Friday, June 30, 2006

My Day ...

It's another one of those days we are not loaded in the office. Everybody seems to be lazy, all eyes on their computer, browsing the net, chat with friends, bloghopping ... and send/reads emails from friends. Some are yawning, waiting for the bundy clock to strike 5:00p.m. I was chatting with 2 of my friends in YM

Kaye, I met her 4 years ago. She's an ex-officemate here in PCI. She's now residing in Tokyo, Japan with his hubby Takeshi and her soon to be baby in her tummy. She's 6 months pregnant now, due in October. She gave me useful tips on how to get preggy fast ... she told me by now I should equip myself with a good thermometer and log down the days when I have menstruation. Sabi niya measure my temperature first thing I wake up in the morning and make a graph of all my temperature. Ovulation usually lasts 1 or 2 days lang... that's when your temp. went high ... that means egg cell is out and is waiting for a sperm to meet... hmm... quite interesting ...

Kuya Noel, I met through chat ... I haven't met him eversince the world began ... hahaha! He's not the type of person whole go to eyeballs and meet up. Ako din ganun. If ever I'll gonna meet up, grand eyeballs talaga...and with a cause... Yung group kasi namin is samahan ng mga architects and engineers ... kaya nakaka-relate ka dahil usapang technical di ba? So si Kuya Noel, came from Virginia. Kaya I haven't spoke to him in a while. Kaya eto nangungulit nanaman chinichika ako. He's giving me tips on how to cook naman. Medyo magaling to magluto, he knows the craft actually. The best cookbook to buy eh yung kay Nora Daza daw. Madali na tapos Filipino food pa yung nandun. For beginners lang naman. Kasi you can opt to buy other cookbook pag bihasa ka na magluto :) Tapos kailangan daw marunong ako mamalengke ... saka dapat alam ko what part of beef or pork yung lulutuin ko, dapat yung di masyado malambot, di masyado matigas... mga ganun ... heller ... culinary arts teacher ka ata, di ka yata Architect hahaha!

Si Ninong Mon naman went here sa Laoag for their monthly site visit sa project. He's speaking his Ilokano dialect which I had a hard time understanding it. Pero na-gets ko naman ang sinabi niya ... Sabi niya nag-usap daw sila ni Dad kahapon, saying na till end of July nalang ako dito. Sabi niya mag-concentrate muna ako sa wedding preparations, by November and December, gawa daw muna kami ng baby ... tapos by next year (indefinite time) kukunin niya daw ako sa Pasig/Marikina Project... that's good news for me :D at least magkakawork ako, di ako mapipirmi sa bahay whoopeee! Wait till Jason hears this.

Eto pang isang good news, nag-text ako kay Ms. Nora of Windmills and Rainforest, asking if she has a choco fountain. If wala magkano corkage fee, kasi I'm planning to set up one for our wedding. Sabi niya meron daw... I asked kung magkano ang charge, kung may additional or not. Sabi niya, free daw siya sa 200pax. Natuwa ako kasi 200 pax yung kinuha ko sa kanya ...whoopeee... may choco fountain na kami ... pero di muna ako magsasaya masyado kasi baka hindi clear yung pag-uusap namin ma-disappoint lang ako. We'll gonna have our food tasting this August kaya maki-clear naman siguro yun. let's just hope na tama yung pagkakaintindi ko hehehe!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wishlist Part 1

Rain pours outside ... kaya i feel so tamad. Wala naman ako masyado ginagawa kaya nag-browse ako sa website ng National bookstore and Powerbooks kung ano ang pwede kong mabili na cookbook. As the saying goes ... the way to a man's heart is through his stomach ... siyempre I have to learn to cook the best food he'll ever taste in his whole life. :) I was brought up to be domesticated lalo na sa kitchen, kaya marunong ako, pero not that much :D

Here are some of the books I'm planning to buy for myself before or after the wedding ... hehehe!

  1. Let's Cook With Nora
    (eto daw one of the best cookbook for beginners)

    By: Nora Daza
    Price: P 155.00
    About the Book:
    A treasury of Filipino, Chinese and European dishes compiled and kitchen-tested by Nora V. Daza.Bookprint edition
  2. Periplus Mini Cookbooks: Filipino Snacks and Sweets (mahilig kami sa snacks...obvious ba ang laki ko hahaha)
    By: Norma Olizon - Chikiamco
    Price: P 105.00
    About the Book:
    A party is not complete without delicious fritters, sweets and cakes for your guests. Filipino Snacks and Sweets shows you how to make over 30 tempting dishes that are perfect for entertaining friends and family. From light snacks including Shrimp Fritters and Sweet Potato Chips to tasty morsels such as Barbecued Chicken Skewers and Crispy Wantons, you will have as much fun preparing these delicious tropical Asian recipes as your guests will have eating them!
  3. Periplus Mini Cookbooks: Filipino Cakes and Desserts
    By:Norma Olizon - Chikiamco
    Price: P 105.00
    About the Book:
    What better way to finish off a meal than with one of the tantalizing puddings, pies and rolls in Filipino Cakes and Desserts? This delicious collection of tropical Asian recipes covers a wide variety of tastes from savory Mini Custard Flans to Banana Cream Pie and sumptuous Purple Yam Ice Cream. So treat yourself to any one of these tempting recipes and indulge in one of life's great pleasures!
  4. Philippine Cakes, Pastries and Kakanin (masaya to ... matututo ako gumawa ng kakanin whoopeee!)
    By: Aurelia Miranda Yap
    Price: P 220.00
    About the Book:
    Aurelia Miranda Yap is from the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. She comes from a province known for native delicacies and exquisite cuisine. She had her basic baking lessons from Ms. Rosario Ocampo, a US trained baker, who is one of the pioneers in the use of the pili nut in pastries. After her marriage to Teodoro Yap, she settled down in Philam Homes, Quezon City where she started giving lessons in baking and cake decoration. She also taught at Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School.
  5. Best-Loved Foods for Everyone (malamang user friendly tong cookbook na ito)
    By: Christie Lee
    Price: P 125.00
    About the Book:
    Includes the popular, economical and easy-to-cook recipes• Nourishing soups• Appetizing vegetables and salads• Tasty meat dishes• Flavorful fish and seafoods• Delightful rice, noodles and breads• Yummy desserts and snacksYou'll find them all here!Cooking is so much fun with this friendly kitchen companion!Plus useful tips on food preparation and kitchen maintenance.
  6. Del Monte Kitchenomics Cookbook Volume III ( already got the Vol II yung Vol. I wala ako... san ba ako pwede mag-order?)
    By: A-Z Direct Marketing, Inc.
    Price:P 275.00
  7. Gulay (i might give this book a try...Pinakbet at Chopsuey lang alam ko na luto sa gulay hahaha)
    By: Nona Lema
    Price: P 270.00
    About the Book:
    The recipes in this Gulay Recipebook Series are the results of my many years of enjoyable vegetarian cooking. These dishes are the ones I myself enjoy of my enthusiasm and incurable love for cooking rub off on you as you begin to actually make use of them. I also hope that this Gulay Recipebook Series will lead you to the discovery of a diet that is healthy, economical, ecologically sound and most of all. Pleasing to God. These recipes are meant to show you how to cook delicious Filipino vegetarian dishes that can improve your diet and health. Here I’m sharing with you the best ways to cook your favorite food to maximize nutrition, taste, aroma and appeal. May these serve as a usable guideline for you. Happy cooking!
  8. Fabulous Cake Decorating: Step-By-Step Instruction for Beautiful Results
    (was planning to bake Jason a cake for his birthday...maybe this will work hahaha... at saka he loves baking with me... last time we made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, yum yum!)

    By: Eaglemoss Publications Ltd
    Price: P 829.00
    About the Book:
    From a three-tiered wedding cake to special cakes for birthdays, showers and holidays, this guide provides bakers, crafters and do-it-yourselfers with dazzling ideas and techniques for decorating cakes of all kinds. More than 25 inspirational cakes showcase a range of styles and imaginative effects all of which can be accomplished using ready-made marzipan, easy-to-make icing and basic decorating tools.
  9. Party Cakes for Children
    (this might be handy when I have children na hahaha! or pwede rin sa mga young at heart hihihihi... wala naman cake na fondant before :D)
    By: Carol Deacon
    Price: P 549.00
    About the Book:
    Carol Deacon’s Party Cakes for Children shows you how to create crazy, cute and clever party cakes that will be loved by children of all ages, and which can be made for any celebration with a minimum of effort and time. 22 fun designs, from fairytale favourites to space age creations. A unique combination of stunning party cakes, both for children and cakes that children themselves can help to create
    Prize-winning cake decorator, Carol Deacon, provides expert advice and information on decorating cakes with sugarpaste.
  10. The Ultimate Brownie Book
    (naglalaway na ako hahahaha)
    By: Bruce Weinstein
    Price: P 819.00
    About the Book:
    Gooey, fudgy, or cakey, flavored with chocolate chips, coconut, or nuts, frosted or enjoyed as is, who doesn’t love brownies?In this ultimate guide to America’s favorite treat, discover old-time classic such as Chocolate Syrup Brownies and Butterscotch Brownies, and new tastes such as Cranberry Brownies and Malt Brownies. For those who prefer blondies, try Peanut Butter Blondies and Jam Swirl Blondies. Short on time? Turn to Bruce’s doctored up brownie mix recipes that include innovative ideas for Baked Alaska, Black Forest Cake, and even S’mores.
  11. The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie Book
    By: Bruce Weintein and Mark Scarbrough
    Price: P 819.00 /About the Book:
    The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie Book is another installment in the Ultimate Series, one that began with The Ultimate Ice Cream Book and has continued through various incarnations, including party drinks, candy, shrimp, brownies, potatoes, and muffins. Chocolate cookies are natural next step in this parade of America’s favorite fun foods, all fast yet homey.The joy of baking is the joy of the unexpected. It’s an organic process, like life: you get what you make and what’s been made of it. And that’s enough of a reason to bake up a batch of cookies. Besides eating them, of course.
  12. The Ultimate Muffin Book
    By: Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough
    Price: P 819.00
    About the Book:
    What’s quick, easy, and sure to bring on the smiles? Muffins, of course! For recipes that are sweet, savory, or just over the top, look no further than The Ultimate Muffin Book. From classics like Berry and Corn Muffins to new favorites like Margarita and savory Quiche Lorraine Muffins, Bruce Weintein and Mark Scarbrough once again take an American fun-food classic to new heights by offering more than 600 recipes and variations for absolutely every muffin imaginable. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, anyone? Or luscious Hazelnut? Or what about Pizza Muffins for kids of all ages? Low-fat, nonfat, gluten-free, dense, and decadent—they’re all here, as well as baking tips, an ingredients guide, and a witty history of how the muffin came to be an American institution. Muffins. Is there a better way to make everyone in your life smile?

Mag-iisip pa ako ng iba ... pero eto na yung the best na nakita ko so far. That's my wishlist no. 1 ... lots and lots of Cookbooks!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wedding Preps Updates as of June 2006

Done with:

  1. Twin Hearts - paid DP
  2. Windmills and Rainforest - paid 50% DP
  3. Paul Vincent Photography - paid 50% DP
  4. Dan Pamintuan - paid 50% DP
  5. I Do Bridal Collection - bridal gown and whole entourage - paid 75% DP - ist fitting last June 17 & 18 (photos in my blog already)
  6. Quartet - Velvet Mood by: Gary Silang Cruz - paid DP
  7. Flowers - Flora@eleven_01 - paid DP
  8. Cakes - Sugarbox - paid 50% DP
  9. Rings - Suarez Wedding Rings - paid DP
  10. Discovery Weekend - fully paid July 7-9 sched kami.
  11. Hotel Rembrandt - reserve 2 rooms for Oct. 27-29 no DP yet, Ocular inspection next month
  12. Souvenirs - Unique Novelties and Toy Corp. - paid downpayment.

To-Do List:

  1. Misallette (tapos na kaso di pa napapa-check sa Twin Hearts)
  2. Song list for the quartet
  3. Guest list (working on it... so far super lumobo na ang guest list waaahh)
  4. Trial Make-up with EJ Litiatco on July 6, 2006
  5. Prenup Shoot with Paul and Dan on Aug 1.
  6. Groom's Attire and male immediate family attire
  7. Invites - Papemelroti (need photos from prenup kaya wala pa kami invites huhuhu)
  8. Documents
  9. Bridal Car
  10. Party Poppers
  11. Wines for the wine holders (was thinking if we buy personalized wines or wag nalang :))

Parang walang nagbago sa Accomplishments ko last month hahaha. Hindi meron yan ... akala mo lang wala pero meron, meron, meron ... joke! tinatamad nanaman ako magtrabaho...gusto ko matulog buong araw kasi inaantok ako. waaaaaaaaaaahhhh! I'm begging my Tito Junior to buy me a Palm One Tungsten E2 ... hay di pa makasagot ng diretso huhuhuhu! Sige na tito please!!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Surprise Party?

Side kwento: We have a chat in the office called IPmsg. Our Japanese boss installed this software to our computer for the reason that if he needs one of us, we're just one message away ... Ok ba? Siyempre, we use this also to make chismis w/o talking while working without anybody knowing it. Last Thursday Engr. Alma (whom I call Mommy sa office) sent a message to me .. it says "Mr. Bernie, pano natin papupuntahin si Ann sa bahay na si siya magtataka?" Binasa ko ng paulit-ulit, baka kasi typo error lang. Pero hindi talaga para sa akin ang message. So I forwarded it to Bernie at napakamot nalang siya ng ulo ...wohohoho surprise surprise! hahaha!

Since they're already busted, they just told me "Punta ka sa bahay ng 6:oo p.m." Dahil hindi na siya surprise, nagpaganda na ako wahaha! I borrowed my cousins hair iron to flatten my fly away haur kasi I'm sure maraming Kodak moments nanaman to.

I arrived 6:30p.m. When I entered Mam Alma's house, there's a banner, a lot of balloons and gifts. What a surprise! (artista talaga ako!) What's the surprise? The whole party itself ... I don't know who's invited...di ko alam yung handa ... hindi ko din alam ang mga gimik nila ... now I'm nervous. They got my scarf and blindfolded me.

They led me to the living room. Then suddenly they started harassing me... joke lang ... term ko lang yun. kasi meron tumatabi sa akin tapos umaakbay. May humahalik, may nagpapahawak ng dibdib ... susmiyo, di ko kasi kilala kung sino2x mga yun. Pagtanggal ng blindfold ko ... aba surprise again ... yung mga binata pala ng Toyo Const. Sabi ko ... "teka di ba bridal shower to? bakit parang stag party?" Medyo na-late yung iba...nawalan ng rason tumakas sa office nila ... kaya love ko silang lahat kasi tumakas sila sa trabaho hahaha! There's Joel, Randy, Jerson, Jacob, Edwin, Glenn, Sir Charlie, Sir Gerold, Nydia and Angie... and ang mga officemates ko na sina Mam Alma, hubby nya si Ama (kuya Janjan), Bernie, Joyce at Christine. Sila lang naman kasi close ko sa office eh ... yung iba wala na sa hulog hahaha!

We started with a prayer ... tapos kumain na kami ... masarap ang handa ha ...simple pero masarap ... palabok, lechon manok, and lechon babsy ...Then after nun nilabas na yung cake... na may nakalagay na "I'm Ready!" (hmmm... ready for what? hahaha!) They let me sit down and started the question and answer portion. Susme parang kinabahan ako bigla hahaha! May mga questions na naughty, may serious, may tungkol sa love ... kumbaga hot seat ako ... here are some of the questions, di ko na maalala lahat sa dami :)

  • Ano yung pinakamagandang bagay na binigay sa iyo ni Jason?
  • Flashback: Paano nagpropose si Jason sa iyo?
  • May time ba sa buhay nyo na muntikan ka na bumigay? (ahm ah eh ...)
  • Ano yung katangian ni Jason ang nagustuhan mo sa kanya?
  • May time ba na nag-isip ka mangaliwa o palitan si Jason? (ahm ah eh ...)
  • Pagdating ng panahon na nasa mid-life crisis na kayo ni Jason, makakaya mo kaya? (huh? I'll just cross the bridge when I get there)
  • Gano katagal yung kiss ni Jason na hindi mo makakalimutan? (heller? tsk!)
  • San ang iyong kiliti? (bakit kikilitiin mo ako?)
  • San parte ng katawan mo na hinahalikan ni Jason na nakikiliti ka (hindi ako ang kinilig dito ...sila mismo nung tinanong nila hahahaha! )
  • Ano sa tingin mo ang katangian mo ang nagustuhan n Jason sa iyo? (oh my ... I think everything!)
  • After the wedding, san kayo titira?
  • Pano kung pinapili ka ni Jason, carreer o family, ano pipiliin mo?
  • Ano gagawin nyo sa first night nyo? (eh di matutulog wahahaha)
  • Nagpagupit ka ba? (hindi, nag-hair iron lang ako)
  • San ang honeymoon destination nyo? (bakit sasama ka?)

After that, I opened their gifts. I got a nighties from Angie, A red night gown from Nydia, A bracelet from Apple and a friendship figurine from Jacob. Jacob drove me home safely along with Sir Charlie and Glenn. They're so sweet as in and I'll never forget them talaga. They signed my banner.. The usual "goodluck to your carreer" and "best wishes" But one dedication caught my eye ... dahil siya lang ang pinakamahaba... hehehe! It says, "Just one thing ... always keep God between you and Jason, Live happily and Keep the Flame of Love burning in yur hearts ... Your Sweet, Joel" Awww Joel, you're really are sweet. I call him Sweet for the reason na he's really sweet. He's one of my dearest friend here in Laoag.

Hay, I made a lot of good memories here in laoag. Im surely gonna miss it here, most especially the people around me who I love dearly so much ... I'll never forget them. Wait till for our first born ... ninong at ninang kayo lahat hahahaha!

From Left -Right: Joyce, Nydia, Apple, Angie, Christine, Me, Alma Front: Bryle and AJ

From Left to Right: Bernie, Me, Sir Jerold, Sir Charlie, Jacob and Kuya Janjan

From Left to Right: Jacob, Sir Jerold, Joel, Edwin, Randy, Glenn, Kuya Janjan and Sir Charlie

Me and Lolo Jerson

Thanks to Angie and Nydia (sila daw ang utak sa party na ito hahahaha! Ang reason kaya napaaga ang party ko because of Nydia. Maternity leave na kasi niya. Until end og June nalang siya kaya advance party na ang ginawa for me), Mami Alma and Ama Janjan for having my great party at your house (I know lagi kayo maaasahan ... may God shower you with more blessings)... and thanks to Bernie na nag-aya sa mga taga-PCI (Pare iba ka talaga sa mga ibang kumpare natin diyan hahahaha!) Joyce at Christine (mamimiss ko kayong dalawa ... keep in touch, wag kayo papaapi ha?)

To Joel (Sweet, thanks for everything ... for bearing with my kasentihan and kakulitan ... thanks for lending your gameboy and Buddy sometimes.), Randy (oi Lolo Candy, wala pa din yung Go nuts Donuts ko sa iyo ha), Jerson (oi lolo Jers, take care of your baby ha?), Jacob (thanks for driving me home safely :) mwah gonna miss you lolo sobra!), Edwin (loko ka, tahimik ka lang pero ang banat mo sa mga tanong grabe ha!), Glenn (kaw talaga, basta naughty stuffs buhay na buhay ka), Sir Charlie (thanks po sa pagsama sa amin sa paghatid sa akin), Sir Gerold (thanks sa mga walang katapusang questions mo at advices), ... thanks for sharing this special day with me.

Thanks to May and Sheng for your greetings sa text. Wish both of you were there.

I love you all and gonna miss you all mwah!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Jamiel Ann's Christening

Credits: Summer Beauty Mini Page Kit by Angie Svoboda
Alpha: Burlap and Buttons by: Lauren

Last June 10 was Jamiel Ann's Christening. Of course, I'm one of her Ninang. She's the first apo of Daddy Froilan and Mommy Ella ... of course unang apo na din ni Dad, sa pamangkin nga lang. Isn't she pretty? She's so adorable. Baby palang may poise na siya ... Pano pag umiiyak hindi siya umiiyak like other babies do na parang pasigaw ... siya kasi tahimik ... yung parang pinipigilan niya yung pag-iyak niya na di ko maintindihan. To you Jamiel, I'm so sure that you will grow well because everybody loves you so much. It shows in your Christening Day, if you were aware on how your Tito Bakla decorate the whole place na parang debut ng isang dalaga ... naku matutuwa ka :) and everybody is so damn pressured on the event. Even your Daddy Amiel and Mommy Joanne doesn't know what to do ... akalain mo ba naman na sa akin magtanong... sabi ko nga "Heller, Ading may anak na ba ako?" hahaha joke lang yun cutie pamangkin ... nasanay lang ang Daddy Amiel mo na lagi nag-coconsult sa mas nakakatanda sa kanya hehehehe. I hope you'll grow into a very fine lady. Always be good to your Mom and Dad especially your Lolo and Lola. Your two uncles is also sweet, you just got to find their kiliti somehow. Always thank God for the blessings He's giving you. And don't forget that your tita ninang is always here for you. Mwah!

Monday, June 19, 2006

The UNTC Escapade

FYI: UNTC stands for Unique Novelty and Toys Corp. (

A fellow W@wie, Sheila Yu (who's getting married on June 24, lapit na sis whoopee) referred to me her souvenir supplier. UNTC supplies almost all the big malls in the Philippines. Kaya lahat ng makikita mo sa mall meron sa kanila. We were so curious about it kaya hindi na ako nagdalawang isip. Talagang nag-sched na ako ng Saturday to go to their showroom. Contact person is Ms. Sheila Hwan.

After my gown fitting with Jun Ricaforte, we headed out to UNTC. Kaso di kami nag-breafast ng kapatid ko (kararating ko lang kasi from Laoag) kaya kumain muna kami sa Don Henricos. Mahirap tanggihan ang bunso kong kapatid. Kambal ko yun eh wahahaha! Joke lang. Kasama ko yung pinsan ko (My MOH) and si Eranie (fellow October Bride). I texted Ms. Sheila na mali-late kami kasi parang two years ata kami naghintay ng order namin. She texted back and said, "Ok kain kayo mabuti ha"... hmmm... bakit kaya?

Nakarating na kami 12nn. Hinintay namin si Ms. Sheila sa receiving area. Ang pretty ni Ms. Sheila. :) (side kwento pa eh) Tapos we headed on the 2nd floor. Meron dun locker for you to put your bags on. Bawal ang camera kaya di pwede dalhin. Kaya ni-locker namin gamit namin.

First stop ... ang Christmas Room ... hindi talaga yun ang pangalan, ako lang nagpangalan nun. Kasi naman puro Christmas decors yung nandun (as early as June may Christmas decor na sila). Pinakita pa ni Ms. Sheila sa amin yung mauuso na Christmas Tree this year. It's a combination of orange and violet. Kakaiba di ba? Parang gusto ko nga bumili eh. Ask ko si mom kung gusto niya. :)

Tapos she lead us sa next area ng showroom nila. Pagbukas ng pinto, napanganga ako sa dami ng picture frames (yaiks ang dami) Sabi nga ni Era, dapat daw organized kami sa paglilibot. so we started sa right to left. All kinds of frames are in there, candles, potpourri, marbles, crystalized stones, figurines, hay naku ang dami ... hindi ko maisa-isa. Pinakita niya sa amin yung souvenir niya sa mga principal sponsors niya. Shot Glass Chess Set... it's like playing chess of course, but this time, you've got to drink up the shot of wine na nakain mo sa kalaban. Meron din isa na Glass Chess Set ... it's made of glass. For her female entourage, she gave a glass set of perfume holders. ang ganda promise. and very sosy.

Natuwa kami sa mga wrought iron figurines. Magandang collection siya ha. Yung mga miniature China's din ang cute ... lalo na yung mga coasters and card holders. Ay grabe kaloka talaga! ewan ko ba bat di ko nakita to noon hehehe (thanks Sheila Yu... angel ka talaga heheh)

May Halloween corner nga sila dun eh. Masyado natuwa yung brother ko dito kasi he's always trying on the different hats and mask ... even the wigs :) Hihihi kakatuwa. Pati yung mga lalagyan for trick or treats meron dun. :)

Sa DIY corner marami raw materials, like tulle and ribbons... they will come up daw with beads na rin later this year kaya abangan nalang natin yun. Ang dami toys for children dito. Namakyaw nga ng glow in the dark yung kapatid ko. Hehehe.

Meron din sila sa car accessories and kitchenwares, even craft shop meron din... hay o hay. Kung kasama ko nanay ko malamang nabili niya buong showroom. Joke! hehehe

After 2 hours of goofing around ... I got thew dog wine holders for my principal sponsors, and the photo frames shaped like a window (architect kasi eh) for our guest souvenir. We'll just pick a nice photo from our prenup with Paul, to put on the frame ... naks ... excited hehehe! Very nice si Ms. Sheila, siya talaga nag-accommodate ng needs namin all throughout the trip sa showroom. Babalik ako dun lalo na sa pasko ... since lalaki na pamilya na reregaluhan ko sa pasko eh dun nalang ako bibili ng mga items na kailangan ko. whoopeee!

1st Gown Fitting

This is me ... sleeves are re-designed ... Sa July ko pa malalaman yung outcome ...

There's mom and mommy Perly (lagi singit si Mr. Jun sa photos)

That's my MOH ... nice gown isn't it? inggit ako grabe! (nainggit daw oh!)

These are my bridesmaids ... Rannie, Roselle and Ezel ... nice yung gowns nila promise!

This is Chacha, one of my Secondary Sponsors. Sorry kina Jamie and Vevet ang bilis ninyo kasi magbihis eh, but don't worry, your gowns looks good on you. :)

My first fitting went on 2 days ... why? June 17, it was only me who was scheduled for the gown fitting. June 18, was my entourage fitting. We went to Mr. Jun's shop at 9:30a.m. I was with my brother (personal driver hehehe), my MOH cousin Bing and a fellow October Bride, Eranie (ni Edwill). The train was so long ... as in kaya na linisin yung Twin Hearts. Since nagmamadali si Mr. Jun dahil may emergency lakad siya, I hold on my thoughts and resume it the day after.

Sunday came ... Since it's my entourage fitting day nakisali na din ako. I love their gowns ... as in hindi pa tapos gowns nila eh gusto ko na siya as in. And I can see in their faces that they love it. Everybody's smiling as in.

Then it's my turn to fit the gown again. First time Jason saw me in that white gown. Wala lang, NR pa rin siya. We got rid of the halter thing kasi feeling ko nasasakal ako saka baka mamaya magkaroon pa ng irritation lumabas yung allergy ko sa area na yun. Instead na i-cut ni Jun yun, ginawan nya ng paraan na iincorporate yung straps na yun on my gown. And voila ... bigla nalang nagsketch sa utak niya si Jun at pi-nin niya yung straps na yun sa sleeve part ko. Hay i need to lighten up the color of my armpit. Makikita siya sa pictures... shocks nakakahiya huhuhu!

My two brothers are barong will be done also by Jun Ricaforte, but Dad's barong, he will go to Tesoro's pa din (ay naku suki talaga) for his barong. Si Jason naman natotorete san siya magpapagawa. Pero malamang kay Jun na rin siya magpapatahi. Mas maganda nga para pareho yung treatment niya sa attire namin dalawa ...

So far... I'm quite impressed ... kudos to you Mr. Jun :)

Jason's Pamamanhikan on Father's Day

It's Father's day yesterday when Jason and his family went to our house for his pamamanhikan. We're all clueless on what to do. Usually the grooms family will bring all the food. Pero it turned out that minimal na yung dinala nilang food kasi mom cooked food for them. Barbecue and a lot of dessert nalang binili ni Jason ... talking about not getting fat... Meron pinakbet, pork barbecue, chicken barbecue, ginataang pakak (it looks like a small langka), paksiw na malaga (a local fish in Laoag), 3 1/2 gallons of ice cream, an ube macapuno cake and puto.

i already got my engagement ring (God is really good after all :D). It's a blue opal in white gold ring. I was wearing it the whole time. pag malayo it looks like turqouise, my birthstone. Oh I love it so much as in. Something I can wear in Laoag for my friends there to see.

It turned out well, very pleasant ang usapan. Medyo napadami nga kain namin, kasasabi lang sa amin ni Mr. Jun Ricaforte to shed off the unwanted fats tapos ayun, mega kain nanaman kami. Hahaha. Tapos kwento dito kwento dun ... hay ... tapos mga 10:00p.m. nalang napag-usapan yung sa kasal, kaya natapos kami 12:30a.m. na. To think may mga trabaho pa tong sila mom kinabukasan. Wala tuloy-tuloy pa din sa kwentuhan. Mom and I served brewed coffee and Ube cake. We only got 1 photo kasi ang photographer (that's me) eh involve sa event. So walang nag-ki-click2x ng picture dun hehehe

Recta - Jamias Family

There were a lot of stuffs na napag-usapan ... serious issues and everything. And nakakatuwa si Jason mega sagot agad. I was expecting na matutulala siya or something, pero talagang sanay na siya sa mga usapang ganun. Sa dami ba naman mga na-deal niya projects, how he turned down projects/clients and all. Pero I'm so impressed ... talagang hinaharap niya si Dad sa mga sensitive questions niya. Alam niya when to say yes and no. So far, puro yes naman siya and sinusunod naman niya sinasabi ng Dad ko.

Sa sobrang tuwa ko Tuesday na ako babalik ng Laoag. naisip ko wala din naman si Mr. Misono (my boss) because of the BIR meeting until Friday eh di mag-extend na ako ng isang araw di ba? Masyado kasi ako napagod, and I have to see my dentist and derma pa. Kaya Tuesday night na ako babalik ng Laoag.

Hay ..was a very long night ... pero very worth it. I love how Dad calls Jason "anak" ... its so sweet. :) I'm sure Jason love it too.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

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Happy Father's Day to my dearest dad and to all the daddy' s in the world! mwah! I hope next father's day, daddy na din si Jason whoopeee! First attempt of my digiscrapping... thanks to Mai (ni Paul) and Wella (ni Nikky) ... nakakahawa pala kayo hahaha!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

How Did You Know You Married The Right Person?

I got this through a fellow w@wie, Jenny (ni Bobby). I hope she don't mind me posting this to my blog. It's a nice article for the married, soon to be married, and waiting to be married...

The Right Person?

During one of our seminars, a woman asked a common question. She said,"How do I know if I married the right person?"

I noticed that there was a large man sitting next to her so I said, "It depends. Is that your husband?" In all seriousness, she answered "How do you know?" Let me answer this question because the chances are good that it's weighing on your mind. Here's the answer.

EVERY relationship has a cycle. In the beginning, you fell in love with your spouse. You anticipated their call, wanted their touch, and liked their idiosyncrasies.

Falling in love with your spouse wasn't hard. In fact, it was a completely natural and spontaneous experience. You didn't have to DO anything. That's why it's called "falling" in love... because it's happening TO YOU.

People in love sometimes say, "I was swept of my feet." Think about theimagery of that ____expression. It implies that you were just standingthere; doing nothing, and then something came along and happened TO YOU.

Falling in love is easy. It's a passive and spontaneous experience.

But after a few years of marriage, the euphoria of love fades. It's thenatural cycle of EVERY relationship. Slowly but surely, phone calls become a bother (if they come at all), touch is not always welcome (when it happens), and your spouse's idiosyncrasies, instead of being cute, drive you nuts.

The symptoms of this stage vary with every relationship, but if you think about your marriage, you will notice a dramatic difference between the initial stage when you were in love and a much duller or even angry subsequent stage.

At this point, you and/or your spouse might start asking, "Did I marry the right person?" And as you and your spouse reflect on the euphoria of the love you once had, you may begin to desire that experience with someone else. This is when marriages breakdown. People blame their pouse for their unhappiness and look outside their marriage for fulfillment.

Extramarital fulfillment comes in all shapes and sizes. Infidelity is the most obvious. But sometimes people turn to work, church, a hobby, a friendship, excessive TV, or abusive substances.

But the answer to this dilemma does NOT lie outside your marriage. It lies within it. I'm not saying that you couldn't fall in love with someone else. You could. And TEMPORARILY you'd feel better. But you'd be in the same situation a few years later. Because (listen carefully to this):


SUSTAINING love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. It'll NEVER just happen to you. You can't "find" LASTING love. You have to "make" it day in and day out. That's why we have the ____expression "the labor of love." Because it takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, it takes WISDOM. You have to know WHAT TO DO to make your marriage work.

Make no mistake about it. Love is NOT a mystery. There are specific things you can do (with or without your spouse) to succeed with your marriage.

Just as there are physical laws of the universe (such as gravity), there are also laws for relationships. Just as the right diet and exercise program makes you physically stronger, certain habits in your relationship WILL make your marriage stronger. It's a direct cause and effect. If you know and apply the laws, the results are can "make" love.

Love in marriage is indeed a "decision"... not just a feeling...

Friday, June 09, 2006

My weekend...

June 3, 2006 - Saturday
I arrived 7:00 a.m. in Manila. Dad fetch me at the bus station. I just played with Iwa and Popoy for a couple of minutes, eat breakfast and took a bath. I went to my Derma around 10a.m. Long line of patients, mostly having problems with their atopic dermatitis. Hmmm... it's not only me who's having this kind of problem after all. Since my derma cancelled all her appointments last Friday, super duper dami ng patients niya. I was number 7 on the list (15 kami naka-lista). I ended up 1pm and it took her 10 mins lang para tignan ang allergies ko.

2:00p.m. got a text message from Chacha (Jason's barkada) and Jamie-Lyn (Jason's sister) that they're already in KFC Mindanao Ave. Bigla akong nataranta ... very prompt ha. I thought mali-late sila. Anyway, it's only 15mins drive from Fairview. Mr. Jun Ricaforte got their measurements. And nag-apila na rin yung MOH ko to redesign the gowns. Almost lahat ng nagpasukat entourage sa side ni Jason. I saw his Mom, sister, cousins, tito and tita ... oh di ba? I went with my mom, my bro and my cousin. Wala si Jason, he has to work pa-sweldo sa site kasi (Project Manager eh).

After that, I told mom di na ako sasama sa SM kasi grabe ang sakit ng ulo ko. Di kasi ako umidlip pagkadating ko from Laoag. Super hectic ba schedule? hahahaha! Kaya natulog nalang ako. Then mom told me na she met a realtor last week and gusto nila matignan yung house and lot sa Tagaytay. Nagpapabili kasi yung tito ko sa US para may bakasyunan daw sila family pag umuuwi sila sa Pinas. I asked them if we can bring Jason along, since that's his forte ... para alam namin kung ok o hindi yung sinasabi nilang "for sale". I texted him na sa bahay na matulog kasi maaga kami pupunta ng Tagaytay sa Sunday. He said yes naman, at 11:00p.m. nasa bahay na siya, just in time to watch PBB Teens Big Night. Kim won, was expecting Claire to win
because she needed the money most. But I forgot, how many chinese are there in the Phils. di ba?

June 4, 2006 - Sunday

Woke up 6:00 a.m. took a bath and eat breakfast. Nauna pang nagising si Jason sa akin ha. Nyahahaha! We attend mass first in our Lady of Perpetual Church (hmmm... tama ba ako, basta yung malapit sa Josephine's) ... the church is pretty. Still wondering where's Caleruega Church... I haven't been in that place and a lot of brides are having their wedding in Caleruega. Di ko nga alam kung tama yung spelling ko eh hahaha!

Then we met up with the realtors ... Since Jason is with us, he explained to my Dad(bonding moment) the do's and the don'ts. Almost all the lots na natira for sale faces the South which is in Feng Sui, the Devil's Gate. Some of the lots we saw are like "lugi", pinilit magkaroon ng lot lang... tapos ang mahal. We ended up with nothing ... Tingin dito tingin doon ... siguro it's not really meant for us hehehe! Oh well, ok lang we enjoyed the trip. Kahit papaano.

On the way to Sonya's Garden, di pa kasi namin nata-try dun. Kaya talagang pumunta kami ng Metro Tagaytay just to have our lunch there... We had a sad experience with Antonio's. Kasi naman pasaway kami masyado, sabi na ngang magpapareserve muna bago pumunta dun. Ayan tuloy di kami nakapasok dun. Sa SOnya's may reservation din, but good thing medyo late na kami nakarating dun... mga 2:00p.m. and halos lahat ng kumain dun eh patapos na. No hassle on getting what to eat because there's 1 menu for everyone. First, they'll serve green salad with dressing, and a lot of fruits and other veggies to go with your salad. Thet'll serve bread with i think 5 kinds of spread. Basta lahat masarap. Then after that they serve pasta ... with two kinds of sauces and some toppings as well. Bottomless ang dalandan juice. Ang dessert ... sweet camote and turon with langka. Sarap grabe ... I'm sure babalik kami dun hehehe. Tapos ikot-ikot lang kami sa garden, ganda ng garden nila grabe as in. Picture dito, picture doon hehehe. We bought cheese muffins which is really good and leeks hopia. Tapos sila mom bumili ng Taragon leaves for tea, ang sarap kasi yung si-nerve sa amin na hot tea after we ate all their food. We're so stuffed sobra.

Monday ... went to SM to buy Jamiel Ann's souvenirs for the Ninongs and Ninangs ... Yun na ang gift ko sa kanya. Hehehe! Nakow ... oo nga pala, may pakimkim pa pala. Wala na ata akong cash hehehe. Tapos naghanap na din ako ng blouse na gagamitin ko sa binyag. Parang akong chinese, love ko talaga yung mga blouse na chinese collar eh. hehehe! Old rose ang color...don't
worry I'll post it next time hehehe.

Nga pala, I might have my engagement ring ... kasi I let Jason see the blue opal ring mom got from her alahera ... sabi ni Jason hindi daw bagay yung gold sa kamay ko, dapat daw white gold ... kaya ayun pina-order na ni mom. Sana hindi mahal, and sana nga umabot sa pamamanhikan this June 18, kaso hindi ata aabot eh huhuhu. I can't wait grabe!

Kagabi kinukulit ko sila Dan at Paul sa text. Unfortunately si Paul walang Dan yung reply ng reply... kaso two words lang lagi "haha ok" "haha great" hahaha naloloka na talaga ako ...gusto ko na mag-resign promise huhuhu! Kailangan ko na mag-hands on sa preps promise!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stress Killer

To get rid of my mind from wedding preparation from time to time, Umisip ako ng pwede ko pag-aksayahan ng panahon. I asked my friend Joel kung may Gameboy siya (ka-text ko kasi siya nung time na yun). At eto na nga pinahiram ako. Pag wala magawa nag-gigameboy ako. Susme nakakatawa pa nga, kasi sa mga pamangkin niya to. Ok lang naman daw kasi dalawa daw yung Gameboy nila. Ayos sa alright to. Bigla nga ako nag-isip bata, gusto ko nga magpabili sa tito or tita ko. kaso bigla nag-pop ang aking konsensiya ... "Ann, ano gusto mo, yung Gameboy o yung personalized M&Ms?" ... siyempre... yung Gameboy po! hehehe joke lang! Siyempre yung presonalized M&Ms no! hihingi nalang ako ng gameboy para sa anak ko hahaha! Joke lang!

Pero di pa din ako nakuntento ... hiniram ko yung Playstation One ng pinsan ko. Hindi naman daw niya ginagamit saka magpapasukan na. Ang sama ko talaga, inaalisan ko ng ligaya ang mga bata hahaha. Nagstart na nga ako magpabili ng CDs sa kapatid ko. Gusto ko kasi RPG yung lalaruin ko. Naghahanap na siya, kasi yung mga pinabili ko, wala dito (nag-research ako sa internet hehehe). Sigurado ako matutuwa ang pinsan ko, kasi pag nag-resign na ako sa kanya mapupunta lahat ng CDs na nabili ko thank you gift ba! hahahaha

Stress Killer nga ba? for me ... oo pero kakaibang stress naman ang nararamdaman ko, lalo na pag namatay yung character tapos di ka nakapag-save hahaha! Sakit sa ulo ... pero okay lang... laro lang naman yun eh. Yung wedding preps, preparation for marriage na yun eh, hindi pwedeng magkamali, hindi pwede balikan ang nagawa na. But I'm so sure that Jason is the man I'm gonna marry, and he's someone I can't live without. I'm ready to face forever with him by my side.

DIY Pens for Guestbook

Whenever I attend weddings, one of the problems is that not everybody signs the signframe or guestbook. One possible reason is ... writing tool ... yes ... ballpen, sign pen, pentel pen ... kasi isa lang ang ballpen na pinoprovide to sign the guestbook. Buti nalang may sample na dala si Paul Vincent nung meeting namin. Nakita ko na 2 sided pala ang pages ng guestbook. If I will provide 2-3 ballpens in 1 table, do you think lahat sila makakasulat sa guestbook namin? Pwede ... kasi pag-ipinasa yung guest book, kung magkatabi kayo pwede kayo sabay mag-sign nung guestbook dahil we provided a lot of pens for you (naku Lord, sana nga po mangyari). Here are some samples of my creative mind hehehe! Tip: Masyadong maganda ang guestbook para tipirin ang panulat. I was thinking of buying cheaper ballpens sana kasi medyo marami yung ipoprovide namin. Kaso nung sinulat ko siya sa paper, nabutas ... eh di naman ako madiin magsulat. Meaning hindi ballpoint yung ballpen. Di na ako nagdalawang isip ... bumili na ako ng branded ... Pilot saka Pentel. (naku pwede na ako endorser hahahaha!). Yung crochet thread galing yan yung sa weaving bracelet project namin ng pinsan ko na hindi na namin tinuloy hahaha. Yung yarn naman I bought it sa bookstore dito sa Laoag. Pinahalungkat ko talaga sa saleslady yung color ng Turqouise. Ngayon lang kasi ako nakakita na may color pala na ganun. Eh baka wala na ako makita pang ganun kaya binili ko na yung dalawang natitira dun. Yun ang gagamitin ko for the rest of the other pens na bibilhin ko. Para intact yung thread sa ballpen, I used double-sided tape. Yung mga di-tanggal yung ballpen cap, what I did was nilagay ko muna siya dun sa end ng ballpen. I started threading on that part, pag malapit na siya sa tip ng ballpenbinubuhol ko tapos may extended thread hanggang sa cap nung ballpen. In that way hindi mawawala yung cap ng ballpen mo, plus its part of the design ... mukha bang corny? Comments please! hehehe!

I almost forgot to blog about this...

Last Sunday, I got a text message from someone who's not on my mobile phone's address book, (all my contacts was erased last month due to software malfunction (duh) and I have to reformat my mobile's software.) asking if I already have an HMUA for my wedding. It was EJ Litiatco, my first ever prospect for my HMUA. I told her I haven't got any HMUA but I'm inquiring. It happens that her friend who had booked her on same date as I have changed her wedding date. EJ is now available for my date, whoopeeee! Talking about "some things meant to be". I scheduled my trial make-up on July 6. If you want to see her works, please go to and She's good and she knows my skin type because she has atopic dermatitis, too. Her package is good, too. I really can't wait to have my TMU with her. :)

Last Monday, I called Hotel Rembrandt. I already reserved two big rooms for my family and Jason's Family. I reserved different rooms but still don't know what room is more spacious, the Executive Family Suite or the Executive Suite. The sales manager for Hotel Rembrandt told me both rooms have two connecting rooms. Same naman daw yung laki nila pero yung Famly suite, two rooms have beds while the Executive Suite yung isang room is like a receiving room. Ocular inspection scheduled this month. What day? di pa alam hehehe! I texted Paul Vincent based on his experience, kung san mas ok na room sa dalawa. Mukhang busy si Lolo Paul ah, di nagreply. Samantalang dati reply agad ang lolo. Text ko nalang ulit hehehe!
I've read a wedding kwento from W@W egroups. It's from Ade Sy. Her wedding kwento was so detailed kaya feeling mo nandun ka sa wedding niya. Feeling ko ako si Lara Craft holding the golden globe tapos may hologram at nasa loob ako. 3-dimensional ang dating. 360 deg. ang viewing hahaha! Funny nga kasi nung May 20, I was talking to Eranie, a fellow October Bride, sa phone when naalala namin si Ade. Kasi umulan that day eh. Yun pala May 21 yung wedding niya hehehe. I was reading her wedding kwento part 2 on the way home. Muntikan na ako lumagpas at nakalimutan magbayad ng fare kasi super na-engrossed ako sa kakabasa ng email niya. I printed it on an A4 size bond paper Arial Font size 11, 9 pages siya. Imagine mo na, ang haba di ba? I call it wedding nobela hahaha! Ade, wishing you and G a blessed married life.