Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wishlist Part 1

Rain pours outside ... kaya i feel so tamad. Wala naman ako masyado ginagawa kaya nag-browse ako sa website ng National bookstore and Powerbooks kung ano ang pwede kong mabili na cookbook. As the saying goes ... the way to a man's heart is through his stomach ... siyempre I have to learn to cook the best food he'll ever taste in his whole life. :) I was brought up to be domesticated lalo na sa kitchen, kaya marunong ako, pero not that much :D

Here are some of the books I'm planning to buy for myself before or after the wedding ... hehehe!

  1. Let's Cook With Nora
    (eto daw one of the best cookbook for beginners)

    By: Nora Daza
    Price: P 155.00
    About the Book:
    A treasury of Filipino, Chinese and European dishes compiled and kitchen-tested by Nora V. Daza.Bookprint edition
  2. Periplus Mini Cookbooks: Filipino Snacks and Sweets (mahilig kami sa snacks...obvious ba ang laki ko hahaha)
    By: Norma Olizon - Chikiamco
    Price: P 105.00
    About the Book:
    A party is not complete without delicious fritters, sweets and cakes for your guests. Filipino Snacks and Sweets shows you how to make over 30 tempting dishes that are perfect for entertaining friends and family. From light snacks including Shrimp Fritters and Sweet Potato Chips to tasty morsels such as Barbecued Chicken Skewers and Crispy Wantons, you will have as much fun preparing these delicious tropical Asian recipes as your guests will have eating them!
  3. Periplus Mini Cookbooks: Filipino Cakes and Desserts
    By:Norma Olizon - Chikiamco
    Price: P 105.00
    About the Book:
    What better way to finish off a meal than with one of the tantalizing puddings, pies and rolls in Filipino Cakes and Desserts? This delicious collection of tropical Asian recipes covers a wide variety of tastes from savory Mini Custard Flans to Banana Cream Pie and sumptuous Purple Yam Ice Cream. So treat yourself to any one of these tempting recipes and indulge in one of life's great pleasures!
  4. Philippine Cakes, Pastries and Kakanin (masaya to ... matututo ako gumawa ng kakanin whoopeee!)
    By: Aurelia Miranda Yap
    Price: P 220.00
    About the Book:
    Aurelia Miranda Yap is from the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. She comes from a province known for native delicacies and exquisite cuisine. She had her basic baking lessons from Ms. Rosario Ocampo, a US trained baker, who is one of the pioneers in the use of the pili nut in pastries. After her marriage to Teodoro Yap, she settled down in Philam Homes, Quezon City where she started giving lessons in baking and cake decoration. She also taught at Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School.
  5. Best-Loved Foods for Everyone (malamang user friendly tong cookbook na ito)
    By: Christie Lee
    Price: P 125.00
    About the Book:
    Includes the popular, economical and easy-to-cook recipes• Nourishing soups• Appetizing vegetables and salads• Tasty meat dishes• Flavorful fish and seafoods• Delightful rice, noodles and breads• Yummy desserts and snacksYou'll find them all here!Cooking is so much fun with this friendly kitchen companion!Plus useful tips on food preparation and kitchen maintenance.
  6. Del Monte Kitchenomics Cookbook Volume III ( already got the Vol II yung Vol. I wala ako... san ba ako pwede mag-order?)
    By: A-Z Direct Marketing, Inc.
    Price:P 275.00
  7. Gulay (i might give this book a try...Pinakbet at Chopsuey lang alam ko na luto sa gulay hahaha)
    By: Nona Lema
    Price: P 270.00
    About the Book:
    The recipes in this Gulay Recipebook Series are the results of my many years of enjoyable vegetarian cooking. These dishes are the ones I myself enjoy of my enthusiasm and incurable love for cooking rub off on you as you begin to actually make use of them. I also hope that this Gulay Recipebook Series will lead you to the discovery of a diet that is healthy, economical, ecologically sound and most of all. Pleasing to God. These recipes are meant to show you how to cook delicious Filipino vegetarian dishes that can improve your diet and health. Here I’m sharing with you the best ways to cook your favorite food to maximize nutrition, taste, aroma and appeal. May these serve as a usable guideline for you. Happy cooking!
  8. Fabulous Cake Decorating: Step-By-Step Instruction for Beautiful Results
    (was planning to bake Jason a cake for his birthday...maybe this will work hahaha... at saka he loves baking with me... last time we made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, yum yum!)

    By: Eaglemoss Publications Ltd
    Price: P 829.00
    About the Book:
    From a three-tiered wedding cake to special cakes for birthdays, showers and holidays, this guide provides bakers, crafters and do-it-yourselfers with dazzling ideas and techniques for decorating cakes of all kinds. More than 25 inspirational cakes showcase a range of styles and imaginative effects all of which can be accomplished using ready-made marzipan, easy-to-make icing and basic decorating tools.
  9. Party Cakes for Children
    (this might be handy when I have children na hahaha! or pwede rin sa mga young at heart hihihihi... wala naman cake na fondant before :D)
    By: Carol Deacon
    Price: P 549.00
    About the Book:
    Carol Deacon’s Party Cakes for Children shows you how to create crazy, cute and clever party cakes that will be loved by children of all ages, and which can be made for any celebration with a minimum of effort and time. 22 fun designs, from fairytale favourites to space age creations. A unique combination of stunning party cakes, both for children and cakes that children themselves can help to create
    Prize-winning cake decorator, Carol Deacon, provides expert advice and information on decorating cakes with sugarpaste.
  10. The Ultimate Brownie Book
    (naglalaway na ako hahahaha)
    By: Bruce Weinstein
    Price: P 819.00
    About the Book:
    Gooey, fudgy, or cakey, flavored with chocolate chips, coconut, or nuts, frosted or enjoyed as is, who doesn’t love brownies?In this ultimate guide to America’s favorite treat, discover old-time classic such as Chocolate Syrup Brownies and Butterscotch Brownies, and new tastes such as Cranberry Brownies and Malt Brownies. For those who prefer blondies, try Peanut Butter Blondies and Jam Swirl Blondies. Short on time? Turn to Bruce’s doctored up brownie mix recipes that include innovative ideas for Baked Alaska, Black Forest Cake, and even S’mores.
  11. The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie Book
    By: Bruce Weintein and Mark Scarbrough
    Price: P 819.00 /About the Book:
    The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie Book is another installment in the Ultimate Series, one that began with The Ultimate Ice Cream Book and has continued through various incarnations, including party drinks, candy, shrimp, brownies, potatoes, and muffins. Chocolate cookies are natural next step in this parade of America’s favorite fun foods, all fast yet homey.The joy of baking is the joy of the unexpected. It’s an organic process, like life: you get what you make and what’s been made of it. And that’s enough of a reason to bake up a batch of cookies. Besides eating them, of course.
  12. The Ultimate Muffin Book
    By: Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough
    Price: P 819.00
    About the Book:
    What’s quick, easy, and sure to bring on the smiles? Muffins, of course! For recipes that are sweet, savory, or just over the top, look no further than The Ultimate Muffin Book. From classics like Berry and Corn Muffins to new favorites like Margarita and savory Quiche Lorraine Muffins, Bruce Weintein and Mark Scarbrough once again take an American fun-food classic to new heights by offering more than 600 recipes and variations for absolutely every muffin imaginable. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, anyone? Or luscious Hazelnut? Or what about Pizza Muffins for kids of all ages? Low-fat, nonfat, gluten-free, dense, and decadent—they’re all here, as well as baking tips, an ingredients guide, and a witty history of how the muffin came to be an American institution. Muffins. Is there a better way to make everyone in your life smile?

Mag-iisip pa ako ng iba ... pero eto na yung the best na nakita ko so far. That's my wishlist no. 1 ... lots and lots of Cookbooks!


mai June 30, 2006 6:38 PM  

Meron ako nung #s 5 & 6. Oks naman sila pareho lalo na for beginners lalo na yung del monte kitchenomics kaso karamihan merong pineapple :D

Ann July 01, 2006 8:54 AM  

ah yung kay Nora Daza? sabi nga ni Kuya Noel madami daw version yun kaya bilhin ko daw lahat hahaha. OO yung Kitchenomics halos lahat may tomato sauce at pineapple ... eh ayaw pa naman ni jason may tomato sauce na luto except spaghetti ... or baka naman magbago isip nya just in case matikman niya luto ko. hehehe!