Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well Wishes

I hope they didn't mind me grabbing photos from their accounts hehehe.

Photo grabbed from Leiza Marie's Friendster
Leiza Marie and Relly David

Leiza is Jason's cousin. His Dad and Leiza's mom are sibblings. We didn't have the chance to be there on their wedding (maybe in God's time we will see them again... long story!) but I'm happy for them that finally they tied the knot. I know how hard Leiza prayed that before she turns 30 she'll get married na ... kaso umabot ng 31 eh, eh isang taon lang naman yun hehehe. They found each other through me. First time ang pinag-match ko nagkatuluyan. They got married last December 12, 2008. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you.

Photos grabbed from Hazel's Multiply
Hazel, Elmer and Hailey Eunice

Congratulations to Hazel and Elmer for their very charming baby girl, Hailey Eunice. While I was very busy cooking food for my party on December 30, 2008, Hazel was induced to labor already. And Ghed (her favorite sister) never fails to update me through text ... kung ilan cm na, kung sumisigaw na si Hazel sa sakit, kung umiiyak na si Tita Elsie sa kaba (her mom) ... mga ganun! Hahahaha! She looks like her Dad... kaso si Jason sabi niya si hazel kamukha ... malamang hati hahaha!

We'll see you soon ... and we'll be there (the whole family actually) on Hailey's Christening on Feruary 7.

Photo grabbed from Archel's Friendster
Reima Jessamine and Archel Vicente

Rema is my cousin, a nurse board passer (pati NCLEX ha). My Dad and her Dad are sibblings so pinsan buo ko siya. She's my partner in pampapayat, pagnood ng horror movies, magliwaliw sa bayan sa Laoag, mag-jogging sa umaga at magpunta sa parlor, at kakwentuhan ng kung ano-ano. I so miss her. She got married to Archel last January 5, 2008. I felt bad that we didn't attend the wedding because Janna was sick with colds and fever. And dad seem to forgot to book us plane ticket kasi mukhang di kakayanin ni Janna ang 10 hours travel by land. My mom tried to capture their moment but her ever not so reliable camera take photos blurry. Hay kainis! I'm sure you'll post more good pictures next time.

You're both still young, you'll gonna discover more of yourselves as each day comes. So savor each moment. Ok lang kung hindi pa mabigyan ng suppling I said, bata pa kayo. Magtrabaho na muna kayo ng maigi. Hope to see you soon!