Thursday, December 03, 2009

Our Baby Nikko

I haven't given birth yet ... and like I've said, our baby is a girl. but Nikko was one of a wish that just came true. It was included in my Christmas wishlist last year, but I got a point and shoot camera instead. Jason made it happen this year, it's his anniversary gift to us and birthday gift for himself. I so love you, my labs ... thanks for this gift!

a shot of him and Nikko at a practice photoshoot in Intramuros

I know, Jason and Nikko look good together

ok, one of his Piolo moments hehehe! Whenever he poses for the camera,
ang term niya lagi is "eto pormang Piolo" hahahaha!

Yes ... Nikko is a DSLR camera, a Nikon D90 DSLR to be exact. I always wanted a Canon DSLR but due to a lot of good reviews from friends and photo hobbyist, we were convinced to purchase this kind of brand. I really wanted to use it the first time I held it but it seems that DSLR's are a bit tricky to use. I need to practice and focus on the settings unlike using point and shoot cameras. And since I'm on bedrest, I can't just get out of bed and do practice shots outside. Maybe in a few months time, by then I have given birth already, and will have time to learn how to use it.

it's my brother's Piolo moment hehehe!

Actually, my younger brother got his Nikki (his own D90 camera) a bit earlier than us, and he already is having his photo workshop in Intramuros ... awww kainggit! He's improving and I'm glad he did enroll in that workshop. Christmas is coming and there'll be a lot of events coming up.

Here are some of Jason's shots from Intramuros (arrrrggghhhh walang watermark) pinasa naman na niya to sa contest for Architecture week ... Architecture in Intramuros.

and the winning shot is ...

Next practice shoot would be my maternity portrait ... hmmmm! Kaya kaya nila? hehehe!

And to Baby Nikko (and Nikki na rin), looking forward to create good memories with you :)