn't pursue the super bonggang party I planned before or else, it will all be a waste for Janna won't enjoy every single detail of the party.

Suppliers I got for her party was Ging Lorenzo as official photographer, Emily Uy of Sugarbox for Janna's cake, Chocolate Lovers for the party favors, and Jacque Tan of Partyboosters for the party venue dress up. I'll do a separate supplier ratings for that. I'm so raving with my suppliers, my guest loves Janna's party kahit fastfood party ang 1st birthday niya.

And one of the best part is the gifts ... Janna got lots of gifts from her party that she shared her toys with her cousin Ellay, to play with right just after the party.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Baby J#2 @ 17 weeks

I had my monthly visit to the OB today. No babysitter is available, so we tagged Janna along. We're on our 17th week today ... and good thing I only gained 2 lbs. in a month. My OB was kinda happy about that even I ate like there's no tomorrow.

OB asked me if I already feel some little kicks on my tummy ... I said, "Yes, doc lalo na sa gabi bago matulog." She wasn't convince though coz It's still pretty early for me to feel those kicks. But we have a taekwondo baby inside me, coz when OB put her Doppler on my tummy, he began to kick. Sabi nga ni OB, "Oo nga, may naninipa na sa tiyan mo" Hahaha! And Janna was again amazed on the heartbeat her baby brother/sister has. She keeps on asking, "Mommy, baby?" hehehe!

Next month, hopefully baby J#2 won't be that shy for us to know his/her gender ... oh we can't wait!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

and I'm Back!

A lot of times have I told everyone that I'm such a lousy blogger. It's been a month now and I got lots of pending things to blog about like Janna's first birthday, Baby J#2's monthly progress, Kuya's wedding, Janna's 1st birthday supplier's rating. Too much to do but don't have the power to do so. I told myself that today starts the day of my come back.


As for my little Julianna Alyssa, she's now a pretty walking doll. She can now run and walk around the house. We never get to bring an umbroller or stroller whenever we go out coz she refuse to ride in it. She prefer to run or walk and explore her surroundings. She already have six teeth now ... four on her upper jaw and 2 on her lower jaw. She's still more into milk formula than solid food though she's now eating table food. No chicken, seafoods, mangoes and eggs on her diet. But her pedia already gave her a go on tilapia and bangus. She can now say a lot of words with intonations and emotions. She dances a lot and sometimes try to sing or hum. She's now more sociable than ever.


And for the little one whose growing inside me, he's now almost 4 months old. I can now feel his little kicks especially at night. We're excited to know the baby's gender by September, before mom and dad leaves for the US. Everybody is hoping for a baby boy. But if this baby would be another girl, ok lang ... no need for shopping coz there are a lot of Janna's clothes that were worn only once and looks almost new. This time I wanted to establish my milk supply. I was disappointed when Janna only breastfed for two weeks. This time I wanted for this baby to be breastfed for as long as I can.

More kwento next post... the little one is awake already.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day Message

Sa mga kapwa ko mabait
maganda, masipag, matalino
at halos walang kapintasang misis...

pakibati na lang sa mga
swerteng lalaki na naka-jackpot sa atin...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is this a sign?

Last month, inayos namin ni mom yung mga gifts na hindi pa magagamit ni Janna. Pero may napansin ako sa mga regalo sa kanya ...

Everybody knows naman na Janna is a girl ... pero bakit meron nagregalo ng mga ito:

A Blue Baby Book

2 Blue baby albums

1 Blue Dinner set

Hmmm ... sometimes I believe in signs and I wish this one will come true. Jason and I really wanted to have a baby boy for our second baby. Is this a sign?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Mother's Day announcement

This is a long overdue post!

I celebrated Mother's Day of 2008 with the birth of our daughter Julianna Alyssa. It was my first time to celebrate Mother's day and I have the best gift ever.

We celebrated Mother's Day lunchtime with my family. We ate at Lamesa Grill in Trinoma. After that, while mom and dad do the groceries, my sibblings along with my hubby, my SIL and the babies went on shopping. Pauwi na kami and nag-text si BIL saying we should meet at dinner time to celebrate Mother's Day with them. So, we just took a rest for a while and by 7:00p.m. we are on our way to Brick Road in Marikina. We ate at Friday's and the food is so good. And Janna's having a great time coz they gave her a complimentary sundae because of her birthday on May 11.

Then we went home by 10:30pm. I saw an open drugstore and asked hubs to buy me an EPT kit. My period is delayed for a week already and I wanted to make sure that I'm not pregnant coz I've been taking some meds for my allergies that time. But when I took the test, it's POSITIVE. Oh my God, after a year I got pregnant again! Jason and I was laughing so hard because this was an unexpected news for us. Well, actually hindi rin naman kami shocked kasi we're not into contraceptives.

I went to my OB on May 11 and confirmed that I am really really pregnant. By May 21, I already saw Baby J#2 on ultrasound, He's so tiny like a grain of rice. And I can already hear his heartbeat already nakakatuwa. I have a slight hemmorhage that's why I was advised to have bed rest.

We're embrassing this gift from God with open arms and everybody is excited already just like the time we have Julianna. I'm not really sure if I can handle a toddler and a baby at the same time. But what the heck ... yung mga may anak nga na twins nakaya nila mapalaki ng sabay ang mga anak nila, eh what more yung magkasunod lang di ba? My mom has been so not into na makasunod ang apo niya sa akin pero she's not into me having contraceptives, so wala siyang choice. And I told them na let the baby feel na he's welcome ... ayoko lumaki siya na unwanted.

My EDD is on January 10, 2010. I'll be a mom of two on 2010 ... after 3 years of being married to hubs ... thanks for the wonderful Mother's Day gift, Lord. And we hope you give us a baby boy this time. Janna would love to have a baby brother.

Monday, May 04, 2009

WifeSpeaks: Memoir Monday - Commitment

Wifespeaks: Memoir Monday

Photo by Paul Vincent

This is me and Jason on the day of our wedding, October 28, 2006. We took our vows in the presence of our Lord and surrounded by the people we love and love us. We binded our commitment through the sacrament of marriage.

View other's entries here.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

LP: Tulay

Ito ay kuha ko noong 2006 nung kami ay nagpunta ng Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte. Ang Patapat Bridge ay nakatayo sa gitna ng bundok at Philippine Sea. Kapag ikaw ay nakatayo dito, kita mo na ang dulo ng Pilipinas. Isa din itong alternatibong daan papuntang Cagayan, Tuguegarrao at Isabela. Ilang beses na rin nasira ang bridge na ito dahil sa hampas ng alon na galing sa dagat tuwing may bagyo. Ngunit sinisikap naman ng gobyerno na ayusin ito at panatilihin maayos ang paglalakbay ng mga taong gusto pumunta o dumaan dito.

Binubuksan ko ang tulay dito para makita natin ang lahok ng iba.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stick Figure Family

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Julianna Alyssa's Birthday Wishlist

Note: The reason why I'm doing this wishlist is because some of my friends asked me to do a list to give them an idea on what to give her on her birthday para daw magamit niya at di masayang. Ika nga nila, what's important is she's surrounded by the people who loves her. Gift is still a gift, and Janna love's ripping gift wrappers lalo na ngayon that she's more appreciative of the things given to her.

  1. Photo Album - I'm using King Jim, ring binded, refillable, self adhesive album. Yung square na malaki. Sorry di ko na alam ang dimension basta yung square na malaki. Naka 2 albums na ako with 30 pages na, yung February up to present hindi ko pa napapa-print and I'm expecting a lot of photos because of our trip in Laoag and her upcoming birthday party. Basta self adhesive, ring binded, at malaking album ok lang.
  2. Books - She loves books, although she's not that attentive pa when we read stories to her, but she loves looking at illustrations.
  3. Toys - she's still young, she loves toys every single day. She loves balls (I saw a bag of balls at Toy Kingdom, 100 balls ata yun hehehe), toys with wheels (boy ata si Janna), toys that makes noises (baby instruments will do like piano, xylophone, drums).
  4. She loves to swim ... an inflatable, safe, kiddie pool will do. And if we will not gonna use it for swimming, will gonna use it as her play area for her balls. oo gusto niya ng swimball.
  5. Clothes - she's wearing size 1T for shirts and onesies, size 1 for skirts and pants. (medyo payatot pa kasi) One size bigger for her will do :). She doesn't have denim shorts or denim jumpers (I'm still looking for a more affordable clothes for her coz she tends to outgrow her clothes fast.). She looks good on knee socks, too.
  6. Shoes - sa Pitterpatter size 20 siya pero sana may magregalo nung tumutunog or umiilaw para ma-encourage siya to walk hehehe. Wala pa siyang rubber shoes.
  7. She loves Tigger (but I love Winnie the Pooh) hahaha!
  8. She haven't gone to Disneyland ...
  9. She uses Angel's Breath for her cologne hehehe
  10. She doesn't have a hat for travelling ... I saw one in Enfant and it's so cute. Pero I saw one in Barbie din at half the price.
  11. A bike, parang lahat naman ata ng kids dumaan dun hehehe.
  12. Kaboodle or play mat - we need more than what we have right now. Janna needs more room to play hehehe.
  13. Educational toys (Leap Frog, Vtech, etc.)
  14. A Nintendo Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, a new cellphone, Spa GC's ... ay para sa akin pala to hahaha! Erase! Erase!
Kahit wala sa list na yan ang ibibigay mo ok lang, actually kahit nga wala kang ibigay ok lang. Basta ang mahalaga andun ka at masaya lahat sa araw ng birthday ng baby ko hehehe.

12 days to go May 11 na, 17 days to go till her party ... grabe na to!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Julianna Alyssa @ 11 months old

This is an overdue post. We celebrated Janna's 11 month birthday in Laoag City. Feeling ko birthday na talaga yun kasi ang daming pagkain parang may fiesta. Tapos hindi naman nakisaman ang Red Ribbon dahil wala sila ng rectangle size na cake big enough to feed 50 persons or so. Kaya we opted to buy 3 chocolate rolls.

Janna's milestone at 11 months:
  • Her new tricks are as follows: clapping, flying kiss, a-line, sawsaw suka (yes, the sawsaw suka game), high five, give me five, waives goodbye, waives hello, putting her hands to her ear as if she's talking on the phone, eat-bulaga, kiss and hug.
  • Just learned how to walk, still a little wobbly but she can already do 2 steps at a time. The other day she did 4 steps.
  • Knows how to climb down our bed. She learned it while attempting to grab one of her toys. Ended up sliding from our bed, and she kept repeating it until she mastered it.
  • Eats a bit of rice with sabaw and minced pork or beef or mashed veggies. Actually, she's now eating table food little by little.
  • Can eat biscuit and chews it thoroughly before swallowing it.
  • Drinks 6 oz of milk every 2 hours.
  • Additional words she can utter: baby - she says baby when she wanted us to carry her, bow for blow (coz we're teaching her how to blow her candles for her birthday cake on May), e-lo for Hello, lay for Elay, eat-ba! for eat bulaga, wow for wow, wim for swim
  • Upper front tooth sprouting already.
  • She had her first time to swim in a pool on an inflatable on her 11 month birthday. She's a water baby. Loves to swim in the pool. Hubs and I decided to enroll her in swimming lessons by the time she learned how to walk properly.
  • First time to ride a plane on May 19, 2009. She loves flying and the next plane ride will be in July, hopefully with my in-laws.
  • Still a cruiser, doesn't use her walker anymore. She's more into pushing it not riding it.
  • Loves books... especially those with large illustrations.
  • Loves dogs, she shouts with glee when she sees one of our dogs peeking in our kitchen.
  • Loves to dance, any song she hears as long as she loves the beat, she'll dance. Even if she's drinking milk. May kasama pang head bang yun.
Less than 2 weeks and will be celebrating her 1st birthday. I'm getting excited already and at the same time a little bit nervous on the day of her party. Sana pumunta ang mga relatives and friends namin on that special day para ma-feel naman ni Janna the love they have for her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

For the 3rd Time...

... we are going to change venue again for Janna's birthday party on May 16. There's no way the kids will enjoy the party if they are all dripping of sweat and the adults are already getting annoyed of the whole scenario. I've been doing ocular inspection during the afternoon. From 3:00pm onwards, it really is too hot in our backyard. One way to minimize it is to rent a misting fan to cater the whole place or do the party at night. But unfortunately, it's quite too expensive to rent a misting fan and a children's party at night... I don't think so.

The family had a serious talk at dinner. And Dad suggested that the party should be held in a much comfy place for the kids to enjoy. So we decided to have a Jollibee party for Janna. Yes, a Jollibee party.

And now we need to find a venue this week to booked the place and revised the invites ... sayang yung mga print outs, hindi na magagamit tsk!

Any suggestions of a Jollibee branch within Quezon City na medyo malaki ang venue for parties? Need your help, desperate na kami huhuhu!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Plane Ride

Our flight was scheduled on April 9, 2009 at 6:10pm bound to Laoag. Since it was Janna's (and yours truly) first time to ride a plane, I asked Jason if we can go to the airport 2 hours before our flight schedule. We left our house around 2pm and reached NAIA Terminal 3 at 3:00pm. No traffic and whatsoever.

I was like a probinsyana when I first step at the airport. Susmiyo, ganun pala ang feeling ng nasa airport. It was huge ... akala ni Janna mall yun. She was clapping her hands when we were already inside. The place is really cold... hindi nagtipid sa A/C I must say.

Our flight was delayed for an hour and a half. Imagine how Janna and my niece, Elay were beginning to get cranky because we've been there for a long time. Though they love to stroll around. we brought their umbrollers, by the way. It's what the grannies told us to bring.

We stayed at Cinnabon to eat our meryenda and wait there till its boarding time. We took a lot of photo ops of Janna while standing up. She can now stand against a wall, and never sits until we said so. You can view the photos here.

while waiting for our delayed flight... hay!

I was afraid at first that Janna might not love flying. But I was wrong, she loved every second of it. She loves looking outside the window as she see the million lights of Metro Manila. She even screams when she sees the moon. You can view a video clip wherein she's laughing so hard whenever the air from the A/C lingers on her face.

We did join the mini games inside Cebu Pacific's plane. Unfortunately, mahirap pala sumali ng may hawak na bata. hahaha! Kasi nahihirapan kami maghagilap ng things needed for the "bring me" game lalo na kung nakikisingit si Janna sa paghalungkat.

I didn't like how our plane landed at Laoag's Airport. Akala ko nag-crash na kami eh. Kumbaga sa naglalakad, para kaming nadapa. Kaya pala Jason told me to hold Janna tightly kasi matindi daw mag-land ang Cebu Pacific ng eroplano, hindi daw swabe unlike sa PAL. True enough, even si Janna nagulat, napaakap ng ng di oras ang bata. Pero it's just a manner of seconds lang naman pero I didn't like it talaga.

minutes before boarding ... sabi ko kasi kay Jason wala pa kami picture
ni Janna outside the plane wahahaha!

pinilit na family picture kasi nauna na sa amin sila kuya,
hindi kami nakapagpakuha ng picture.

But it's was so different nung pauwi kami. This time, our flight was on time, and the plane is quite more colder than the forst one. And Janna and Elay loved this trip because they got photo ops with the pilot and the stewardess. You can view the photos here. A lot of people from the plane were playing with them kaya akala nila it's a playground on air hahaha. As usual, Janna had the same laugh whenever the A/C is turned on (addict sa malamig). Kaso while descending nung pa-land na sa Manila, medyo nakakabingi na that made Janna a bit uncomfortable. Pero she's so intelligent, what she did was she's like chewing something, as in close open yung mouth niya. Tapos she's looking at me and Jason biglang tatawa. Galing-galing talaga ng baby ko.

I really enjoyed our first plane ride. And I'm looking forward until my next plane ride. Hopefully, we can go to Bohol in October for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary with Janna.

And we're back!

Yes, we're back after our exciting and tiring vacation getaway in Laoag. Let me breath first coz I have so much to tell about Janna's first trip to Laoag ... that includes our first time to ride a plane hahaha. I'll be posting my kwento with pictures soon.

Oh by the way ... Janna turned 11 months old last Saturday ... and she celebrated it in Laoag. That marks 30 days to go before she turns one ... my gosh! 1 year old na baby ko. And I'm still not through with her party details. I should be working double time with her party details.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

MIA this week

Besides slacking a lot of updates and everything on this blog, I'll be in complete hiatus this week. The family is going on a vacation in Laoag City. But before I leave, I'll give you an update on what's happening in my life (as if somebody cares hahaha!)


Tita Cena passed away last Sunday, March 29, 2009 due to kidney failure. She died in the US because she works and lives there. She's one of mom's closest cousin, always mistaken her as her sister because they look alike. Will gonna miss her. May you rest in peace, Tita Cena.


Finally got the materials needed for Janna's DIY stuffs for her birthday. Actually, I've made some of the invites already and partially send them out to family and friends. I printed the invites in 5R photo size. It was my fault why I have to print it out in that size because I made the layout for her invites in 5R hahaha. I'll post pictures of it soon.


Besides Pet Society and Farm Town, I'm having another set of addiction ... Hatchling and Restaurant City in Facebook. I've been lacking sleep because of it kaloka!


Made an unplanned shooping for our Laoag trip. Good thing Mom shouldered all the expenses. She asked dad that she has to buy stuffs for the kids, so dad gave her ample amounts that can shoulder not only the two chikiting, but all of us. Hindi pa din ako nakabili ng swimsuit at shades ... nanghihinayang ako sa pera. So I gave it a go on the other things like Janna's slippers from Fisher Price. It's on sale, I got it for 50%. SIL even got one for Ellay. Same color nanaman sila but it's ok, kasi hindi naman lagi sila magkasama and hindi kasi maganda ibang color for the girls.

Mom also got them pants and maong skirts. Janna look so pretty on them. Will post photo soon hihihi.

Friday, April 03, 2009

LP: Paboritong Litrato

Maligayang ika-isang anibersaryo sa Litratong Pinoy.

Nahirapan ako maghanapng paboritong litrato ... dahil sa totoo lang madami ako paborito. Ang iba sa mga litrato na ito ay nailahok ko na sa iba pang site. Kung kaya't naghanap ako ng hindi ko pa nailalagay sa blog na ito. Nailagay ko man, eh malamang matagal na panahon na iyon.

Ito ang mga napili ko para sa linggong ito. At dahil panahon na ng tag-init, eto ay kuha ko nung ako'y nagtrabaho at tumira sa Laoag City. Dito din kami madalas magbakasyon noong mga bata pa kami dahil dito lumaki ang tatay ko.

Ito ay kuha ko noong kami ng mga pinsan ko ay namasyal sa tabing dagat. Ito ang karugtong ng dagat sa may bandang Fort Ilocandia.

Ito ang Paoay Church sa may Paoay, Ilocos Norte. Kami ng mga kasamahan ko ay nagkaroon ng site visit malapit sa lugar na ito. Ito ang kauna-unahang pagkakataon ko na nakuhaan ko siya ng litrato.

Ito naman ay nataon kong nakuhaan nung galing kami sa Blue Lagoon sa Pagudpod. Wala ako magandang litrato ng Pagudpod pero umaasa akong magagawa ko yan ngayon Mahal na Araw dahil kami ay magbabakasyon doon muli kasama ng aking pamilya.

Ating silipin ang mga paboritong litrato ng iba kong kasama dito.

MM: Special Day

mommy moments

Here's my Special Day Mommy Moment ... Julianna Alyssa's Christening last July 26, 2008. She was 2 months and 3 weeks that time. At first, we planned on getting her baptized when she reached 5 months. But due to her colic attacks in her earlier weeks, the oldies suggested that we should let her be baptized as soon as possible.

It is definitely a special day for me and hubby because we were surrounded by all the people important to us to witness in welcoming Janna to the Christian world.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

LP: Sapatos

Ito ay sapatos ng aking anak nung araw ng kanyang binyag. Naisip kong kunan ang kanyang sapatos na katabi ang mga larawan niya. Kuha ko ito noog Hulyo ng 2008. Napaka-ganda nito sa paa niya at hindi siya nagrereklamo kapag suot niya ito. Binili namin ito ng aking asawa sapagkat
naisip namin na bagay ito sa damit na binili ng kanyang lola para sa espesyal na araw na yun.

Ating sulyapan ang mga sapatos ng ibang miyembro dito.

Questions of the Week #51

1. How’s the week going on so far? Tiring, we've been having a lot of guest from the province. Dad's siblings are working on their papers for immigration. And since summer hits Manila, it's been an uncomfy week for us especially Janna.

2. Would you rather love or be loved? I would rather have both. I always take equal share on things.

3. How do you feel when you hear a friend completely butchering a story? I do what other's say ... pasok sa isang tenga, labas sa kabila. And I would probably change the topic coz I won't stand a chance hearing another word from him/her.

4. If you could have a recorder which would make a DVD or video tape of your dreams, would you use it? Oh yes I would.

5. Have you ever had a dream about being a place you’ve never been, and days or years later, you end up there? Not really, but I sometimes have a de ja vu thing whenever I go to a place for the first time.

6. Do you sit at your computer and eat snacks and have refreshments to drink? I never eat snacks in front of my computer, but I always have my Starbucks mug with me. I've been drinking lots of water and juices this past few days because of the heat.

7. Which is more true: everything matters or nothing matters? Everything matters

8. What was the last thing you gave up on? I gave up on thinking how to lose weight.

9. Can the love of a person really make you change? Of course

10. Any plans for the weekend yet? Hubby and I will hit the mall this weekend to pay some bills and buy some stuffs for Janna's DIY party needs. I think I need to do it before May comes.

Join us here.

Summer is really here

Yes ... because it's so freaking hot! Even if you turn on the airconditioner, you really can't bear the humid and all.

I've been bathing Janna twice or thrice a day. I can see she seems so irritated especially in the afternoon. Thank God Janna is a waterbaby. She loves taking a bath. She even loves the shower lately. And at night, she can't bear the humid so we don't have a choice but to turn on the a/c. Good luck to our electric bill hehehe.

We are now beginning to worry about Janna's party. If the weather will be like this until May, it would be so uncomfortable for the adults and the kids. We are thinking about renting a tent or renting a humidifier or mist maker. Kaso the problem is ... magkano?

Does anybody know where we can rent a humidifier? Sana mura lang :(

Books again!

I got this books from Chie on her online bookstore. It's been my addiction lately to buy second hand but still in good conditon. Actually, a lot of books are piling up and shouting "read me! read me!" already.

I haven't gone to a doctor, but I think I'm having astigmatism again. Everytime I attempt to read a book, my eyes sometimes became blurry ... and it always giving me a headache when I'm reading. Even when I'm using the computer.

My God, tumatanda na nga ako ... lumalabo na mga mata ko. Susmiyo, wag naman sana. Ang hirap mag-drive when you're wearing glasses (I'm talking as if I'm driving everyday wahahaha).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

MM: Siblings / Cousins Bonding

mommy moments

Janna is my first born but she always have bonding time with her cousin, Elay. They were only 3 months apart, so they both explore on things differently. Elay is on the crawling stage, while Janna is already cruising. Sometimes Janna gets irritated when Elay doesn't respond to Janna the way she wants her to do. They sometimes ended up crying. I just hope they'll get over that stage ... anyway, they're still to young.

They sleep together...

Roam around the village together...

Just play around...

I wished that they grow up as close like real sisters. And I wish the grannies stop comparing them with each other for them not to compete with each other on getting attentions with the people around them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

LP: Paboritong Alahas

Hindi naman talaga ako mahilig gumamit ng alahas . Mas gusto ko isuot yung mga yari sa beads. Hindi din ako mahilig magsuot ng singsing at kwintas. Pero nung ibinigay sa akin ito ng aking asawa nung hindi pa kami kinakasal, lagi ko na siya sinusuot kung san man ako pumunta. Ito kasi ang engagement ring na binigay niya sa akin. Hindi naman kailangan maging diamond ang isang engagement ring di ba?

At siyempre nung kami ay ikinasal na, eto ang naging paborito kong alahas ... ang aming wedding ring.

Palagi ko sila sinusuot lalo na pag may espesyal na okasyon. Ngunit kung kami lang ay lalabas para pumunta ng mall o pupunta ng construction site si mister, eto ang sinusuot namin mag-asawa:

Ito ay gawa sa silver lamang. Hindi kasi kumportable si mister na gamitin ang wedding ring niya pag nagtatrabaho siya sa site.

Alamin natin ang mga paboritong alahas ng ibang miyembro dito.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Questions of the Week #50

1. Is it fun being you? Oh yes, if not then what is my life for?

2. What have you changed your mind about in the past few weeks? Well, it's not really a big thing but I always wanted to buy a tankini for our summer getaway in Laoag ... but changed my mind I would buy myself a new pair of shades instead ... I want the big shades like Ruffa Gutierrez uses.

3. Do you find yourself in a better mood on a sunny day? Yup, but not the whole day ... I love it when it rains in the afternoon coz I can't bare the heat during the afternoon.

4. When meeting someone new, what makes you feel more comfortable? When she/he is looking forward to have a good conversation with me than looking at me from head to toe as if I'm the fattest, ugliest person in the world.

5. If you could be any god or goddess from mythology, who would you be? & why? Aphrodite, coz I wanna know how it feels to be loved by so many men hahaha.

6. How do you spend the night before a “big” day? Usually pamper myself with a visit to the salon having my foot scrubbed, manicure, pedicure and my eyebrows sculpt. If time and money permits, I go for an hour of full body massage so that I could sleep relaxed.

7. Describe the person that would be the exact opposite of what you find attractive. Boring to begin with, no common interest, lousy dresser, and feeling maganda!

8. I would be a happier person if… I could have a business to take care of, for my husband to stay with me until the day I die, and for my Janna (and my future kids) to finish college and land a good job and marry someone that would take care of them when they get old.

9. Have you ever regretted? So far, none yet!

10. I seldom _______ without a _______ in my _______. I seldom go out without a Blistex Lip Tone in my bag.

Join us here.


After going to the Bridal Factory to pick up our gowns, we went to Fairview Centermall to buy milk formula for Elay and her month birthday cake na rin. As we are going to Red Ribbon, we saw this store called Zulit. Everything in it ranges from 29.00 and up. SIL and I can't get rid of our eyes on the accessories. Here's some of what I got from there.

The bracelets only cost 49.00. I bought two coz I'm a bracelet/bangle person. I was eyeing also for the heart shaped bracelet, but I didn't like the color. The first one looks like a bangle when worn. And the brown one was chosen by SIL ... kasi bagay daw sa akin.

And guess how much this fancy eternity rings cost ... it's only 29.00 pesos. And I got 4 of it hahaha!

After buying all these, kuya told me, "Hindi kayo pwede magsama ni Annie pag nag-shopping ... ubos pera kayo eh!" SIL looked at me and we laughed.