Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I thought Janna is already teething, the last time she's in a gigil mood, she bite my finger so hard and cried after that. We decided to buy her a teether. I bought a Munchkin brand from Angela Moira Store. And the other we bought at SM. We bought two s0 we can alternately use it. But her lola also bought her two from Chicco hehehe. She now have four teethers all chillin' inside our fridge.

As I predicted, she enjoyed it at first. After that, she don't want to use it anymore ... hay such a waste of money again. I wish I just waited till it's really time. She's not teething naman pala ... nanggigil lang hehehe. She likes licking them though. Now, she's drooling twice than before.

Hmmm ... I think she thought it's a popsicle :)