Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.38

I have a friend way back in college whose name is Ribomafil (Butch sensiya na ha ... no offense meant hehehe). Sounds like a generic name isn't it? Then I asked him where does his name originated. He told me that when his dad was still a seaman, his dad has a best buddy in the ship named Ribomafil. So when his mother was pregnant with him, his dad named him after his best friend. If we still want to know where his name come from, we should asked his dad's bestfriend. Hahaha, as if we'll go all the way just to know it. But I'm pretty sure it's a combination of his dad'd bestfriend's parents.

Another one, in Survivor Philippines, one of the survivors name is Patani. Obviously patani is a vegetable here in the Philippines. Was kinda wondering why her parents named her after a veggie? Maybe it is the first thing her mom saw when she gave birth to her (like the Indians do hehehe).

Hubby shared naman na he heard from some movie, Tiburcia Biglangtuwad, susme ... if I have a name like that, I want to die than live at all hahaha.

If you want to share your funniest and weirdest name you've ever heard ... join here.

I knew it...

No Season 4 of Charmed ever ... Velvet Channel changed their show again from Charmed to Kid's Nation ... nakakainis ... pagtatiyagaan ko na talaga i-download yung Season 4 to Season 8 sa uTorrent. Hmp!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hoping To Win

Hmmmm ... naku kung di pa kami manalo nito ewan ko nalang. Sayang din ang 100K and yung Mercedes Benz. Susme, masyado na pinapayaman ni hubby ang Wilcon ... sana naman tulungan din nila kami yumaman hahaha. Every 1,000 purchase of items, you're entitled to have 1 coupon. Imagine how much did my hubby purchase at Wilcon. Interior designer clients prefer to buy items on stores like this rather than buy in a cheap hardware. The mark up is quite big but you can be assured of the quality.

Every month, they'll draw one winner of a 100,000 price money. Napakaliit ng chances di ba? Pero hindi naman masama mangarap ... 100K is still 100K. Wish us luck!

Last time we had this many coupuns also when Dad purchase their flat screen TV. Sa kasawiang palad hindi kami nanalo kahit consolation price. Kainis!

Charmed Season 4

Today marks the last episode of season 3 and tomorrow would be the start of Charmed's Season 4 on Velvet Channel. I'm so excited to see it again. This is when Prue already died and another sister will come (Paige) to make them the Charmed Ones once again.

I've been trying to download the whole season of it but it's quite to long to download it. 1% an hour, so it takes 100 hours to finish one season only. Hmmm ... maybe I'll just ask my Aunt in the US to buy me the DVD copy of Charmed.

Sana lang ipalabas ang Season 4... kasi dati nung natapos yung Season 3 pinalitan na nila yung show. Then after 2 weeks binalik ulit nila yung Charmed from season 1 nanaman ... hmmm ... madami siguro nag-demand na ibalik yung Charmed. Or maybe bumaba ratings nila nung pinalitan nila yung show hehehe.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tag Train #6

If you want to chug along, you can catch up on these train stations: Tag Train #1, Tag Train #2, Tag Train #3, Tag Train #4, Tag Train #5


1. Where have you lived for most of your life? For 21 years in Bulacan, and the rest up to present in QC.

2. What was the last compliment you received, and when? Just this afternoon when a friend told me that Janna looked like me so uberly cute.

3. Do you prefer to call or text? Lazy days, text ... emergency times, call.

4. How many people do you trust 100%? Just a few ... nor more than 10.

5. Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing? My mom bought it for me.

6. What’s the last movie you saw in the theatre? Seriously? Harry Potter 5 pa ata.

7. Can you live without the computer? No.

8. Ever got so drunk you couldn’t remember the entire night? No

9. Favorite flower? A rose bud

10. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? what's for breakfast

11. Have you memorized your social security number/sss number? nope.

12. Who was the last person to make you cry? Hubby

13. What happened at 10:00 am today? I bathe Janna.

14. Did you know that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey got married? No, who cares?

15. What are your plans for tomorrow? Probably blog more.

The next stop will be on this BLOG.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Melamine in Infant Milk

Lucky for those who breastfeed their babies. They don't have to worry if their milk have melamine hehehe. I was worried at first when I knew about this. But Janna's pedia assured me that Isomil has no melamine content. What a relief! Nak ng boggie naman kasi ang China, ano nanaman tong ginagawa nila? Susme, ginawang furniture yung tiyan ng tao tsk tsk tsk!

My mom thought of buying breastmilk at milk banks ... susme Mommy, di ka naman OA niyan ha. Mas marami naman nangangailangan nun kaya spare them the breastmilk.

Does anyone have a complete list of those dairy products that have melamine? I can't rely on forwarded emails alone, I need to know the source of your list.

Thanks in advance for sharing ... in the meantime, no ice cream, no milk, and no chocolates until all is cleared of melamine. Mahirap na.

Question of the Week #32

Another set of Yen's Question of the Week:

1. Have you ever wished you’re someone elses? Sometimes I do, I just want to know how things are in other peoples view.

2. Can you say one nice thing about a person that you do not like the most? What is that? That's one tough thing to do coz if I don't like a person, I pretend she/he doesn't exist ... but I respect her/his existence.

3. Finish this sentence. “Sometimes I can be… moody and irritable, so don't mess up with me on those days hahaha.

4. Finish this sentence. “Compared to my real life self, my Internet persona is… outspoken but a little bit shy, easy to get along, very friendly, and sociable.

5. Life dishes out pain from time to time. We can never tell. Loss of a loved ones, breakup of a relationship, etc. How do you deal with this pain? Pray to lessen the burden, cry to relieve the pain, talk to somebody who would sincerely listen.

6. Are you a leader, follower or loner? I'm more of a follower than a leader, but I'm not a loner. It's not that I don't want to take big responsibilities, I just don't want to be stressed out ... that's all hahaha!

7. Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out? I'd rather blend in the crowd. I'm a bit of a shy person.

8. What do you take pride in? You can brag a little, or a lot more. It’s your day! It's my daughter and my husband. I'm sure one day, I'll be able to brag about my very pretty daughter. She's a fast learner, and I hope it will continue until she grows up. My hubby works hard for both of us, he deserves to be bragged about. I always have faith in him that he'll never leave us, that we'll always have food in our table, that we can send Janna in a good school because of his hard earned money. I so love him that's why I'm so proud of him, too.

9. When people pop their gum do you find it annoying? it depends, I usually see this when I'm inside a bus. Traffic means boredom, and boredom will lead to chewing a gum and pop them on and on and on. Come to think of it, as I write this ... it's pretty annoying really!

10. How often do you complain? Nope, I just complain when I'm too fed up already.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tag Train #5

If you want to chug along you can catch up on these train stations: Tag Train #1, Tag Train #2, Tag Train #3, Tag Train #4


1. What do you carry with you at all times? cellphone and lip gloss
2. Where are you most ticklish? yup
3. Have you ever finished a rubik’s cube? no
4. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? eating breakfast with hubby
5. Do you like your life as of now? yup ...
6. Last thing you purchased? Munchkin products for Janna's mealtime set.
7. How’s your heart lately? happy
8. Did you have a good birthday last year? yah, just with couple of friends and family ... and I was 4 months pregnant that time.
9. Who was at your house last besides family? My cousin, Ana
10. Do you sleep with the TV on? sometimes (bad me)
11. Have you ever wanted to be a firefighter? nope
12. Do you have anything in your pockets right now? nope
13. How many windows are open on your computer? just 3
14. What can’t you wait for? can't wait to have my DSLR camera this year.
15. Did you do this tag because you were bored? just for fillers hehehe.

Next stop will be on this BLOG.

Coffee Break ver. 1.37

It's time for another Coffee Break. And the question is ...

Hmmm ... I think no one is born to be a leader. I think it's the "need" why a leader is made. In some aspects in our lives, we tend to think of something to do for the greater good. Therefore, there should be someone to make the first move and lead the pact. In a group, there should be one who will stand out, one who will lead, someone who can rule but still be fair.

Our Presidents wasn't born to rule, let's say it's their childhood dream to be a leader of our country. For them to be able to do so, they should work hard for it like going to the best schools in the country, or even abroad. Chooses courses related to politics and so. They were made to be leaders not born to be one.

I dreamed of being a leader as well ... but I'd rather not coz I can foresee that I'll be one difficult leader to work with as I often wanted to do things my own way hahaha.

Creative Award

Thanks Jannesse and Sheila for this award. I don't know if I'm that deserving, but anyway thanks!

The rules are:
* The winner may put the logo on his or her blog.
* Put a link to the person you got the award from.
* Nominate five blogs.
* Put links to the blogs.
* Leave a message to the nominees.

I’m passing the award to: Mec, Mai, & Wanda

Propagating Friendship Award

Thanks for this award Emz, Chie, & Lani.

I love the blogs of these people and I'm glad to pass this award onto them! All they need to do is to leave the following message on their post when they pass the award on to their chosen eight bloggers.

They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let's try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this

I'm sharing this award to Irene, Ivy, Cheryll, Heidi, Rhea, Mari, Yen, and Lenj

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I thought Janna is already teething, the last time she's in a gigil mood, she bite my finger so hard and cried after that. We decided to buy her a teether. I bought a Munchkin brand from Angela Moira Store. And the other we bought at SM. We bought two s0 we can alternately use it. But her lola also bought her two from Chicco hehehe. She now have four teethers all chillin' inside our fridge.

As I predicted, she enjoyed it at first. After that, she don't want to use it anymore ... hay such a waste of money again. I wish I just waited till it's really time. She's not teething naman pala ... nanggigil lang hehehe. She likes licking them though. Now, she's drooling twice than before.

Hmmm ... I think she thought it's a popsicle :)

faMEALy Day

Yes, kinarir ni mommy ang FaMealy Day na yan, kaya she told me to order food from Goldilocks. Kumpleto sana kami kundi dahil sa aking uberly pasaway na kuya, who happens have an emergency meeting in his office and not able to have dinner with us.

It says that a family bonds during dinner. At the end of the day, this is when they share each others day happenings and family matters. It is also believed that it lessens a child's tendency to be a drug addict, or a juvenile delinquent. It also lessens the chances of a child being a victim of crimes.

Pag lagi ba naman ganito, eh di ang sarap lagi kumain hehehe. Again, nasobrahan ata ang pag-order ko. Hanggang breakfast yan ang pagkain namin hahaha.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tag Train #3

PLAYERS: BUZZY ME | Life's Little Secret | YOUR BLOG

1. What is the closest green object? Janna's teether
2. If you were born the opposite sex, what would your parents name you? Sherwin
3. Do you want to have kids? Yup, as a matter of fact, I already have one.
4. What is the brightest color you're wearing? Yellow
5. Who is the friend you have that you would never have expected to have? friends from cyberworld
6. Who do you hate the most right now? Secret! Just thinking about her changes my mood already.
7. What kind of car do you want? One that saves on gas.
8. What is your favorite video game? Can't remember ...
9. Do you like your dad? Yup, I'm a daddy's girl!
10. Do you have any TV shows on DVD? Soon maybe
11. Are you wearing make-up? No
12. Do you have a tattoo? No
13. Have you ever broken a pinata? nope
14. What time is it right now? 3:38pm
15. Do you know how to draw? Yup, in AutoCad
16. Who loves orange soda? My little bro
17. Who did you last IM? My Aunt in Laoag
18. Do you work a lot of hours? No
19. Where were you in the last 24 hours? at home
20. Who was the last person that called you? Mommy
21. Is there anything you regret? Nope
22. Do you know where your family name originated from? Yup, long story!
23. Is there an animal that creeps you out? Snakes
24. What is your favorite color ON A CAR? RED
25. Do you use digital or film cameras? Digital
26. Do you own an iPod? No
27. Have you ever been on a charter bus? Nope
28. Do you like going to water parks? Yup

Next stop on this BLOG. Watch out for it! :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.36

This is my first time to join Coffee Break. And here's my answer to this weeks question.

Hmmm ... I'll try to list down one by one. I won't tell why I love this shows, Iwill just give you a brief descriptions of the following shows:
  • Friday the 13th, The Series - An antiques dealer named Lewis Vendredi (played by R.G. Armstrong) made a deal with the Devil to sell cursed antiques out of his shop, “Vendredi’s Antiques”, in exchange for wealth and immortality. He eventually grew tired of being the Devil’s puppet and broke the deal. The Devil came and claimed the soul of Vendredi (“Friday” in French) for breaking the deal.

    After Lewis' death, his shop was inherited by his niece, Micki Foster (played by Louise Robey) and her cousin by marriage, Ryan Dallion (played by John D. LeMay). They sold off many of the cursed antiques before being stopped by Jack Marshak (played by Chris Wiggins). Jack was Lewis' friend, a retired world-traveller and mystic who originally collected many of the antiques for Vendredi before they became cursed.

    The series follows the protagonists as they hunt down the cursed antiques, which are usually in the possession of people who have discovered their evil powers and are reluctant to give them up. Since the cursed antiques are completely indestructible, the ones that the group acquires are locked away in a vault beneath “Curious Goods,” the rechristened antique store. They use a special manifest written by Lewis as a guide as it holds the records of all the cursed objects sold.

    Most of the stories in the series deal with people using the cursed objects for their own personal gain. All of the cursed objects grant either the user’s deepest desire or some extraordinary power. However, the curse always requires that the cursed object be used to kill someone in order to activate it. For example, there is a cursed scalpel that gives a surgeon the ability to cure anyone, but in order for the scalpel to work, the surgeon will need to kill someone else with it beforehand. In most instances, the person using the cursed object ends up becoming a victim of the object’s curse. Some objects have been shown to be sentient, such as the doll ("The Inheritance").

    Occasionally, there would be an episode in which the trio would have to confront their uncle’s spirit or would fail to obtain a cursed object, and the search would be continued in another episode.

  • Charmed - Charmed is the story of the three Halliwell sisters, Prudence, Piper and Phoebe, discovering that they are the world's most powerful good witches, The Charmed Ones; each gifted with innate magical powers they must collectively use to defend the "innocents" of San Francisco from demons, warlocks and other evil beings. During their fight against the forces of evil, eldest sister Prue is killed, breaking the united Power of Three. However, the Charmed triple-destiny is restored with the introduction of a long-lost fourth half-sister, Paige Matthews, who is half-witch and half-whitelighter. During Seasons One to Four, the sisters' combined destiny was to vanquish the Source of All Evil, the ruler of the Underworld, and his demonic minions. Upon fulfilling their primary destiny, the Charmed Ones were fated to destroy the Nexus; engage in the Ultimate Battle; and usher in the next generation of good witches. On top of their supernatural lives, the four sisters must also contend with serious issues in the real world (such as relationships, careers, marriage, childbirth, illness and death), as well as preventing the exposure of magic, the subject of several police investigations throughout the series.
  • Matlock - The show centered on widower Benjamin L. "Ben" Matlock (Andy Griffith). Matlock is a renowned, folksy, popular yet cantankerous defense attorney, who is worth every penny of his $100,000 fee. As part of "The Thief (Part1)" Matlock bartered his services for several rare coins in the defense of a coin dealer. His remark was "Look at it this way Michael. You just got $100,000.00 in legal services for just $13.00."[citation needed][neutrality disputed]Harvard, based his law practice in Atlanta, Georgia, and lived in a modest farmhouse in a neighboring suburb. He is known to visit the scene of the crime to discover clues otherwise overlooked and come up with viable, alternative theories of the crime in question (usually murder). Matlock also has conspicuously finicky fashion sense; he generally appeared in court wearing a trademark light gray suit and, over the nine seasons, was seen behind the wheel of three generations of the Ford Crown Victoria— always an all-gray model (Andy Griffith always drove Ford products in his 1960's show, The Andy Griffith Show, as with Matlock). Some Mayberry alumni had guest shots on the drama: Don Knotts, Aneta Corsaut, Betty Lynn and Arlene Golonka. He has also solved and subsequently won at trial almost every case he has taken, especially murder cases where everyone else was sure his client was guilty. He studied law at Harvard, based his law practice in Atlanta, Georgia, and lived in a modest farmhouse in a neighboring suburb. He is known to visit the scene of the crime to discover clues otherwise overlooked and come up with viable, alternative theories of the crime in question (usually murder). Matlock also has conspicuously finicky fashion sense; he generally appeared in court wearing a trademark light gray suit and, over the nine seasons, was seen behind the wheel of three generations of the Ford Crown Victoria— always an all-gray model (Andy Griffith always drove Ford products in his 1960's show, The Andy Griffith Show, as with Matlock). Some Mayberry alumni had guest shots on the drama: Don Knotts, Aneta Corsaut, Betty Lynn and Arlene Golonka.
Source: www.wikipedia.com

The rest goes to Batibot, Sesame Street, 21 Jump Street, MacGyver, and Dooggie Howser MD. Hehehe obvious ata na 80's child ako hahaha!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How Do I Look?

Thanks to Trinity for the inspiration hihihi!

Once again, I've changed my blog layout. I was bloghopping yesterday and saw Trinity's blog. Buti nalang may link yung pinagkuhanan niya ng blog skin hehehe. Kaya ayan may bago na akong look.

Good thing about this sites is that they are user-friendly. I'm such a dummy when it comes to HTML and CSS. Copy paste lang and you're done.

Tell me kung medyo masakit sa mata yung fonts. I'll change it if time permits.

Have a nice day!

Long Exposure

Dad was again on TV last night...

Everytime Dad's office would have budget hearings at Congress, he would always tell us with glee, "manood kayo ng news, nasa TV ako!". Pero pag andiyan na ang footage, pagkaturo palang niya umaalis na yung camera at nakatutok na sa iba. Spilt second lang hahaha. Siyempre, di naman celebrity si Dad para i-expose siya ng matagal. Pero feeling star si Dad pag nasa TV siya kahit nakaupo lang siya sa likod ng mga big boss niya.

But yesterday was different. By the time his boss was about to tell the accomplishments for the year, Dad was standing behind him and pointing to his boss kung ano yung mga isasagot sa mga tanong tungkol sa budget ng DPWH. Nakakatuwa, tatlong angulo pa siya nakunan. Hehehe! Hmmm... kaya pala suot mo yung Technomarine na watch ko ha hahaha!

I'm so proud of you Dad, they may not know you but I'm your no. 1 Fan next to mom hehehe.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sleeping Habits

I'm beginning to worry about Janna's sleeping habits. It's just that it feels that she sleeps more than eat and playing. She can sleep thru the night already, wakes up at 6:00a.m., she'll eat, play with her dad, then goes back to sleep at 7:00 a.m. Wakes up at 10:00am, she'll eat and play a little then I'll give her a bath. After that she'll watch TV a little, by the time she's in her lying in chest position, she'll fall asleep by herself. After 2 hours she'll wake again to eat. Then play and tummy time exercise. Then she'll take a nap again. After that she'll wake up again, eat, play and nap again ... she'll sleep at 10:00pm ... hay o hay ...

When I told her pedia about this, she told me that babies from birth to 6 months usually sleeps 15-16 hours a day including short and long naps. And as long as when she wakes up, she's active and smiling, and talks to you, then she's fine.

According to babycenter.com, this is what I've found out:

As a new parent, that's probably one of your biggest questions. Below are some general guidelines as to how many hours of sleep the average child requires at various ages. Of course, every child is different — some need up to two hours more or less sleep than others.

AgeNighttime SleepDaytime Sleep *Total Sleep
1 month8 1/27 (3) 15 1/2
3 months105 (3)15
6 months113 1/4 (2)14 1/4
9 months 113 (2)14
12 months11 1/42 1/2 (2)13 3/4
18 months 11 1/42 1/4 (1)13 1/2
2 years 112 (1)13
3 years 10 1/21 1/2 (1)12
* number of naps in parentheses

Keep in mind that most children need lots of sleep. Often, says BabyCenter sleep expert Jodi Mindell, author of Sleeping Through the Night, if a child has poor sleep habits or refuses to go to bed before 11 at night, his parents will think that he just doesn't need a lot of sleep. That's probably not true — in fact, it's likely that such a child is actually sleep-deprived. To see whether your child falls into that camp, ask yourself these questions:

• Does your child fall asleep almost every time he's in a car?

• Do you have to wake your child almost every morning?

• Does your child seem cranky, irritable, or overtired during the day?

• On some nights, does your child seem to crash much earlier than his usual bedtime?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, your child may be getting less sleep than he needs. To change this pattern, you'll need to help him develop good sleep habits and set an appropriate bedtime. "Then he'll get all the sleep he needs to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed," Mindell says.

As he gets older, your child will probably stop napping and start doing all of his sleeping at night. Preschoolers and young elementary school students still need up to 10 or 11 hours of sleep a night, but that amount will gradually decrease. By the time he's a teenager, your child will need only about nine or 10 hours of shut-eye per night. To find out more about children's sleep patterns, take our quiz.

Janna's First Favorite Toy

One of my uberly long overdue tag from Mai.

Here are the rules:

Post a photo of your baby with her/his first ever favorite/comfort toy. Write some details of your fondest memory of your baby and her toy. This will make a good moment when your baby grows up! Lastly, don’t forget to add the link to your website’s at the end of the page. I’m sure many moms would love to see your sites, too!

Amelie’s mom, RD and CN’s mom, savenathan, Great People Make us feel we can become great, Everything That has Breathe Praise The Lord, Surviving deployment, Simple Life, Simply Me, Asawa’s Love Book, Pinaymama’s Diary, Just Life…, A Mother’s Journal, Dion’s Mom(Jona), PinayWAHM, Loyna’s Life’s Endless Possibillities, Can of Thoughts, Designs By Vhiel, Anything and Everything in Between, D’ Cooking Mudra, My Life in This Wonderful World, My Precious, Just Me.. Eds, My Colorful World, Spin180 | Wisdom City | MY Happy Place | IamDzoi | ClikTrik |I Love the Thirties | My New Home | All Things Me | Because Life Is Fun | Walk on Red | When Mom Speaks | Buhay Misis | Kathycot | Kathycot Cooks | Love. Happiness. Us. | The Scrapaholic Me | Swept Away | Life's Little Secrets | YOUR LINK


Janna's first ever comfort toy she loves to see everyday is this clock from our room. I don't know why babies talks to non-living things more than a human hehehe. When I change her nappies, she always looks at this clock. I can even cut her nails whenever she's busy looking at it. and though we already put up her mobile toy on her crib by the time she turned 1 month, she still keeps on looking at this clock.

When she already reached 2 months old, she's fond of looking at her mobile toy more than the clock. Maybe because of it's vivid colors and everything. It never made her sleep but it never fails to make her laugh.

Now that she's already 4 months old, she's starting to love holding rattles ... and loves it putting in her mouth hahaha.

Now I'm tagging Irene, Cheryl, Chie, Pittipat and Jackie

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Someone is sick

Janna had her 2nd IPD vaccine yesterday. She's one brave baby, she didn't even cried out loud when her Pedia prick her very big thighs. She did cry a little but not that loud. At home she's so busy playing with her lolo and lola, drinks lots of milk and take naps in between. I thought she'll be fine coz I'm worried she might have fever. Her pedia told us that most likely she will have a fever with this vaccine.

Around 1:00 a.m, I was awaken by her because she keeps on tossing and turning in her crib. I just took a peek on her and she stopped. So I just went back to bed. Before I could fall asleep again, she did it again. I thought maybe she wanted to be cuddled, wanted to sleep on my chest. Cause she always do that. So I carried her and she cried, and was alarmed on her temperature.

I waked Jason up and told him that Janna has a fever (40 degrees celsius). He panicked a bit and held Janna onto him. I took her medicine from her medicine kit and Jason let her sipped it. After that she vomits, spilling out all the medicine and some milk. She is now soaked with vomit and I panicked. I told my mom that Janna has a fever. She immediately got a face towel and pour cold water on it. Put it on Janna's forehead (arrrgghhh why don't we have Cool Fever that time.) Mom said that I should watch her temperature, baka daw magka-kumbulsyon. Yaiks! Now I'm so worried. Around 2:30 a.m. she fell asleep already and her temperature went down a bit. Thank God for that.

This morning, she woke as if nothing happened last night. She smiles, coos, laughs at everyone just like what she's doing everyday. I'm now finally relieved. Thank you, Lord for making my baby feel well.

It's not only Janna who is sick, my bunsong kapatid also was diagnosed with muscle strains. He's already staying in my Aunt's condo unit, he has no one to turn to for help. He called my Dad that his having a hard time lifting his head and arms. The pains already killing him. To the rescue my Dad is, they went to FEU hospital after fetching him. Muscle strain daw ang dahilan. Kaya eto he needs to stay here at home because he needs Mom's tender loving care. I think he's already ok now ... I could hear his voice from the next room laughing out loud watching TV hehehe. Naku, di kaya you miss us lang kaya ka nagkasakit? hahaha!

Janna on Ging Lorenzo's Blog

Yup, Ging Lorenzo already posted Janna's photos last September 11 (Janna's 4th month birthday) on her blog. Thanks Ging for everything. Can't wait to have you take shots of Julianna on her 1st birthday. I still love Paul Vincent and Ivy ... but unfortunately, I can't afford them anymore hahaha just kidding!

You can view it here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ano ang Sikat!

Got this from Kathy

Find out what is the number 1 hit when you were born, and here is ours... this is so cool!

Ann - "How Deep Is Your Love" by The Bee Gees

Jason - "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night" by John Lennon

Julianna Alyssa - "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis


Happy 4th Month birthday, Janna

Click to play Janna 4th Month
Create your own postcard - Powered by Smilebox

  1. Can now roll over
  2. Smiles a lot, laughs a lot, coos a lot
  3. Can hold a rattle and knows how to ring it.
  4. Can hold her bottle but the purpose of doing so still remains a mystery to her.
  5. Plays and sometimes watches on TV while lying on chest.
  6. Smiles when you say "Cheese" in front of a camera.
  7. Starts to put everything she can grasp to her mouth.
  8. She sometimes hums herself to sleep during the day.
  9. She now looks at you when you call her name.
  10. Still a big time drooler.
Mommy and Daddy loves you so much. You never fail to amaze us everyday. You made our day with your smile and laughs. You make Mom and Dad proud in every milestone you make. Take one step at a time, don't be afraid to go further, we will guide you in every step you will take. We're always here for you.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Questions of the Week #31

It's now time for another Yen's QOTW

1. Do you draw conclusions about what a person might look/act like in real life because of their photos posted on their blogs?
-Sometimes but not all the time

2. Choose 5 online friends you want to meet in person. And tell us why each one of them.

  • Irene - she's a fellow October 2006 bride, a constant textmate eversince. Our love story is almost the same (we both fell in love with our boss' hehehe!).
  • Rhea - she's so down to earth and I love her bubbly personality.
  • Mec - for the reason she seems to be a wonder mom in the making.
  • Jackie - for the reason her son and my daughter share the same birthday last Mother's day.
  • Mai - for being my constant "bisita" in my blog when I was pregnant, sharing some tips and everything.

3. When was the last time you climbed a tree? I've never climbed a tree in my whole life.

4. Would you rather be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond? Metaphorically. A little fish in a big pond. I want to explore more of what I can do in my life.

5. Do you have any royalty or historically famous people in your ancestry? Hmmm... wala ata.

6. Is it difficult for you to sleep on the “wrong” side of your shared bed? Nope, as long as it's my husband and my daughter who'll be sharing the bed with me.

7. Imagine, you’re alone in the world, what would you do? hmmm... I can't imagine what my life would be alone in this world. I think I'll die young.

8. Have you ever wished that you were famous? Sometimes but nah, sakit ng ulo lang yun.

9. As you get older do you find that you behave more and more like your parents? We'll never know until I get there but I wish I'll behave differently from them in some aspects.

10. List your 5 top most wants to receive for Christmas this year!

  • DSLR Camera (A Canon or Nikon camera would do)
  • Big amount of gift certificates to any malls (to shop for me, Jason and Janna hehehe!)
  • A house and lot (so we can move out of my parents house)
  • Plane ticket (for me to experience a plane ride.)
  • My very own laptop

Dear God

Dear God,

Please pakibatukan lang ng konti ang asawa ko ng medyo matauhan. I know he works very hard for us and I deeply understand that. But there are other things that he shouldn't take for granted like spending some quality time with me and Baby Janna.

Oh, don't be to harsh on him ... just an itsy bitsy teeny weeny spanking would do. Thanks!


Monday, September 08, 2008

LF: House/Apartment for Rent

My husband and I have talked about this and decided that it's about time to move out of my parents house. Now, we are on a hunt of a good place for our second home. If you guys know any house or apartment in Metro Manila preferably in Quezon City, please leave a message.

As much as we wanted to buy our own house eh di pa pwede ... madami kasi ang kailangan pang asikasuhin. Though hubby has a lot of projects lately(thank you, Lord for the blessings), it's still not that enough to buy us a house we can call our own. We tried to loan in a bank pero na-decline kami. So we need another option.

Siyempre, hindi din naman kami kaagad basta-basta kukuha ng matitirahan. There are things that we should take into considerations:

  1. It should be environment-friendly community - wala naman atang magulang na ginusto manirahan sa isang magulong lugar para sa mga anak nila.
  2. In good condition pa ang building structure - mahirap naman tumira sa lugar na nagigiba na ng unti-unti
  3. Malapit sa lahat - hospital, school, mall, church ... basta relatively malapit sa lahat.
  4. Accessible sa lahat, yung pwede puntahan kahit mag-kocommute lang.
  5. May parking space para kay Frodo (Jason's pick-up)
  6. Pwede mag-allow ng pets like dogs. We're planning to take Iwamoto and Kimchee with us.
  7. Maayos ang terms sa payment at dapat maayos kausap ang landlord namin.
Actually, lahat yan nandito na sa bahay ng magulang ko ... pero siyempre iba na ang situation ngayon. I'm already married with a child. Hindi naman pwede na tumira kami sa bahay ng magulang ko forever. It's about time to build our own home na din. Para ma-feel din namin na one happy family kami. Yung kami-kami lang. Yung makakakilos kami ng maayos.

Kung kaya lang namin bumili ng bahay at lupa dito sa village namin eh gagawin namin ... kaso hindi pa namin kaya eh.

O God, help us! Lead us to a place where we'll be safe ... hmmm ... kanta yun ah?

Wish us luck!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Under Construction

Please bear with me. I finally decided to change my layout. Every now and then magbabago-bago ang layout niya. I'll surely gonna change my header. I'll need to scrap it and will take a while.

Can somebody help me what a "feed url" means?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Spread the Christmas Spirit

Tagged by Joanne.

Starts here.
It’s so simple. Copy the photo below then write your blog and your wish this Christmas 2008. Your wish has to be something PRICELESS and SELF- LESS… something that money can’t buy… something that another person will treasure dearly.

  1. Bits and Pieces by Jan: I wish Gino and I will be able to convince friends to help us sponsor a simple Christmas party for the children of White Cross Children’s Home in San Juan.
  2. The Wifey Diaries by Jannesse: My birthday falls on the 22nd of December. I have always wished to spend it with orphaned or abandoned kids. I’d be super happy to spend my birthday with them. That way, they get early Christmas presents from me. Oh, and can I wish for a baby, too? Please?
  3. The Versoza Inc. by: Con: I’d like to have a simple Christmas party for all the children of our employees. Times were hard on our company this 2007, but still, the Christmas Spirit should not be overpowered by it. Christmas is about family. So our Christmas party should not be for employees only, but for their families as well. Also, I wish our clan would make it a tradition to have a Christmas gift giving project. My Tita Doi started it last year with the Antipolo church children. I am looking forward to this year.
  4. Mommy On Top: I wish I could help a couple of kids (both are related to my kids’ nannies) finish their education so they can, in turn, help their family earn a living. I could try and help them find a job, but without finishing their studies, they can only go too far. With a diploma or at least some certificate of formal education, they could do so much and reach farther. I hope my efforts in hooking them up with this certain NGO will come out with favorable results.
  5. Me, Myself and I: I wish that I could donate something in a charity or for anyone who badly needs a help this year. And of course, WORLD PEACE! ;)
  6. Life's Little Secrets: I wish God will grant those couples who were praying for them to have a baby. I wanted them to feel what happiness a child can give to them, for them to have a family they can call their own. I know this people are capable of rearing a child and I think it's not that much to grant their prayers and wishes. *wink*
Hope you could spread the spirit of Christ's birth! Mai, Heidi, Irene, and Cheche.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Question of the Week #30

Another of Yen's Question of the Week

1. When did you last wonder if you are in the right path of your life? Actually I haven't. But things are going on smoothly so I guess I'm on the right path.

2. Share or admit the most selfish thing you do on a regular basis. Buy chocolates and not sharing at all.

3. Name three people throughout your life that helped to complete you as a person. My parents, Jason and Janna

4. It says that when a person die your spirit could protect anyone in the world, who would you pick? My daughter

5. What makes you feel dirty? Physically, I mean. If I'm all sweaty, I have to take a shower ASAP.

6. Do you ever find it hard not to smile at a time when you don’t want to? Yes, it's so hard I'm telling you.

7. What do you do to stay physically fit? Actually, I'm not that physically fit but doing mommy chores makes me less fat.

8. What do you do if you suspect you have a symptom of a serious illness? I'll do everything to get well for my hubby and my daughter, I need to survive.

9. What do you do when you have nothing better to do? Think!

10. Do you laugh when you see a stranger trip and fall in public? I did, that's how I met my hubby first day at work. But I don't usually do that.

Janna's Tummy Time

Unstoppable na si Janna during her tummy time ... gumugulong na siya sa bed actually. Sometimes she can lie on her chest alone, but sometimes she needs a little help. Minsan kasi naiipit niya yung isang arm niya and she can't pull it out, umiiyak siya. Pero once you helped her, tawa na siya ng tawa. My daughter is so weird hahaha.

More photos here and here.

Weird Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. Pinasyal daw namin si Janna sa maraming lugar ... every place nagdedevelop siya ... meaning she's growing too fast. Like we went to the mall, we saw her crawling already to the toy store. After that we went to visit my brother in his condo ... bigla nalang naglalakad na si Janna, at malaki na siya ... tapos we went to a park, all of a sudden tumatakbo na siya. Susmiyo, nawindang ako dun ha. Kaya pagkagising ko sinilip ko kaagad ang anak ko ... ayun tulog pa ang bubwit.

So, what are those dreams all about? I made a little research ha...


You have not taken proper advantage of your opportunities if you are dreaming of crawling over rough, or broken ground. If you are crawling over stones and other damaging material and hurt yourself you may shortly experience some humiliating events that are forced on you by others. If you are crawling in muck and mire with someone, then you will shortly fall into a depression over a business failure.


If you dream you are taking a walk through pleasant surroundings then you will enjoy success in love and business. If the path is strewn with briars and other brush, you will experience hardships but if you manage to get through them then you will overcome all your adversaries and make your fortune. To walk in the night hours brings with it much discontent.


A running dream is basically a dream of escaping a certain situation, person, or thing. If you succeed in running away from, or elude a pursuer, then you will be able to change those things in your life that has you 'on the run'. If you dream of the desire to run but cannot get your feet to obey it shows a lack of self confidence and perseverance on your part. Try sticking to your guns and see how much your life will change.

Source: http://www.sleeps.com

Hmmmm ... medyo may connect. Jason and I were talking about lots of things last night, medyo related yung mga napaginipan ko. Sa business, family on both sides, kay Janna, yung future home namin ... mga ganun ... Sana mangyari yung mga positive, wag na yung negative.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Tag Train #4

PLAYERS: FAB FINDS,ETC. | Life's Little Secret | YOUR BLOG

1. What's the age difference between you and your eldest sibling? 5 years gap

2. Do you believe that there's always room in your heart for your first true love? I've finally found it.

3. What is your zodiac sign? Capricorn

4. Why did you hug the last person you hugged? I always hug my daughter (gigil mode)

5. Who is the last person of the opposite sex that made you smile? hubby

6. Do you have trust issues? before, I don't ... but now ... yes!

7. Where will you be tonight? Just here at home.

8. Who are you texting? Hubby, coz he's doing some errands for me.

9. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Of course.

10. If the person who hurt you the most in your life apologized and told you they loved you what would you do? Nothings, nobody has the right to hurt me.

11. Last time you had a yummy chocolate ice cream? Janna's 3rd month birthday

12. Are you mean? Nope, but I love the idea of me being mean just for one day hehehe.

13. Who do you trust the most in your life? my mom and my hubby

14. What do you miss most about your past? shopping spree and gimik nights.

15. If given a chance, would you change your name? Yes.

The train's next stop is on this station.

"Ber" Months are here again

Today starts the first day of the "ber" months. I can already feel Christmas is just around the corner. I'm pretty excited about it coz it's our first Christmas with Janna. And also our first time to celebrate our birthdays and our anniversary with her. Nakakatuwa di ba? Mas masaya ngayon kaysa dati. Nag-iisip na nga ako ng itinerary namin eh ... kaso oo nga pala, I need to consider also, the family from both sides wanted to spend their time with Janna as well.

I decided to post more on my blogspot site than on my wordpress site. Wala lang, I just felt na this is really my home. Saka mas marami ako visitor dito kaysa sa Wordpress account ko 9hmmm assuming ata ako hehehe). And how can you maintain two blogs with same post, same photos ... parang kino-clone ko sarili kong blog di ba?

Next week marks Janna's 4th month. She already have lots of milestone lately that I'll be blogging this coming days. It's so fascinating talaga to watch your baby grow. Kaya we bought a new rechargeable battery to capture her milestones. The old ones were better used with my Canon Powershot A400 camera. The Canon S3IS consumes more power. Pero nakakatawa, di ko naman ma-post lahat hehehe.

I haven't started printing out her photos from her Christening ... so scrapping her photos was set aside for awhile. But I promise to start soon.

I also wanted to start on planning for her first birthday ... pero hindi kasi namin alam kung will do a Jollibee/Mcdo party or themed ones ... I know themed parties are very expensive ... but siyempre I want her first birthday to be so memorable. Isa pa, I wanted a different party so yung mga kids ng friends namin eh maiba naman ang ma-experience when it comes to children's party. Next year din, we're planning to move out of my parents house. Kaya medyo dadami talaga expenses namin this coming year. For the meantime, I have to set aside planning her birthday.

I visited some ka-bloggie friends who are now expecting their first borns. Nakakatuwa kasi halos kasabayan ko sila nagpi-pray sa isa't-isa on having our babies na. And so happy for them na magkakaron na din sila ng bundle of joy weeeeeee. Kaya Nikki (uy lapit na sis, kaka-excite), Heidi, Mari, Berns, Thet, Maeyo and Cheche ... ingats kayo palagi ha :) eat well, saka nyo na problemahin ang body fats. Enjoy your pregnancy ... post your preggy pics ha :)

And to Irene, Tin, Alynn, Nette and Chie who delivered their first born already, goodluck on breastfeeding! And hope to see more photos of baby Andi, Penoy, Elijah, Mackenzie and Lucas ... Tin, better luck next time nalang tayo ... may sususnod pa naman na baby, so malay natin, makapag-breastfeed na tayo that time di ba?

Hanggang dito na muna ... My two babies are taking a nap so I'll be joining them now... inggit ako eh hahaha.