Friday, January 30, 2009

MM: First Smile

This is Julianna Alyssa's first smile ... shot taken when she was 1 week old. Her pedia told me that this isn't a real social smile. Babies do flex their facial muscles sort of like practicing different expressions. Well, it's still a smile for me.

And here is really her first social smile ... this was taken when she was 4 months old. She smiled on camera on her own ... no people clowning at my back just to make her smile ... I think she's born to be a cam whore just like her mommy hahaha.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Digestion Buddy

My kuya and I discovered this tea ... we got it last December from a Noche Buena basket. I love the minty taste and it relaxes my tummy after dinner. I put creamer and a teaspoon of sugar. It's like drinking Starbuck's Red Tea. I've been using it for a week now and I'm not constipated anymore. Just wondering if this is readily available in supermarkets and groceries. Malapit na kasi maubos yung supply namin.

New Bangle

I bought another set of bangles from Brag Bangle. I love it! I can't wait to use them one of this days. Offer good while supply last so go grab one. Comes in one size only ... large!


Puro fillers ang blog ko this week. I've been busy editing Janna's photos from October up to present. I need to print it out not later than Friday. I need to fill up Janna's photo album of her photos by Sunday. My tita Yolanda will be here by then. Of course, album agad ang titignan nun ... kaya minamadali ko ng tapusin ang editing. Mga 80 pictures nalang. Thanks to bragbooks I downloaded for her photos. Hindi na kasi kinakaya ng creative juices ko ang digiscrapping. Ploppers, QP's and bragbooks are a savior.

Hay ... Lord, give me more patience and strength to finish them all please!

And I'm also getting in touch with all my prospect suppliers for Janna's 1st birthday party. I feel so ngarag na but never fear ... I still have 4 months to do all that. Kaya ko to!

LP: Lila (Violet)

Ito ay kuha ko noong Augusto 2007 sa Paradizoo, Tagaytay City. Habang aming hinihintay ang aming ama at ina, ay nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon kunan ng litrato ang mga halaman at bulaklak sa paligid namin. Ang kulay ng bulaklak na ito ay lila.

Maari ninyo tignan ang lahok ng ibang miyembro dito.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Puppies

Shot taken May 2007 ... our 3 month old mini pin puppies

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Dad informed me that we might not push through our Baguio trip. It just happens that his contact from Baguio booked us in our hotel at a wrong date. The Panagbengga Street Dance and Float Parade is scheduled on February 28 and March 1. They booked us February 21 and 22. Now, they are trying to book us for February 28 and March 1 ... but all hotels are full booked already. So my Dad decided to cancel the reservation and not go to Baguio anymore. Hay o hay ... dumating pa naman yung Trunki ni Janna yesterday ... I thought magagamit na namin ... oh well sa Laoag nalang pala namin magagamit yun sa holy week.

Questions of the Week #47

1. It’s really funny when________________. It's really funny when I'm talking to somebody, then suddenly I forget what I'm going to say to him/her ... so embarassing.

2. What’s your story? hmmm ... nothing great!

3. How often do you awaken remembering your dream/s? A lot of times

4. Would you have a baby to save a relationship? Nope

5. Is it acceptable to kill one man in order to save a million? If I have to, why not.

6. If someone calls you and asks for your name, do you tell them? nope

7. In the past days/weeks, what piece of mail made you the happiest? Actually, it's an email. My tita is coming home from US and she told me that everything I've listed to buy for Janna is already with her weeeeee!

8. Would you want to live forever? Of course ... but if I'll be a burden of somebody's life, I'd rather die.

9. Is sitting around doing nothing inconsequential? nope, everybody needs to rest once in a while.

10. What does whispering makes you think of? betrayal, gossip, backstabbing.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Snapshot: Kung Hei Fat Choy

We are not chinese, but we let Janna wore this Chinese outfit her Tito Jade bought for her in Hongkong. Since it's the eve of Chinese New Year, I think it's a great time to wear it. Dad and Mom just came from a wedding last Sunday. That's the reason why Dad is wearing a suit.

Mom says she looks more of a Japanese than a Chinese baby hehehe.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy Moments: Latest Birthday Photo

mommy moments
My daughter is just 8 months old but we usually celebrate her month birthday. So here is her first photo during her 1st month birthday last June 11, 2008 ... she was sleeping while this photo was taken.

After 8 months, here she is now ... forgot to take a picture of her alone with her cake hihihi. Just happens it was her Tata and Nana's anniversary celebration. We had a blast for lunch.

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Watch it!

Kuya Jade gave this to me as his Christmas gift. It's so pretty and kikay. You can change the bracelet if you wanted to match it with your clothes. And it's also lightweight.

I haven't use it that much coz I always use my brag bangle whenever I go. Obviously, I would look ridiculous if I wear this watch and wear my bangle on my other wrist. Kaloka!

First week of January naman came this watch ...

A freebie from my Canon Ixus 85IS. Nagtampo pa nga si Jason, he thought yung male version yung kukunin ko for him. Kaloka nagtampo! hahaha! I love it actually, but my mom love it as well. She's let me use her Technomarine watch whenever she wanted to use this. Susme, Technomarine yun, ok lang kahit ako na ang gagamit nun for life nyahahaha!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

She fell

Last night, Janna and I are playing, while hubby is in front of his laptop.

... and throughout the play ... I fell asleep ...

... and the next thing I know ...

... BLAG!

Janna was crying coz she already fell from the edge of our bed. I was in the state of shock. I could see hubby's face went furious towards me. I know Janna fell, but still I'm there sitting while watching her cry in hubby's arms.

This is the first time it happened and I'm not letting it happen again. I was so scared of what it may cause to Janna in the future. We didn't know how she landed, but I believe somebody broke her fall. Walang bukol, walang pilay, no broken bones. She just cried because of fear and nothing else.

By the time she fell asleep, I cried so hard ... dun lang nag-sink in sa akin ang lahat. What if mali pagkakabagsak niya? Ano na mangyayari next?

I thank God for saving her. She's really a strong baby. And lesson learned talaga to never leave your baby unattended.

I'm such a bad mommy!

Litratong Pinoy: Kahel (Orange)

Eto ang aking unang lahok para sa Litratong Pinoy.

Ito ay kuha noong February 2007 sa Panagbengga Flower Festival sa Baguio City. Taon-taon kami pumupunta dito. Pwera lang nung taong 2008 dahil ako'y nagdadalang tao noon sa aking anak na si Janna. Ngayong taon sana ay pupunta kami, ngunit yung taong napakiusapan ng tatay ko na magpareserba ng aming tutuluyan ay nagkamali ng petsa at ngayon ay hindi na makahanap pa ng ibang hotel na pwede namin tuluyan.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Question of the Week #46

1. Where do you keep your Pot of Gold? wish I have one hahaha ... but if you pertain on "money", it's so safe with hubby. He's more frugal than I am, so he's my money keeper.

2. Do you get annoyed by people who are really proud of who they are? It depends on how they say it. Sometimes others brag too much that they mistaken it as being proud of themselves.

3. How often growing up did you hear your parents say “I love you”? My parents is more of a showy person. They often kiss and hug us... I think almost everyday even when we were teenagers already. Actually, until now they do that sometimes pag naglalambing hehehe. I only hear them say "I love you" in occasions like my birthdays and graduation days.

4. Here comes TROUBLE! What do you see? Janna running in her walker going to pull the telephone cord.

5. What is your most prized possession? Nothing but my family. All things will come and go but not them.

6. What nickname/s did you hate the most in your childhood? Cheche

7. What haven’t you done in a long time? Go on an out of town trip alone with hubby. The last time was our Baguio Honeymoon last December 2006.

8. What do you enjoy doing? Aside from blogging because we all know we love to blog. Taking care of my daughter, reading books if I have time.

9. When you’re reading, do you sometime have to reread a section because your mind wandered? Sometimes, especially if I put down the book and haven't read it for days, I have to read the last chapter I've read before moving on to where I left it.

10. Have things broken in your life recently? Nothing yet and hoping nothing will be broken.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Si Mommy talaga!

I received a text message from Mom this morning. Ayaw daw niya yung photo ni Janna na may frames pa, lalo na kung may design daw na ribbons and flowers, parang nasa coffin daw. Waaaahhhh! Nakakaasar ... I was just helping myself kasi it's much more easier to digiscrap the photos in the computer kaysa i-scrap siya ng mano-mano when the photos are printed. At least lagay nalang ako ng lagay sa album di ba?

But my mom made a stand, pag di ko daw binago mga photos, di daw niya ipapa-print yun ... so I have to do it all over again ... did I mention 100 plus yung photos na yun? I think more pa nga. So I texted her, "Sige mommy, mag-absent ka ng isang linggo para mabago ko lahat yan at wala kasi magbabantay kay Janna pag inulit ko ulit yan eh."

Ewan ko lang kung mapilitan na ipa-print yun or what hahaha! Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Preparing for Baguio

Finally, I got the chance to go to the mall after much lambing to hubby that I wanna go with mom. Hubby gave us the go signal that we can bring Janna with us. Whoopee! Janna really missed the mall, she enjoyed it as if it was her first time all over again.

We are going on a trip to Baguio on February and I wanted to have a hassle-free trip that's why I again made lambing to hubby that i have to buy stuffs for Janna.

I already ordered a Trunki from a fellow N@wie, Morning for Janna's luggage. Okay, strangle me to death if you like ... I know it's expensive, but I want it for Janna. She can use it naman for a long time. Plus, it's something she can enjoy using coz she can ride on it while you pull the luggage.

photo grabbed from

I also bought Janna an 8oz Playtex Drop-in Nurser so that we don't have to carry her sterilizer to Baguio and the hassle to bring along too much bottles. But I'll be bringing at least one of her Avent bottles for her drinking water since she still can't get the hang of using her Avent Magic Cup that her Tito Ninong Jade gave her.

photo grabbed from

Clothes are not a problem coz she already have those frogsuits that her three lola's from the US gave and recently, her Ninang Me-anne gave her 2 sets of it. She also have 6 long sleeve onesies that she got as a gift on her Christening Day. She also have some pair of pants to go with it. All we need is to buy her thick socks. I bought her 2 Baby Legs before so I think it will be on use in Baguio, too.

Hmmmm I think we're all set ... now all I have to do is watch Janna's health ... bawal sipunin, ubuhin at hikain. Mahirap na ... baka di pa kami makasama.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mommy Moments: First Photo

Todays theme is First photo of your kid. Here's Julianna Alyssa's first photo. She was born on May 11, 2008 (Mother's Day) at FEU Hospital at 6:01a.m. By the time I saw this photo, I already knew that my daughter looks like her dad.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

8th Month Birthday and Anniversary Celebration.

January 11, 2009, Mom and Dad celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary at home. Medyo diet muna kami sa paglabas-labas dahil gusto namin malakas resistensiya ni Janna bago kami pumunta ng Baguio for Panagbengga Festival next month. We ordered food from Max's and Jason bought a cake from Conti's. And since it's also Janna's 8th month birthday, eh di madami nanaman food on the table wahahaha!

Click to play Janna @ 8 months
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Janna's milestone @ 8 months:
1. Can now get up alone from lying down position, side position and sitting position.

2. Can now wave goodbye
3. Can now do close-open
4. Loves playing "eat! bulaga!" using her lampin hehehe.

5. She knows were to look if you ask her to where she should look for. Example: "Where's Daddy?" she'll look at her Dad. "Where's Lolo", she'll look at her lolo
6. Some words she can speak:
  • hinde for no
  • yea for yes
  • i-ja for Lola Lydia (my mom ... badtrip ... hindi namin alam kung bakit first name basis sila ng mom ko.);
  • Egg for Lloyd (my brother ... hindi din namin alam kung bakit egg ang tawag sa kanya;
  • Mam-ma for Mommy;
  • Dadi or Adi for Daddy;
  • A-ta for lolo Apin
  • Didi for milk
7. She's now practicing to stand up by holding on to something for her to get up.
8. She already have two lower teeth sprouting. She's a big time drooler and super manggigil.

9. Drinks milk from 5oz to 6oz of milk every two hours (I badly need bigger bottles now).
10. She can now eat solid foods from 1 tbsp. to 2 tbsp. per meal twice or thrice a day. Now eating mixed foods according to pedia's advice.

11. Knows how to make "beautiful eyes".
12. Nods for yes.
13. Can now play alone but still with supervision.

14. Can now hold her bottle pero tamad pa rin hawakan ng matagal. Even if I put her trainer bottle holder on it, ayaw pa din niya hawakan.
15. Loves eating marie or teething biscuits. I love the way she looks so messy and all.

16. Her favorite play time with her Daddy.

17. Smiles and giggles a lot.

Four months to go and you're a year older ... Mom and Dad is doing their best to give you the best party you'll ever have. Wish us luck!

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Baby Food hoarding!

Last January 7, we went to Janna's pedia for her check-up due to her coughs, cold and fever. According to her pediatrician, no wheezing or halak naman so it's not asthma. Maybe it's just allergies. And the reason for her fever was she has a "singaw" in her throat. Oh wawa naman ang baby.

She lost 100 grams of her weight. And now my mission is to let her gain more before her well-baby check up on January 31.

Her pedia gave us a go signal that she can now eat mixed food. But still can't eat chicken, fish or seafoods, eggs, mangoes and orange so as not to trigger her allergies and asthma. So being the very excited mommy, I bought her baby food. Originally, we wanted home cooked meals for Janna. But wasn't able to do so coz we haven't bought food processor for her baby food. When Janna feels there's big lumps in her food, ayaw na niya kainin ... or nasasamid siya. Pero she loves home cooked potatoes sa nilaga and beef stew. And she loves kalabasa na lutong Diningding without the bagoong.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Question of the Week #45

1. How secure do you feel in your job? I'm a SAHM, and my husband is the one who works hard for me to do my best on my current job right now ... a mom, a wife and a friend to him.

2. What is the first word that pops to mind beginning with the letter ‘N’? Nagaraya!

3. If you could, would you shop online for your every day essentials? Yes, coz I barely go out eversince my daughter got viral pneumonia due to over exposure at the malls hehehe.

4. When you go home after going out, what’s the first thing you do, or reach for? Sit down and stretch my back then drink a glass of water.

5. If your kid asked you “Where does the moon go when it’s not there?” , what would you say? The moon is sleeping, that's why the sun is up to give light on our day.

6. If you were homeless and had to stand on a street corner with a cardboard sign, what would you write? A peso for a home, please!

7. Would you feel offended if someone said he or she dislikes your name? Nope, why should I?

8. If your childhood had a taste, what would it be? sweet and sour

9. Have you ever fainted out of pure joy? nope

10. Tomorrow, I absolutely refuse to __________. eat the chocolates Mom brought last night from Italy.

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Well Wishes

I hope they didn't mind me grabbing photos from their accounts hehehe.

Photo grabbed from Leiza Marie's Friendster
Leiza Marie and Relly David

Leiza is Jason's cousin. His Dad and Leiza's mom are sibblings. We didn't have the chance to be there on their wedding (maybe in God's time we will see them again... long story!) but I'm happy for them that finally they tied the knot. I know how hard Leiza prayed that before she turns 30 she'll get married na ... kaso umabot ng 31 eh, eh isang taon lang naman yun hehehe. They found each other through me. First time ang pinag-match ko nagkatuluyan. They got married last December 12, 2008. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

Photos grabbed from Hazel's Multiply
Hazel, Elmer and Hailey Eunice

Congratulations to Hazel and Elmer for their very charming baby girl, Hailey Eunice. While I was very busy cooking food for my party on December 30, 2008, Hazel was induced to labor already. And Ghed (her favorite sister) never fails to update me through text ... kung ilan cm na, kung sumisigaw na si Hazel sa sakit, kung umiiyak na si Tita Elsie sa kaba (her mom) ... mga ganun! Hahahaha! She looks like her Dad... kaso si Jason sabi niya si hazel kamukha ... malamang hati hahaha!

We'll see you soon ... and we'll be there (the whole family actually) on Hailey's Christening on Feruary 7.

Photo grabbed from Archel's Friendster
Reima Jessamine and Archel Vicente

Rema is my cousin, a nurse board passer (pati NCLEX ha). My Dad and her Dad are sibblings so pinsan buo ko siya. She's my partner in pampapayat, pagnood ng horror movies, magliwaliw sa bayan sa Laoag, mag-jogging sa umaga at magpunta sa parlor, at kakwentuhan ng kung ano-ano. I so miss her. She got married to Archel last January 5, 2008. I felt bad that we didn't attend the wedding because Janna was sick with colds and fever. And dad seem to forgot to book us plane ticket kasi mukhang di kakayanin ni Janna ang 10 hours travel by land. My mom tried to capture their moment but her ever not so reliable camera take photos blurry. Hay kainis! I'm sure you'll post more good pictures next time.

You're both still young, you'll gonna discover more of yourselves as each day comes. So savor each moment. Ok lang kung hindi pa mabigyan ng suppling I said, bata pa kayo. Magtrabaho na muna kayo ng maigi. Hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Year 2008

Well, the best thing happened for me and hubby in the year 2008 was the birth of my daughter, Julianna Alyssa. 2008 was my-first-time year for me and Jason.

  • It's our first time to have a child.
  • My first time to give birth (waaaahhhh traumatic but worth it)
  • First time to be parents
  • to my inlaws and to my Mom and Dad, their first time to be grandparents
  • to our brothers and sister, their first time to be Aunt and Uncles
  • Janna is the first apo and first pamangkin on both families.
  • First Christmas with a child.
  • Our first birthday to celebrate with Janna.
  • first time to celebrate our wedding anniversary with Janna.
  • First out of town family trip with Janna.
There are a lot of things to be thankful for 2008. Too many to mention. And we owe it all to the Lord. Thank You for all the blessings that you've given us, Lord. Thank You for giving us such supportive families, good careers and true friends. We're looking forward to this new year and hopefully it would be much better.

My 31st Birthday 12.30.2008

Yup, I'm already 31 years old. Not so young but not so old as well. Next birthday ko wala na sa kalendaryo ang edad ko hehehe.

Before I reached 31, I hoped for a baby for me and hubby. Some say when you reach the age of 35, it's so crucial for a woman to conceive on her first born at that age. Kung 2nd, 3rd and so on ok lang ... pero pag first born daw medyo delikado. Before I reached 30 years old on the year 2007, I conceived and gave birth to my daughter, Julianna Alyssa on May 11, 2008.

Now that I'm already 31, I want to start this year to be productive. I wanted to do a lot of things. Something that could help me to decide what to venture for a small business. It's our mutual decision to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), but i want to do something to help my husband. I've got so much things in mind but haven't decided it yet. Wish me luck! I can do this!

click image for larger view

Initially, my family decided that we'll dine out in Trinoma. But since Me-anne and Relly just flew in from Singapore and India, and they told me that they'll be here on my birthday, we have no choice but to celebrate it at home. Minsan lang naman sila umuwi ng Pinas. And tuwing birthday ko, sila lang ang lagi kong bisita. Kasama din palagi si Arch. Vena na super bigtime na.

This year, there's an addition ... Chai and Sansu with their kids tagged along. No yaya kasi kaya no choice kundi bitbitin sila. Okay lang sa akin kasi Janna needs to be exposed to other kids na rin. Baka isipin niya kasi, that people around her were only adults hehehe.

Only this year that I have lots of photos on my birthday. It just happens that Relly bought himself his Christmas gift ... a Nikon D90 DSLR. Grabe naglaway ako promise. I actually tried taking shots using it and I love it. Parang gusto ko na din ng Nikon nyahahaha! Oh well, like I've said before, I have to leave the DSLR dream at the back seat for a while. Di pa kakayanin ng powers ko. That day also ang break-in ng Canon Ixus 85IS ko.

Thank you Lord for another year. Looking forward to celebrate my birthday this year. Patnubayan Nyo po ako palagi sa mga suliranin na dapat kong gampanan at nawa'y ilayo Nyo po ang pamilya ko sa sakit. We have so many out of town vacations this year, so we hope for good health especially for Janna so she won't miss out anything this year and the coming years.

More photos here and here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Janna's First Christmas

Christmas of 2008 was one of the best Christmas for me and Jason. It's Janna's first Christmas. We tried to be as festive as possible for it's something she'll look forward to every year. We bought her a simple present coz she practically has everything already (thanks to her lolo and lola for that). Wrapped it and put it under the Christmas tree.

December 24, 2008
We cook our Noche Buena earlier because of kuya's celebration. Palaging ganun, our noche buena is also kuya's handa for his birthday. Kaya pagdating ng 12mn, halos paubos na ang food kasi kinain na namin hahaha. Sayang I didn't took a picture of our Noche Buena ... Oh before I forgot, Dad brought 3 lechon that day, all gifts from his friends. Oo, nung December, nagdidildil kami sa lechon (hindi sa asin at kamatis hahaha!).

We attended the Christmas Eve mass while my Kuya is celebrating his 35th birthday at home with friends. Good thing Janna is so behave at the church. We didn't have the hard time taking care of her.

Happy Birthday Kuya Stan, looking forward to your wedding this year
... totoo na ba yan? Baka stir nanaman yan ha?

After hearing mass, we started opening gifts. Janna is more excited on ripping the wrappers than seeing the gifts inside hahaha. Kasi she cries whenever kinukuha namin yung crumpled gift wrappers from her hands. Kaloka! We bought her a shape sorter. She loves it ... I mean she loves to chew it hahaha.

click for larger view

December 25, 2008

We went to Antipolo to visit Janna's other lola, Lola Perlie. And so goes with Tito Jade and Tita Jamie. As what I expected, Janna already have a stranger and separation anxiety. I've been telling hubby that we should see her mom at least once a month so that Janna won't always be like this. Whenever she's been carried by somebody else she barely sees everyday, she begins to cry. Cry as in parang somebody is spanking her. And when she looks around and I'm nowhere to be found, she'll cry again. Oh bummer! Now you know why going to the mall and going to the salon is something of a difficult task to handle nowadays.

click for larger view

After a bit of playing and everything, she's starting to talk to her Lola and Tito Jade. Nagpapakarga na din siya, medyo matagal na din. Sometimes, she fell asleep on her Lola's shoulders when she's sleepy na. Tito Jade gave her a Crocs shoes (which i think can wait for a couple of months before she can wear it.) and a Vtech toy while her Lola Perlie gave her a cash gift. And of course, hubby and I got presents, too from the ever-galante Kuya Jade. Hehehe!

click for larger view

We went home by 8:00p.m. Mom told me that one of Janna's Ninang, Hazel, is coming for a quick visit. May ibibigay lang daw sila. Pero they end up eating pa rin because Mom insist for them to eat before they leave nyahahaha! Wawa ang buntis, nabundat. They gave Mom and Dad a Banofee Pie from Banapple which i tasted for the first time. Grabe ang sarap! Which made me and hubby Banapple treat our new fave dessert.

click for larger view
Baby Hailey, laro tayo!

December 26, 2008
Mom's sibbling along with their children and apo's in tow went for a mini reunion. It's been a while since they've seen each other. Usually, it's tita Ligaya who we always see. Si Tito Rene kasi is always busy eh. Hindi mahagilap! Hahaha!

Tito Rene already got 10 grandchildren ... all boys hahaha! Imagine Janna's birthday party, sa kanila lang puno na ang venue hahaha. It would be fun grabe!

click for larger view
Grabe, ang dami namin dito no! Actually, kulang pa nga yan eh hahaha!

As usual, my Dad was like Santa, nagpapila at nagbigay ng cash gift. Dad sucks big time on buying gifts. He always opted on giving cash gifts for the reason that they can buy whatever they want for themselves. Para daw hindi sayang ang regalo ... ok may point nga naman si Dad. Saka mas ok sa kanya if you tell him what you want so that he knows what to buy for you. That's why I got this for my birthday and Christmas.

The Gifts
We didn't expect anything from everybody but it would please us to see somebody remembered Janna on Christmas Day. So here are some of the gifts she received this Christmas. Walang gift si Mom and Dad sa kanya kasi palagi naman siya may regalo kay mom lalo na pag nag-shoshopping ng damit hahaha. All her clothes were bought by mom, and some of her big things like high chairs, extra playpen, and a comfy chair were bought by her Lolo.

click for larger view

FIRST PHOTO: Baby Pooh pillow came from Ate coolet (bro's GF), the dress and 2 piece swimsuit from my cousin Roselle, dozen of underwear from my cousin Rina, Vtech Storybook and Crocs Shoes from Tito Jade, photo album by Tita Ninang Ana, Barbie bag and hairclips from Ninang Hazel, Shape sorter from us.

SECOND PHOTO: Towel from Ninong Jess and Ninang Otel, Touch lamp from Ninang Bebet, Pink Osh Kosh dress from Tito Ninong Onet ... the stuff toy was from our Christmas party exchange gift.

THIRD PHOTO: 2 frog suits from Ninang Me-anne (sakto for Baguio in February).

FOURTH PHOTO: From Lola Evelyn in California, of course ... I love the Winnie the Pooh shirt hehehe.

Not in photo is the cash gift from Lola Perlie, and Janna's gifts from Lolo Junior, Lola Yolanda and Lola Josie is on the way already hehehe.

So that's Janna's first Christmas. You can view some photos here.