Tuesday, September 23, 2008

faMEALy Day

Yes, kinarir ni mommy ang FaMealy Day na yan, kaya she told me to order food from Goldilocks. Kumpleto sana kami kundi dahil sa aking uberly pasaway na kuya, who happens have an emergency meeting in his office and not able to have dinner with us.

It says that a family bonds during dinner. At the end of the day, this is when they share each others day happenings and family matters. It is also believed that it lessens a child's tendency to be a drug addict, or a juvenile delinquent. It also lessens the chances of a child being a victim of crimes.

Pag lagi ba naman ganito, eh di ang sarap lagi kumain hehehe. Again, nasobrahan ata ang pag-order ko. Hanggang breakfast yan ang pagkain namin hahaha.