Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby J#2 @ 32 Weeks

Baby J#2 is a girl ... Yes, it's another baby girl for us. Sabi ko na nga ba it's a baby girl ulit hehehe. We will gonna name her Janysha Andrea. Ysha for short.

Last week I had my monthly check up for November. I've been experiencing some pain sa may puson, thighs and butt. My OB did an IE and found out yung first layer ng cervix ko was slightly opened. I'm on bedrest for 2 weeks. And if I'm still experiencing preterm contractions, I'll be admitted in the hospital to prolong the baby for a while inside my womb.

I'm beginning to miss Janna everyday, for we can't do our daily activities as mom and daughter because of my condition. She's more into her yaya nowadays and it breaks my heart that she finds her yaya more than me. I promised myself that after I give birth, babawi ako kay Janna. I'm sure baby Ysha will understand that I have to attend to her ate's needs as well.

I really wanted to shop for the baby even if she'll have a lot of hand me downs from her ate Janna. But of course, I want her to have her own things, too. Eh kaso paano ko naman magagawa yun if I'm on bedrest ... hmmm ... makapag-online shopping nga hehehe!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Jason

I was told to blog about my husband. This is a super duper long overdue post. I'm on my 32 weeks and I'm on bedrest due to my slightly opened cervix (yung 1st layer lang). And since my mom voluntered to take Janna to her workplace, I decided to do this now.

Here are some facts what I love about him and a little about us:
  • I first met him on my first job. I'm an apprentice then and he was my immediate supervisor. Or should I say I need him to sign my blue book in order for me to take the board exams.
  • He used to be an "alaskador" in the office. But not with me ... and I don't know why.
  • He's poised, bossy-looking but friendly. He's not the showy type of person. He's the opposite of what I envisioned myself of my Mr. Right. Not too tall, not too rich ... but his looks is so appealing to me.
  • We were exchanging letters (through a diskette) of how our days went, corny pero I find it sweet.
  • He was courting another girl when we became close ... I came from a break up (for 8 months na) with my ex-boyfriend that time.
  • We never get to the "courting" stage ... it just happened and we've talked about it and give our relationship a try.
  • I was his first girlfriend and he was my last boyfriend.
  • He's one person who trust me too much that he allows me to go out with my friends as long as I tell him where I was and who I am with. We are free to go out and enjoy ourselves as an individual. And makes sure we spend some time for both of us.
  • He bought his very first cellphone because of me. It was when I waited for him somewhere and I don't know how to reach him because he has no cellphone and was at a meeting. Good thing God gave him a hint where I would be staying that time and popped there he was. It made him realized how important cellphone was that time.
  • He bought his very first car because of me. He got it on our first anniversary. We named it after Judy Ann Santos' character in a teleserye that time, Pachuchay.
  • He manage his money well. One reason I know for sure when we get married, I'll never starved to death because of hunger, and I'm sure he'll be a good provider to my kids. And so he is...
  • The first time God has put a test to our relationship when I was assigned to work in Laoag. 10 hours drive from Manila. It was the first time I saw him crying really hard before I left for Laoag. Yahoo Messenger and text messaging made a big role to our lives for 1 and a half years.
  • He never proposed to me for marriage ... again, it was like a very serious talk and finally made a decision to get married. It was like presenting a project to a prospect client hahaha!
  • We've been together for 7 years before we got married.
  • We're now 10 years together and still counting.
Until now, I'm thanking God for bringing him into my life. He made a big difference out of me, and I can't imagine my life without him. He's the best husband for me and I'm sure the best father for Janna and Ysha. He may not be the perfect husband, coz I know I myself not the perfect wife in the whole world. But God made us one to be perfect for each other, for our family and for our kids.

Happy Birthday, Jason my labs ... thank you for coming into my life, thank you for the love you're showering us ... I love you!