Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Motiff

Lowella, a W@wie, told me na abnormal daw ako ... after sending her my ideas on what's going to be my motiff on my wedding eh wala dun yung napili ko. It's Sunshine Yellow ... nice color isn't it? I just thought of it while browsing the net. I let Leiza (my h2b's fashionista cousin) look at it and she said "Yes, this is the one I like for you ... it's so YOU ..." My h2b told me on the phone "Labs, final na yan ha, wag ka na titingin sa iba"

Blue is our favorite color, then why didn't we use it as our motiff? Hmmm... bakit nga ba ... sabi ni H2B, common na daw yung blue. Madami ako ginawang variety, pero Sunshine Yellow din ako bumagsak.

My Entourage would wear the Sunshine Yellow gowns

our moms will gonna use turqouise ...

and the principal sponsors would use Nude

My bouquet would be all shades of pink ... and so does my entourage but one shade only. I was planning to let my guest wear baby pink and baby blue ... hassle kaya sa kanila yun? oh well, here comes my imagination hahahaha!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Whats going on...

It's not too early naman to envision our wedding di ba ... ngayon puro internet browsing muna. I joined Weddings at Work e-groups, so far they helped me a lot as in.

Zero pa kami, pwera sa date na gusto namin... It's on July 8, 2006 (dapat 6, yun ang Anniversary namin eh)

Church ... Good Shepherd is our 2nd choice talaga, Mt. Carmel ist choice nya because he loved the place sobra. Pero sa Good Shepherd kasi lagi kami nagsisimba (I live in Greenview kasi in West Fairview). One time we went to hear the anticipated mass, naabutan namin yung isang wedding dun ... and ang ganda pala ng church pag ganun oras ... yung reception ginanap lang dun sa Parish Hall sa tabi ng church. Kaya its so convenient para sa lahat ... parking is never a problem and yung location nya madaling mahanap and not crowded. As I go through their website, di lang pala yung Parish hall ang reception venue nila, meron pang dalawa which can hold up to 150 and 250 guest ... We're going to inquire na at the end of the month. Wish us luck ... sana wala pa kumuha nung date na gusto namin.

Food ... A friend of his who's family is into Catering Business for almost 10 years (and in fairness masarap yung food nila) has given us a friendly discount. Bakit? Friend niya yun, and isa pa, matagal na talaga nila gusto mag-asawa yung h2b ko ... kaya kung food lang magiging hadlang sa budget, he dropped the price per person ... grabe, mahahalikan ko si Raymond sa tuwa. Yun nga lang, marami di kasama sa package nila, like the cake, the car (since they don't cater much on weddings, they're more on corporate parties) ... so eto may problema na.

Cake... I texted my friend, Angie who's an Area Manager of a leading cake shop in the country ... I asked her how much would it cost us for their cakes. Fondants usually range from 10k to 20k depending on the style and add ons of the couple. But for chiffon cakes ... usually range from 4K - 6k. As a gift from her, may discount (I love my friends sobra!) plus pwede daw ako mag-choose ng fondant style na pwede gawin sa chiffon cake ... Ganun daw kasi ginawa nya sa wedding ng Ate niya, yung cake style fondant pero chiffon cake lang ginamit nila. She took a picture of it and yes ang ganda nga. And she told me na they gave the principal sponsor petite size of those cakes. (hmmm magastos na ata yun)

Gowns ... actually may design na ako in mind pero wala pa ako nakikita pwede gumawa ng gowns namin ... My Entourage will consist of me and the groom (of course) 1 MOD, 1 Bestman, 3 Bridesmaid, 3 Groomsmen, Secondary Sponsors (Candle, Veil, Cord), Isasama ko na din yung sa Dad ko, Bro and my Mom and Mom in law ... hmmm... mga magkano kaya? 25K budget would be good enough.

Photo and Video ... had a friend who's into the business and di ko pa siya nakakausap. Pero I saw his works and their family is into the business for so long. I think he'll fit our needs. I'm a member of phphoto yahoogroups (photography is one of my hobby) ... di ko kaya sila Kuya John Ong (of Imagination) masydo mahal nyahahahaha! And got a lot of friends na din there. Dennis wanted to have my photos taken sa wedding ko pero sa candid shots daw siya ... dun sya sa hindi scripted ... and he'll do it Labor of love para daw maganda yung wedding album ko ... oh di ba ...

Invitations ... I saw in Tiffany Novelty their samples... may nagustuhan na ako, pinakita ko kay h2b and he agreed... But I went to a Bora-like Shop here in Laoag w/c is Isturya ... they have handmade paper Cards that they sell for 40 a piece... I asked them if they can try to provide me handmade papers for my invitation, she was so pleased and she got my contact number, she'll gonna asked daw muna her business partner kung pwede di lang yung handmade paper i-provide nila, but the whole invitation as well ...

So far yan palang ... gusto namin unahin yung sa church ... and sa October malalaman na namin kung ano ba talaga nyahahahaha!