Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Question of the Week #29

Another of Yen's Question of the Week

1. When you see a man and woman walking together, do you automatically see them as ‘a couple’? Well it depends on what they're doing.

2. Is it always okay to walk along minding your own business, not bothering anyone? Yup, I guess so.

3. Which foods that you believe are bad for you that you stubbornly refuse to stop eating? Chocolates, they say it's bad for asthmatics, but I still eat it.

4. How would you handle these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights? the first and the last yes ... but the lost luggage, I might get some help.

5. Do you easily adopt habits or phrases from the people around you? Just phrases not habits.

6. What do you think of this situation?
~ In a checkout line at a store, someone is angrily yelling at the cashier because she’s waiting for minutes already. A long line of people are behind them with no other checkout line available. Does the angry person have a right to be yelling? Yup, it's not only him/her who needs services. A lot of people are already in line waiting just like him/her. A little yelling would do to stop him from nagging.

7.How often are you greeted by strangers in a friendly manner while walking around in public? Not much, I don't usually look on others faces when I'm out.

8. What do you think of Crocs? They are so comfy, I have two Crocs right now and I can't imagine my pregnant days without them.

9. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? An hour

10. What kind of accent do you find attractive? what accent?

Tag Train #2


1. Last phone call you received? My mom asking for stuffs she needs to buy in the grocery.
2. Last text message? from Andrea
3. Do you hate your life? No, now that I have a family of my own... I feel so complete.
4. Do you get mad easily? I'm a very patient person.
5. What is your biggest pet peeve? Social climbers
6. Are you cold? No
7. Do any of your friends have kids? Yup
8. Do you know anyone that is pregnant right now? Yup I do ... they're too many to mention.
9. Who should pay on the first date? The GUY
10. How many years older than you are you willing to date? 3 years older than me ...
11. Do you have any friends? Of course
12. Do you have any mean friends? Yep
13. What is the ugliest color to wear in your opinion? Orange
14. Have you ever liked someone who all your friends hate? Yes
15. Have you ever felt like driving off a cliff, seriously? Nope
16. Have you ever contemplated suicide? NOPE
17. Do you scratch your ears? If it's itchy :D
18. Who was the last person to hug you? my daughter
19. What brand are the pant/jeans you're wearing right now? I'm still wearing my pants from Havin' a Baby hahaha.
20. How tall are you? 5'1"

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tag Train #1

Tag Train #1


1. What is your middle name? Recta
2. What color is your mailbox? Green
3. Are you single? Married with a child
4. Have you ever hit a deer? Nope
5. Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? No
6. What color is your room? Baby blue
7. Do you have a small driveway? No, our driveway can park 5 cars in it.
8. Do you know anyone with the same ringtone as you? Yup
9. What do you do first in the morning? Sneeze
10. What brand is your printer? An Epson printer that hubby got as a gift from his badminton tournament.
11. Do you enjoy fighting with people? No
12. Is your hair naturally straight or curly? Wavy and planning to have it treated.
13. Who was your kindergarten teacher? sorry I can't remember.
14. What is your ringtone? Nostalgia
15. Are you taller than your mom? Yes
16. What curse word do you say the most when your pissed? Anak ng Boggie!
17. Do you like someone? Yup.
18. Do you enjoy writing in colored pens? Yup, I even collect them before when I was still in college.
19. Does anything hurt on your body right now? my back and my butt.
20. Do you often cry during a movie? if it's really a tear-jerking one.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Question of the Week #28

Another of Yen's Question of the Week

1. Are you easily influenced by other people or current trends? On clothes and accessories, yes! But on other aspects, no!

2. What makes you unique (in your own opinion)? hmmm... tough question ... what do you think?

3. Name 3 of your worst quality. Impulse buyer, Shopaholic,

4. Name 3 of your best. Fast Learner, Easy to get along, Simple

5. Describe the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you. Just by listening to my angst and happy moments in my life.

6. Tell me about your dream last night. Never had a dream last night.

7. What is the most expensive item you own? A Technomarine watch, a gift we got from my Dad's friend.

8. How about the least expensive? Kikay stuff like earrings and bracelets.

9. Do you ever leave little notes to your partner? Yes, before ... now I leave notes thru text.

10. When you’re talking, do you ever use your hands in the air to do quotation marks of certain words? Nah, I don't think so.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Christening Photos by: Ging Lorenzo

I received the package last Wednesday morning. I saw it at the foot of our bed ... napangiti ako ng todo! Ang tagal ko na kasi hinihintay ito. Share ko lang sa inyo yun packaging ha. Hindi ko kasi alam kung kikay talga si Ging Lorenzo o ganun talaga packaging niya.

As I opened the LBC seal ... eto ang bumulaga sa akin. O di ba pink na pink!

I opened the box at ito ang itsura niya sa loob

Oh di ba, kahit excited ako di ko siya mabuksan ng basta-basta hahaha! Eto ang laman nun...

Copy of high res photo in DVD format plus 50 free loose print. Super natuwa ako sa mga photos.

Photos are already uploaded here. Happy viewing!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Question of the Week #27

Another of Yen's Question of the Week

1. Do your days fly by or seem to last forever? fly by ... everyday I could feel my daughter is growing so fast.

2. Have you ever stayed in a fancy, high class, rich hotel? I don't know if Century Park Hotel is a high class hotel ... but that is the most expensive hotels I've ever been to.

3. Have you ever stayed in a rent-by-the-hour motel? Nope

4. What, in your opinion, is the best advertising slogan out there? Don't Worry, there's no Sugar!

5. When they start sending rockets to the moon for us civillians will you be on the list to go? Sure, that's pretty exciting, I guess.

6. How are you feeling right now? hmmm constipated

7. Have you ever written anything on your skin? on my high school days ... yes!

8. If so what? classmates phone numbers, answers to some questions, kodigo hahaha!

9. Have you ever looked directly at the sun? Yah, but just a split second attempt.

10. Name something you just cannot forget, no matter how hard you try. If somebody messed up with me, I can't seem to forget the pain they've caused but I easily forgive them but not forget.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Julianna Alyssa @ 3 months old

Click to play Janna @ 3 months old
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Reading to your baby, even at this young age, will pay off. Hearing you read helps your baby develop an ear for the cadence of spoken language. Varying the pitch of your voice, using accents, and singing will make the connection between you and your baby that much more interesting.

If your baby looks the other way or loses interest while you're reading, just try doing something else and give her time to rest. Take your cue from your baby's responses.

You'll find plenty of good books to read to your baby — such as Goodnight Moon, Good Night Gorilla, and The Big Red Barn. Choose board books that have large, bright pictures and simple text — or even wordless books with pictures for you to narrate. At this point you don't have to be slavish to age guidelines. Books designed for older children can captivate a baby if they have clear, crisp images and bright colors.

Your baby has been able to recognize you since he was just a few days old, but now he may actually be able to show it. About half of babies this age begin to exhibit an obvious recognition of their parents.

Your baby will probably continue to smile at strangers, especially when they look him straight in the eye and coo or talk to him. But he's starting to sort out who's who in his life, and he definitely prefers you, your partner, and perhaps a few others.

Your baby may quiet down and make eye contact with you, or he may search for you in a room and move his arms in excitement or smile when he finds you. He may even find your scent calming and comforting.

Janna's milestone @ 3 months
  1. Moves from side to side.
  2. Answers with her coos and laughs
  3. Can now appreciate books with colorful illustrations.
  4. Talks with eye to eye contact
  5. Knows how to watch TV
  6. Voracious milk drinker. She can finish 4 oz of milk. Shifted her teats from #1 to #2 already.
  7. Less cry, more smile, more laugh.
  8. Can now sleep through the night. Though she sleeps a little late. She sleeps at 12mn and wakes at 7:00am.
  9. She can lull herself to sleep during day time.
  10. Tries every now and then to hold her bottle.
  11. Now enjoys bathing in her tub.
  12. No more colic!
  13. Big time drooler
  14. Clings more to her Mom but talks to her Dad more.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Question of the Week 26

It’s time for another Yen’s QOTW.

1. How is the weather like outside?
:: Mukhang uulan

2. If you’re given an hour to raid a closet of a blogger friend who would you choose? And what would you get?
:: Nikki, she has lots of shoes and bags, all branded …

3. Do any of you know why we sneeze? Where did “God Bless You” originate?
:: All I know is that when we sneeze, our heart stops in zero point something second. So if you’re still alive, you’re so blessed. Yun yung reason why they say “Bless You” when you sneeze kasi buhay ka pa.

4. Which is worse? Finding a bug in your sandwich or a very curly hair in your soup?
:: A very curly hair in my soup.

5. What is the color in your room you are in right now?
:: Yellow

6. If I asked every person that you’ve kissed, they’d say that your kisses are tentative, wild, intense, or sweet?
:: the question is, who would you ask that question hehehe.

7. Which do you prefer, Not eat for lunch or not eat for supper? Why?
:: Not eat for supper. So my digestive system can have more time to digest all what I have eaten earlier.

8. It’s August already, which month so far was the best month ever? Why?
:: May… when I gave birth to my daughter Julianna Alyssa on Mother’s Day.

9. If you could write a book that was guaranteed to be published, what would it be about?
:: Hmmm … maybe I could write something about my mom and me … I can relate to Ruffa and Anabelle Rama because we’re a little like that.

10. If there was an extra hour in the day, what would you spend it doing?
:: Spend time with hubby :) but make sure Janna is sleeping already *wink* *wink*