Friday, January 27, 2006

Front View

Kuya Rommel found this website who sketches paperdoll gowns, and one of her sketches was Kisrten Dunst wedding gown in Spiderman II. Better than nothing ... pero hahanap pa din daw siya nung talagang photo. I can't access Filmagics' website to download the images. They haven't replied to my request ...

Birthday ni boss ngayon ... kumain nanaman kami ng sandamakmak ... diet Ann...

Eto naman my brother capture it on DVD. hehehe i love my brother sobra!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kirsten's Gown

My friend kuya Rommel got a picture of Kirsten Dunst wearing the gown I wanted ... kaso back view hahaha ... sabi ko nga sa kanya "Kuya, kailangan mahanap natin yung front view nung gown, yung likod lang magagawa niyan sa gown ko sige ka," pinasaya niya ako talaga in a way. He knows that I'm sad ... kaya naghanap siya ng picture na yun.

I had a slice of carrot cake for merienda ... may nanlibre kasi sa mga boss sa DPWH eh. sarap ... hahaha! nakalimutan ko nanaman diet ko.

I'm sad ...

First thing in the morning as I turned on my computer in the office I read emails from W@W. And I felt bad when I read an email from a fellow w@wie, that she copied Kirsten Dunst wedding gown in Spiderman II for her wedding gown. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh, that's the exact wedding gown I wanted for myself. I didn't know that small detail in the movie would catch her eyes, too. And by the time Jason proposed to me, I envisioned myself wearing the same gown. Sa sobrang lungkot ko, I replied to her post ... I hope I didn't offended her. Kasi I told her if I can wear the same gown as hers ... kasi it was my idea, too ... to have my gown to be copied like Kirsten Dunst gown ... nauna lang siyang ikakasal sa akin. Ako October, siya sa April na. Hay ... ang babaw ko pero nalungkot ako as in. Pero its not a big deal anyway... Nalungkot lang ako ... :(

Rainy days sometimes makes me sad... tsk!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Sharing our Save The Date Cards

I just finish a few of our DIY Save The Date cards last night. Konti palang nagawa ko kasi I accidentally left the paper na gagamitin for the STD's sa Manila nung nag-vacation ako dun. We have two designs for our STD's, one was for the Principal Sponsors, which I got the idea from Kate (ni Cents), a fellow w@wie... and one for our friends and relatives. To follow nalang yung photo sa Principal Sponsors kasi di pa tapos, actually it's in Manila pa. Kasama niyang dadating yung paper hehehe. I just made it so simple, put ribbons with our color motiff on it. Then ilalagay sa blue envelope, pero I was thinking of DIY din yung envelopes. May nabili kasi akong material for it. Pag sinipag ako hahaha. This invites would be send out on February na. Si Jason ang magdidistribute kasi siya ang nasa Manila at nasa Laoag ako.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Photo and Video

Finally, we booked Paul Vincent for our photo and video. Di kami particular sa video, yung photos ang importante. The best na si Paul, I've seen his works talaga as in impressed ako. Jason is not much of a photo enthusiast pero nagustuhan niya works ni Paul. Saka yung rates niya nag-fit talaga sa budget namin. Wala pa kami formal meeting with Paul, by February siguro. We just booked him para sigurado na sa amin na yung October 28, 2006 slot niya. Sana di siya nakulitan sa mga emails and text ko hahaha!

Worth it pala yung argument namin ni Jason nung isang gabi. hahaha! Now I can relax a bit... saka na ulit magpanic! hahahaha!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Wedding Singer

We couldn't afford one ... out of the budget na. So we asked our good friend Arch. Dexter Pulido and his wife to sing for us sa church rites. He said yes naman. Super galing tong mag-asawa na to, I really think they're destined talaga to be husband and wife. So wala na pala ako problema sa Wedding Singers ... hehehehe.

Actually, meron din friends si Jason na singing ang part time job nila. Like Donavie, who sings here and abroad na din. She'll sing for us din sa wedding. o di ba ang saya2x! Problema ngayon kailangan may quartet ... waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just want to share...

Jason texted me kanina ... it says "labs, grit ko hapi wedding anniv mom and dad mo, ang reply ng mommy mo "Thank You Anak" awwwhhh isn't my mom the sweetest???

He called around 6:00 p.m. telling me he's at Windmills and Rainforest to settle our 50% downpayment. Ayos hehehe!

A friend sent me an email ... you gotta read this nakakaiyak huhuhuhu! It was published ata sa Inquirer's Youngblood September of 2001.
By: SC

TODAY, I will attend an execution: my own. I will watch it with both eyes open and I will not cry. I will not break down just because the man I have loved since forever will marry someone else. I will watch him promise himself to a woman who will never love him like I have. I will watch them bind themselves to a vow I should have taken.

I have loved Oliver almost all my life. I have known him since I saved his six-year-old hide from a bully named Ricardo who wanted to rid him of his two yellowed front teeth. I was five at the time, but having grown with five older brothers and a hellion of a sister, ``Totoy Cardo'' was a piece of cake.

Oliver was so overcome with embarrassment at having a girl to protect his scrawny neck that from that time on he made it a point to be the rescuer, not the rescued.

As time passed, muscles filled out this lanky frame and those two front teeth began to sparkle. He combs his hair, and he takes a bath daily now. In short, he has become a fine specimen of manhood.

The best part is, he lived up to his promise: he became my self-appointed guardian (well, I don't know if that's the best or the worst part). He was just always there, sticking to me like glue. It used to drive me nuts that he never let me out of his sight.

When I was 12, I ran from the infirmary on my way home. I had found out in the most humiliating way that I had become a woman: there was a big red stain on the back portion of my skirt. The jeers and the taunts followed me through the school corridors.

Oliver dashed after me and offered to accompany me home. I declined, of course. He seemed to understand my discomfiture and promised to drop later with the things left in school.When I reached home I was told that I needed to jump three times on the stairs (which I did) and to wash my face with my blood (which I didn't do).

Oliver dropped by in the afternoon, sporting a black eye and a bruise on his arm. When I asked him what happened, he said he had walked into a closed door. I believed him. But a few days later, minus the dysmennorhea, I found out that Oliver got into fisticuffs because some guy made a disgusting remark about me.

Nobody had ever fought for me before that. And when you're 12 and discussing in class how King Arthur and fairest of them all, Lancelot, fought for Guinevere's love, you tend to get ideas. I loved Oliver then.

When we were in high school and I found out that the school's heartthrob and one of my most ardent suitors, Richard, was involved with a bustier girl, it was to Oliver that I ran. When I didn't graduate as valedictorian and I got so drunk, it was Oliver who took me home. He didn't even mind that I barfed all over his dad's car (which he borrowed without permission). When I decided to go to UP and he went to Ateneo, we celebrated by partying. When I lost my mom in a car accident, he took care of everything. When my dad followed my mom less than a year later after a heart attack, he was there again.

By this time he was an appendage of my life. He used to check out the guys I came to know. Nobody dared to get serious with me--not when Oliver had a black belt.

I didn't know how to define our relationship. I didn't know what we were. We definitely were more than friends, better even than best friends. It was like we were a couple, but formally not one. We did all the things that couples did like hang out and neck but always stopped when things got too hot. Since we never defined what we meant to each other, we never said ``I love you'' or whatever serious couple told each other. As a result, I remained a chaste princess while my prince caroused and sowed wild oats, but still had the energy to monitor my movements.

I didn't mind. After all, I was so sure we'd end up together. I always thought that in the end, it would be us. I loved him. I managed to convince myself that he loved me (what else could it be?). Little did I know that love doesn't conquer all, it only conquers the weak.

I didn't think he'd be so stupid as to get a girl pregnant on the same night they met at a party. I didn't think he'd be so stupid as to forget to use some form of contraception. After all, he had given me a lecture on safe sex. And I didn't think he'd be so stupid as to marry the girl.

But maybe I forgot that after all he was a man, and men have been known to be stupid about these things. Their brain is located in a region other than between the ears.

What could I do? Kicking him in the groin and punching him in the eye seemed like a good idea then. Don't blame me; he was the one who enrolled me in a self-defense course. But I did not feel better. Seeing him bent over in pain only made me angrier. I wasted my life for this lousy excuse of a man? I could not believe it!

I wanted nothing more than to run to him and beg him to wake me up from the stupid dream. I wanted him to take me some place where we didn't know anybody. No pain, no memory, no humiliation. I wanted to just forget it ever happened but since I flunked in the School for Martyrs, I couldn't, for the life of me pretend, it didn't happen. Icouldn't pretend he didn't hurt me. I couldn't pretend everything was fine and dandy and exactly the way it was before.

We didn't talk for a month. For both of us who were practically inseparable, that was like an eternity. I ducked into corners whenever I would see him. I wouldn't take his calls. I wouldn't see him. And for some time hate was my reason for getting up in the morning, for breathing, for living. Hate and I became good friends.

``God brings men into deep waters, not to drown them but to cleanse them,'' somebody once wrote. I didn't want to be cleansed. I just wanted to drown in pain and misery and utter desolation. I wanted to wallow in the dark and deep pit of despair.

I know a thousand and one clichis that say this can be a blessing and that I should be thankful. But thankful is the last thing I'm feeling right now. I've always thought that there are three kinds of women: those who break, those who mend and those who are broken themselves. Before this hit me, I assumed that I belonged to the first or secondcategory. Now I know I'm in the third--so hurt and broken up inside.

My grandmother used to say that there is nothing you can do about pain when it gives you a silly grin except grin right back. All I could manage was a wry smile, a killer headache and the worst hangover the day before his wedding. Evidence of that is the disgusting sight of mashed potatoes and barbecue, thrown up not three meters away from where I was lying prostrate on the floor and the awful stench of cigarette on my hair.

Frankly I don't want to go. I want to wallow in misery in my messy room, crying, retching and stinking, surrounded with Michael Learns to Rock (whose songs are dedicated to the broken-hearted) CDs. But I have to go and attend the wedding. I have to bathe and prepare and put on that atrocious peach (it's not even my color!) gown. I'm not doing it for the groom, my one true friend and love, Oliver. Neither am I doing it for the bride, my younger sister, Sandra, who needs me. I'm doing it for my unborn niece who has the great fortune of having me as her aunt.

Call me stupid, but I've always known my place. If it isn't beside the man I was destined to marry, if it isn't behind my sister, who will take his name, wear his ring and bear him a child, then it must be with my niece, cradled close to my heart so that she will know both of our love.

SC, 22, teaches at a private school in Cagayan de Oro City while taking up postgraduate studies.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Unity Coins to Gold Dollar Coins

Wella, a fellow w@wie told me to purchase Unity Coins sa US. Kasi daw mas mura dun ... siyempre ako naniniwala lagi sa kanya kaya mega email ako sa mga tita ko sa US. Pero last year pa ako nag-email, ngayon lang nila napag-usapan magkapatid(my titas) about my Unity coins here goes ...

Hi, Sheryl! Happy New Year! I was talking to your auntie Yolly and she mention that you want a two tone coin for your wedding. I can't find one. Only a gold one. Bakit ayaw mo ba yong totoong gold na dollar. Let me know if you want gold dollar and how many so I can send to your Auntie Yolly. Please tell your mommy thank you naman sa mga padala niya.
Miss you all and hope to hear you soon!
Tita Evelyn

Ang sweet di ba? Kaso kung walang two-toned, baka yung Gold nalang din kunin ko. Kasi uuwi si Tita ng end of January kaya kailangan daw malaman na nila decision ko ... hay ano nga ba? ok na ba yun?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Finally, I'm an October Bride

Yes, last Friday we already paid our downpayment at Twin Hearts. And on February, we'll gonna pay the downpayment naman for Windmills and Rainforest (naka-pencil book na kami) as well as getting Paul Vincent for our Photo and Video. hay ganito pala yung feeling. Nung una kasi parang alam mo yun, parang hindi siya totoo na you're getting married, tapos nung nakapili ka na ng venue for your church rites and reception, this is it wala ng atrasan to hahaha!

Last Friday din, ginawa na namin ni Jason yung Save-The-Date Cards namin (photos to follow) actually, I got the idea from Winnie the Pooh Magic Art (sa Toy Kingdom meron) By February, hopefully matapos na namin para ma-send out na namin sa mga principal Sponsors namin and entourage, as well as sa mga friends and family namin abroad ...

Save The Date... October 28, 2006!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Q.C. Hunting

Like I said before, ayoko sa Manila ... wala lang gusto ko lang hehehe! Jason and I went to possible venues for wedding rites and reception venue. Dapat kahapon pa to, kaso na-emergency kapatid ko and we need to take him sa San Lazaro Hospital. Dog bite case kasi ...

First stop ... Twin Hearts ... I really fell in love with the church. Not too small and not too big for our wedding. The interior details were more beautiful than St. Rita (in my opinion ha!). And they are so accommodating ha (we forgot to ask the name of the person na nakausap namin). Naka-pencil book palang kami ... (huh? bakit?) Kasi kailangan pa ng approval ni Dad ko (ah yun naman pala eh). He gave us 3 days to confirm the wedding date. Sayang may nauna sa 4 p.m. slot. Kinuha nalang namin yung 10 a.m. slot para lunch time na. Alanganin na kasi yung ibang oras eh (8am and 2pm). Ang maganda pa dito sa Twin Hearts every two hours ang wedding ceremonies, unlike sa iba sunod-sunod ang oras. (teka, bakit parang supplier's rating na itong ginagawa ko?) Oh Dad please say yes to this na! I took some pictures of it ... Actually, there's a wedding going on ... iniisip ko nga kung sinong w@wie ang ikakasal ng january 4 eh, wala ako matandaan hehehe! Fee: 10,500 Reservation: 2,000

Image hosted by

Second stop... Windmills and Rainforest ... I got an email from Ms. Nora last night. That's why dumaan kami ni Jason to take a look at the venue. She even sent photos thru email kaya I don't need to take pictures na kasi meron na ako. She gave us a quote of 120k plus ... (na kay Jason yung quotation eh hehehe di ako sure) . Eto na yung the best venue kung Twin Hearts ang church mo. Timing nagseset-up sila ng place nila for tomorrow's wedding. 250 guest siya... What I like most about the place, kahit big number of persons yung bisita mo, the place look intimate. Hindi sabog, feeling ko magkakaroon ng interaction lahatng guest ko dun. Saka ang daming place pwedeng mag-post Wedding pictorial.

Image hosted by

Third Stop ... Immaculate Concepcion ... naligaw si Jason kakahanap sa place hahaha! kasi ang daming one way kaya ... pero the church was ok naman. Problema parking, tapos may school sa tabi. Kung sakaling may pasok yung school ng Immaculate nung araw ng Oct. 28, masyado crowded yung place. Kaya sabi agad ni Jason "Di magugustuhan ng Daddy mo dito."

Fourth Stop ... Oasis Manila ... Grabe ang ganda ng place. Ilove the Pavillion, I'm sure matutuwa guest namin dun. Kaso lang po, may nagpa-reserve na ng lunchtime sa kanila ng Oct. 28. Sabi ni Ms. Clarisse yung evening nalang daw kunin namin. Ok sana eh kaso yung 4pm na slot naman sa Twin Hearts may kumuha na. Hay sayang ... pero ang good news, pwede mag-prenups sa Oasis, yun eh kung wala silang event dun. Pag nataon na meron event sa Oasis, sorry nalang di pwede. And that's for free, according to Clarisse. Fee: 45,000 venue only, wala pang food and drinks.

Image hosted by

Fifth stop ... Mt. Carmel ... Maganda talaga ang Mount Carmel. Kaso naman ang laki2x kaya niya para sa amin. Luckily may wedding nanaman when we went there, iniisip ko nanaman kung sinong W@wie ang ikakasal sa araw na ito. Pero wala ako matandaan ... check ko nga yung list mamaya. Motiff niya is midnight blue ... I saw the flower arrangements sa church. Simple lang siya. according kasi sa guidelines nila, di pwede ata yung parang garden itsura sa church. Fee: 10,000; 2,500 ang reservation. Eto picture2x ulit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

And last but not the least, Christ the King, E. Rodriquez ... ok ang church, problem is pag nagtraffic na sa harap ng CTK eh di ka na makakapunta sa loob o makakalabas. Nagsimba na din kami ni Jason (6pm na kaya yun) and grabe, gwapo talaga ng mga seminarista dun. di ko alam kung bakit. Naawa tuloy ako sa mga girls na wala pa BF. Yung mga prospect BF's nila nasa seminaryo na hehehe.

Decided na kami ni Jason sa Twin Hearts / Windmills and Rainforest. Sana magustuhan na siya ni Dad kasi super way out of the budget na talaga kami.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Wedding Update

First of all ... Happy New Year to all!

Last night, we already talked to dad na we're getting married this year. He asked kung san yung church and venue namin, we told him na sa Good Shepherd in Fairview yung wedding venue, reception sa Parish hall ng Good Shepherd. Nag-object si dad. He wanted somewhere in Manila or in Quezon City pero hindi sa Fairview area. Sabi niya "Maghanap kayo ulit ng venue, ayoko diyan ... Maganda sa Shrine of Jesus, dun sa pinagkasalan nila May" (FYI: May Pascual is a friend of mine since chilhood days)

Pero ayoko dun sa Manila ... I told Jason na na-anticipate ko na to. My dad really wanted an engrande wedding for his unica hija. And Jason totally agrees with plan B. So back to zero kami. We can't have his friend (caterer) for his sevices kasi out of coverage area na niya yung chosen venues namin (and I'm sure yung mga reception venues na yun may in house caterer na). My mom love's Tamayos Catering, so we'll gonna get them for our wedding. Magpapa-pencil booked na din kami. Tomorrow we'll gonna look for other churches in Quezon City. First choice is Twin Hearts in West Triangle, 2nd is Immaculate Conception Cathedral, and 3rd is Sto. Domingo Church. For the reception Venue, ist choice Windmills & Rainforest, 2nd choice Casa Español Garden, and 3rd choice Oasis Manila. Pero we've chosen Twin Hearts and Windmills for our venues. Ang tanong, will dad agree with it?

I did a lot of emails today for video and photo services, and reception venues as well. 4 have replied. Fol Rana Jr., Paul Vincent, Joel Francisco and John Mateo Ong. I love Paul Vincent's work, so he's my first choice talaga. and I'm glad free pa siya on our wedding date. Papa-pencil book na kami sa kanya siguro by tomorrow after the ocular inspections with the venues. As for John Mateo Ong ... he's the moderator of the phphoto e-groups. And I'm one of it's thousand members. I love his works too but his packages are way too out of our budget. Joel francisco is an apprentice of John Mateo Ong, kaya pareho rin halos yung tema nila sa photography. Fol Rana Jr. naman nakita ko sa website ng Weddings at Work. Ganda ng gadgets niya ha pero out of our budget pa din yung services niya.

So far yun na muna... more updates tomorrow before I left for Laoag on Sunday. Dapat magawa ko na kahit 20% of the wedding preps.