Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Warm Wishes ....

I just wanna share with you some of my friends wishes for us ... this people are very important to me but they can't come to my wedding because of some reasons na di talaga maiiwasan. Valid naman ang reason kaya ok lang sa akin.

Nydia was an officemate in Laoag sa TOYO Construction and also the mother of my God child JP.

"Sana maging masaya kayo, magka-anak kayo agad, wag nyo patagalin di na kayo bata. Dapat open ang communication nyong mag-asawa. Lahat ng nararamdaman open para di maging ugat ng sama ng loob or tampo. Simpleng tampuhan nagmumula ang hiwalayan ... love, trust and respect ... yan ang secret and don't forget to say Thank you , Sorry and I Love You."

Kuya Rommel is based in Texas, December pa siya makkapunta ng Pinas since he just got here last February ... eto naman ang sabi niya...

"Well, I hope and wish you guys can overcome the trials and hardships of relationships and what life has to offer. May each trial and hardship you encounter make your relationship stronger. Remember communication is the key. Be careful with what you say with your mad, angry, inebriated, or not in the right state of mind. Likewise what your partner says when he/she is not in the right state of mind is usually out of anger and frustration, dont take it into heart. Learn from past mistakes and I'm sure both of you will succeed in life with flying colors :)."

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snob nanaman ang post ko sa W@W E-groups

Hindi ko alam kung yung membership ko sa W@W eh may problema or hindi talaga ganun ka-interesting yung post ko? Baka sakali dito sa blog ko may mag-reply ... hope you guys can help me out.

I just want to ask a few questions ...

1. Choco Fountain is free from our package but kami ang magpoprovide ng dippers, san kami makakabili ng affordable dippers (marshmallow, pretzels, etc)

2. Ano ideal number of party poppers kailangan bilhin?

4. Need ba talaga long ang fingernails? Kasi I'm having a hard time doing so ... kaya until now super short siya.

Yun lang po...hope you could help me with this one. mwah! Thanks in advance.

Friday, October 06, 2006

You're Invited

You're Invited !
Q & A for Wedding Guestsby: John & Benz Rana
article originally appeared in print: 12.03.05

It’s December once again and it not just time for Christmas shopping and partying, but it’s also time for weddings! It’s the peak season for tying-the-knot in this part of the earth. So how many wedding invites have you gotten so far?

Unless you’re serial bride like J.Lo (saying Liz Taylor would have been more accurate at this point but we want to be “kewl” to relate with the Gen Y peeps!), we figured that most of us would be along the pews more often than being at THE altar. This is the reason why we dedicate this month’s column to the wedding guest – the person who gets to prepare the least during the wedding. Never mind the bride! We’re sure she has read countless of wedding etiquette to last ‘til her unborn son finally gets married. Actually, she’s got too much info that she even prepares a Miss Manners list for her groom and her entire entourage to follow.

If it’s your first time attending a wedding, what follows is a simple guide of Dos & Don’ts to get through such a social event. Note that we made these questions up so allow us to be sarcastic and blunt with some of our responses to ourselves.

Questions & Answers

Q. I got an invite but have no plans of attending; should I still send a gift?

A.First thing’s first. If you won’t be able to attend for whatever reason, please RSVP. A big chunk of the wedding budget goes to the reception and it will be utterly inconsiderate to just give up a reserved seat without letting the couple know. Give them the chance to assign that seat to another guest in their “waitlist.” Having that out of the way, let’s get to your question: YES, it is customary to still send a gift.

Q. The envelope bears only my name. May I ask if I can bring a date?

A. Don’t bring a date unless your invitation specifically says “and Guest.” Bringing unexpected guests is very impolite. Neither should you ask the couple’s permission if you may bring one or not. Don’t put your friends on the spot. We Filipinos don’t really like turning down people. So how would you know if their “Yes” means yes or not? Spare them that trouble.

Q. The invite says “Mr. & Mrs.” Could we bring our kids?

A. Never bring the kids unless “& Family” is indicated. Soon-to-weds don’t usually invite children for a good reason. Kids get bored or cranky during hour-long masses. Their tantrums might disrupt the solemnity of the ceremony. Weddings are usually formal events typically not appropriate for the little ones. To be blunt about it, inviting a child at the reception means added two mouths to feed – the kid’s and the yaya’s.

Follow-up Q. But my son/daughter is the bearer/flower girl. I’m sure it’s understood that my other child is invited.

A. Which part of the answer above didn’t you understand? Seriously, if the couple wanted to invite your other kid, they would have specified that on the envelope.

2nd follow-up Q. But I’m breastfeeding, I’m sure my friends will understand, won’t they?

A. Granting that it’s an infant and he or she won’t eat at the reception – let’s even assume that your baby won’t wail at the church – the answer is still NO! Not even if you’ve perfected the art of being a cow in a long gown. Four words: Breast Pump and Babysitter!

Q. I don’t have a clue what gift to give them. Any ideas?

A. The average Pinoy soon-to-wed would always prefer monetary gifts more than any other gift. It is the unspoken fact. We’re telling you now to make it easier for them to let you know what they REALLY want; unless they indicated that already in their invites which, by the way, is a very tacky thing to do.

If you’re not comfortable giving cash, you may ask the couple where they are registered (Gift / Bridal Registry) and choose from what’s listed under their names in the store. You can also ask them where they’re residing after the wedding and take the cue from there. If you know that they’ll be migrating abroad or living with their parents for the time being, a ref or another oven toaster may not be the most practical and logical gift.

Q. I’m convinced. So how much cash should I give them? I don't want to give too little or too much.

A. That’s a hard thing to answer. It’s really a case-to-case thing. Try to put yourself in the couple’s shoes. How much should a guest of your stature give you without being branded a cheapskate? Also consider your relationship with the couple. If you're good friends of the couple's parents, you'll probably shell-out more than if you were simply the bride’s Girl Friday.

Q. Could I skip the ceremony and head straight to the reception?

A. You can… BUT you shouldn’t! You are invited to THE wedding -- that’s the part where they exchange their “I dos.” The reception is where the Receiving Line is. You can’t be ‘received’ if you are already seated in the hall, right? “Patay-gutom” is too harsh a word and we assure you that it’s by no means what anyone would think if indeed you decide to go straight to the reception. But admit that it struck a nerve just mentioning the word in that context, isn’t it?

Q. Speaking of the Receiving Line, what should be the proper greeting?

A. Here’s the rule: Say “Congratulations” to the groom and “Best Wishes” to the bride. The reason behind is that "congrats" implies that someone has caught something or won a prize, and it is rather improper to imply that the bride “caught” the man who married her. If this rule gets mixed-up in your head come wedding day, just say the two phrases together and look at both of them. That usually works!

Likewise, saying “Good Luck!” no matter how pure your wishes are will also sound very inappropriate for obvious reasons.

Q. Nice try, but what if the couple makes a Grand Entrance and left the Receiving Line to their parents? What then should I tell them? Note that I don’t even know which sets of parents are whose.

A. Didn’t we tell you already not to skip the ceremony? The bride and groom usually walk alongside their respective parents at the very start!

Anyway, make your pleasantries short and sweet. Shake their hands and say "Hello! I'm (your name) and I went to school with (name of bride/groom) in (school’s name)/an officemate of (name of bride/groom) at (name of company)." They usually respond with "Nice meeting you." Just smile, nod politely, and move on to the next person. If one replies “Hi! I’ve heard so much about you!”, simply smile and nod just the same. No lengthy conversation; just make small talk at most. If you can’t find the words to say, just smile again, nod politely, and move.

Q. During the banquet, is there anything I need to know?

A. Nowadays, the Reception Program usually have the guests on each table stand up and have their picture taken with the couple before being led to the buffet. This is done to resolve two issues of past weddings: (a) for the couple’s convenience and skip the tiring Table-Hopping ritual just to have their picture taken with all their guests; and (b) for the guests’ convenience so they won’t have to wait very long for their turn in the buffet line.

Keep in mind that Buffet is NOT synonymous with “Eat-All-You-Can.” Do not pile your plate full. Be courteous of those who have yet to be served. Don’t worry. You can easily go for seconds.

Q. I’m used to a Buffet setting, but what if it’s a formal Sit-Down Dinner? Which fork do I start with again?

A. You’re on your own, pal. Watch “Pretty Woman” again and see how Julia Roberts nailed it!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Random Thoughts...


During Milenyo is trying to create a disaster in the country (which it already did), I got time to make our souvenirs. And we ran out of ribbons and tulle. Hay o hay ... grabe nga eh. 150pcs kasi ang gagawan namin ng cover. Eh ang nabalutan palang is 100, nagkulang pa sa 50 pcs. Jason and I bought a different material and color of tulle. Kasi kung maghahanap pa kami nung katulad nung dati eh magkakasapot na kami sa paghahanap nun hihihihi. I actually bought the ist tulle in UNTC. But Jason told me that we should buy the Turquoise colored tulle for the 50 pcs. nalang tapos ribbon na yellow yung pang wrap. hmmm ... mukhang ok naman yung idea. So here's the finish product ... Pare-pareho ang laman pero 3 kinds ang packaging niya hihihi. At least hindi monotonous. Obvious ba na inubos lang namin yung ribbons na tira sa DIY's namin? hihihi!

Eto pa, while I'm doing our souvenirs sa sala namin, may kumatok sa gate... Si Joey Generoso pala and his wife. Si kuya kasi nakakuha ng contrata sa renovation nila. May huge aquarium siya sa bahay nila na kailangan plug on ang airator (tama ba spelling? hahaha) kaya si kuya gumawa ng load whatever (something electrical). Hindi ko alam kung ma-Star struck ako kasi right in front of me is Joey G. He was asking pa nga what am I doing... sabi ko "Souvenirs for a wedding" ... di naman nila tinanong kung wedding nino kaya di na ako umimik. hahaha!

We're still looking for mini wines for our Principal Sponsor's gifts. I already got the pashmina shawls that will go along with it. Yung mini wines ang problema huhuhu. Mukhang sa Ilocos talaga ako makakakuha ng 187 ml na Carlo Rossi red wine. Wala talaga kami makita dito sa Manila ng ganun. Sabi kasi nila they don't order mini wines because hindi naman daw masyado mabili hehehe. Hmmmm... why kaya? I already finished doing the Wine labels. Wine nalang talaga at gift tags.

We already booked Hotel Rembrandt and Great Eastern Hotel. Pero compared to the price saka yung itsura ng hotel, parang ams gusto daw niya sa Century Park Hotel. Wh kaso ang layo naman kasi niya sa Twin Hearts at Windmills. Manila yun, QC ang ceremony and reception venues ko. Pano kaya yun hahaha!

So nung weekend, Jaosn and I tried going to Sulo Hotel. Ok ang Sulo hotel, spacious ang mga rooms...yun nga lang ... fully booked na ang hotel sa 27 - 29 waaaaaaaaaaaa! Sayang grabe! Yung Great Eastern Hotel, pupuntahan daw ni Jason bago sila mag-meeting. kasi di namin nasilip yung rooms dahil fully booked sila. Weekends kasi eh. So try nya ng weekday. pag ok sa kanya, malamang Great Eastern na kami.

My fault that not everybody got their invites. I still have 8 invites na di pa nabibigay sa mga friends ko. kainis ako talaga. Pero they know naman na kaso wala kasi na time to meet them at mag-house to house. Kaya I get through them on text and email. Buti nalang they're so understanding kaya ok na din. Dad and Mom just sent out some of our invites sa Bulacan. Dun kasi kami lumaki. And they wanted all their friends there na makarating sa wedding namin. And wag ka, nag RSVP sila na they're coming. Ay naku, yan RSVP na yan di talaga uso sa Pinas, out of 120 invites sent... ilan lang nagreply hihihi. Manghuhula tuloy kami kung sino2x ang pupunta.

Last fitting ko sa Saturday. Di ko alam kung tapos na kasi di ba masama nga sukatin yung gown ng tapos na. And I think makukuha namin yun 2 weeks before the wedding. Grabe lapit na talaga. Kasama na lahat ng accessories except yung earrings and necklace. Lola Dolly gave me a silver bangle with Swarovski. I'll be using this on my wedding day. Hindi na ako bibili whooopeee! It's so pretty ... simple pero ang ganda. Kaya earrings and necklace nalang ang bibilhin ko. hihihihi!

Kimchee, 4 month old Samoyed puppy

Lola Dolly also gave Dad a 4 month Samoyed puppy. Yahoo a new puppy. We gave her name Kimchee ... her mom's name daw kasi is Kim. Hihihii! She's so adorable. Medyo baby pa talaga. Addict sa yakap at halik. Dad adores her a lot. Kaya selos to death na si Iwa and Popoy.

Kimchee and Iwamoto before the grooming and vaccination

Shot taken after the grooming ... hehehe see the difference?

They had their vaccinations and pina-grooming na din namin si Iwa (Tibetan Terrier) kasi buhol2x na yung hair niya hanggang anit kaya need na ahitin talaga. Nakakatuwa itsura nya ngayon. Mukha siyang daga hehehe. Pero cute pa din hihihi. We bought them dog stuffs and food. Birthday kasi ni Popoy last Sept. 24. Kaya we gave them gifts. Super tuwa ang mga dogs namin. Coz everybody had their new collars and new leash. Plus toys na di tumagal ng 30 mins, sa sobrang gigil nasira agad hehehe.

I had my braces for almost 3 years na. And it's a good thing na natanggal na din siya. Gumaan yung feeling ko. Kaso I need to wear this retainers. Kahit manlang hanggang mag wedding ko daw para di daw bumalik agad sa dati yung ngipin ko. Susme, nahihirapan ako magsalita. Bulol na nga ako, lalo pa ngayon hahaha. Up and down kasi yung retainers ko, and I don't like the acrylic taste. Naiirita ako hahaha!

We'll be meeting Mr. Rex this coming Wednesday to discuss the flower deatils for my bouquet and entou flowers as well.

Ms. April fax us the brochure for our music on the 28th. Hmmm... grabe dami ko pa pala kailangan gawin huhuhu!

Gagawin ko to pag nakasingit na ako sa PC ng kapatid ko kasi dun lang may access ang printer hahaha! Gumagawa kasi siya ng thesis eh. Pero ie-edit lang naman ng konti. Saka gagawin ko din yung misalette cover namin hihihi! dami pa pala gagawin.

I told my brother I wanted to buy a c0logne kasi wala na ako cologne. We went to Penshoppe ... eversince favorite ko na ang scents nila. And a new discovery, their new Eau de Toilette named Enchante has a very sweet scent. Super pa-girly talaga. Parang candy na mentholated na di ko maintindihan. Basta mabango siya, di siya matapang. Natuwa nga ako when we tried it. Sabi ko nga matutuwa si Jason dito hehehe gigil mode joke! I purchased one and I wanted sana to use it on our wedding day. Pero pag-iisipan ko muna dahil my Tita already bought me a Clinique Happy Heart Perfume hihihi. Just in case some bride to be who wanted a good and lasting scent at a much affordable price, try this one. It only cost 299.00... mura di ba? Hihihi!

We already have our rings. Kaso we wanted a pair na for everyday use. I went to Filgrenesia, I saw silver rings raging from 700 and up. And it's so pretty. I told Jason about it pero sabi niya saka nalang muna, unahin muna ang dapat unahin. Eh sabi ko kasi kailangan din isama sa pag-bless ni father yun sa wedding natin para blessed din yung pair na yun. After what happened to him last night, ean ko nalang kasi tight ang budget. Ako nalang siguro magpoprovide for us.

See the distance between him and the damage part of his car. God saved him talaga.

Jason met a car accident last night after his badminton game. He was hit and almost runned by a PUJ who's taking somebody to the nearest hospital. May sakay kasi na nasaksak. Kaso kawawa naman si Jason, ang laki ng damage sa car niya. Saka lakas ng impact sa kanya kasi umikot daw yung car niya and slammed at one of the LRT post in Aurora Blvd. The driver is drunked ... and driving w/o a license. Malaki ang offense nya and panalo talaga kami kung sasampahan ng kaso. Pero ano ang ipapambayad sa amin ng jeepney driver? Kahit lumuha ng dugo yun, wala maibibigay na pambayad yun.

Jason decided to sell the car in it's present state. Wala na siya pera pampagawa nun. And hindi yung ang priority niya as of this moment dahil everything he has right now sa wedding naka-concentrate. So the car would be set aside muna. hay, wala na kami car :( yung car na yun have shared good memories with us. Kaya mahirap i-let go. I was the one who got emotionally attached lang. Si Jason wala sa kanya yung mga price possession pag pinipeste na siya eh. Kaya maganda talaga dispatcha na.

We don't really belive in superstitions ... pero naniwala ako kagabi lang. Dahil nangyari nga ... Jason did inform his playmates and co officers in UAP that the whole month of October, hibernate mode siya. Hindi muna siya maglalaro and everything, wala muna attend ng meeting. Hindi pa din siya naniniwala sa sabi2x pero gagawin niya yun for the sake of both sides who are concerned sa amin dalawa. His mom told him na wag na kasi maglalalabas ... as well as mom and dad told me to tell him not to go out too much. Ayan ... hahaha! Matuto siya. Kasi ako wala na talaga ... hindi na ako masyado lumalabas talaga promise. Kahit may gimik ang friends talagang ako hibernate mode.

Photos will be shared soon ... nasa cam ko pa kasi ... tamad mode pa ako ... yan nalang muna share ko... nagparamdam lang.