Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.46

Aside from hubby giving his monthly earnings (hehehe!), one reason that make me smile is the view of my daughter doing her stuff like, smiling, giggling, babbling, the look of her first taste of food, the way she walks in her walker ... everything about her makes me smile. And also the time when hubby, her grandparents and tito and titas playing with her. I could feel that she's full of love everywhere she goes coz all the people around her loves her so much.

Watching a favorite movie, or hearing a fave song on the radio also makes me smile.

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Tag Train #14

PLAYERS: A MOTHERS HORIZON | Swept Away | Life's Little Secret | Your Blog.

1. If the object of your affections were to serenade you, what song(s) would you hope he or she used?
*.* Songs like Longer by Dan Folgenberg and That's All by Micahel Buble.

2. Have you ever just started dancing/singing in the middle of somewhere?
*.* most of the time, it entertains my daughter when someone is dancing or singing in front of her.

3. When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness?
*.* taste ...

4. Would you name a child of yours after you?
*.* No, I don't like my name either but I have to live with it hahaha.

5. How much do you actually care about the inner workings of your computer or is it only as long as it works?
*.* as long as it is working ... hubby is more into the computer not me.

6. What makes you weak?
*.* when I don't eat and sleep properly.

7. How do you connect to the internet from home?
*.* DSL

8. Do you wear anything with sentimental value?
*.* wedding ring

9. What advice would you give to a friend with cancer?
*.* it's really hard to comfort somebody who was diagnosed with cancer. But if she still have chances of getting well, I'll tell her "No one dies of cancer anymore, that's why there's a lot of medicines and procedures done to save a life, just smile ok?"

10. In time for Thanksgiving, what are you most thankful for this year?
*.* I'm thankful to have a child that most couples wish for after getting married. I'm so thankful for always having food on our plates and still eating 3 times a day (sometimes more). And I'm also thankful for blessing my hubby with so many projects.

11. If you could say only one thing to the world, what would it be?
*.* I'm blessed!

12. When was the last time you let the people you love/people who are important to you know you love them/that they are important to you?
*.* I do it everyday.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pre-Christmas Greeting

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Got this from Plurk buddy, Toni.

You are longing for some love and affection at this time - not that you have been deprived of tender loving care - but there are times when everyone needs to try something new or to go 'somewhere' else to perhaps experience that little extra 'understanding'.

You are feeling very vulnerable at this time. Nothing seems to be going in the right direction - business wise, private-life wise, everything. You need some emotional security and an environment which could possibly provide fewer problems, but the way you are feeling you can't be bothered even to make the effort.

Everything seems to have gone wrong and the situation at this time is such that you are not quite sure which way to turn. So it would appear that you are 'holding back', re-consolidating your position and relinquishing all fun and games for the time being.

Your ability to withstand the pressures of everyday life have been overtaxed and this is leading to stress and frustrations. It would seem that for the time being you have lost the resilience and strength of will necessary to contend with existing difficulties. You feel that it is all 'too much' and, try as you may, you are getting nowhere. But to give you credit, you continue to stand your ground and pursue your objectives with a fierce intensity. Naturally this situation is subjecting you to intolerable stress and pressure from which you would dearly like to escape, but you can not bring yourself to make the necessary decision. As a result you remain firmly involved in the problem and you can neither view it objectively nor get rid of it - you cannot leave it alone and you feel that you will only be at peace when you have reached your objective.

You are putting on a show - a facade. You are a master of demonstrating considerable charm in the hope that this can or will lead to better things. Deep down you are fearful that this may not work and that you may have to employ other strategies in order to realise all your ambitions.

Try it here.

Question of the Week #41

1.Does your age make you feel left out? Sometimes but not all the time.

2. How do people of the same gender as you but taller than yourself make you feel? Very very short and bulky hahaha!

3.When did you last scream? Why? Last April ... don't ask why please.

4. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize it as a weakness in yourself? If they talk about something I didn't have ... like they've watched a movie that I really love to watch then they'll talk about it ...

5. Have you ever slipped on a banana peel? Yes, when I was in highschool

6. Have you ever walked around someone else’s home barefoot? Yes

7. What do you do when you are left home alone? I surf the net, read books, watch DVDs or cook food.

8. When someone is vague or confusing, how do you process it? I just let her/him be.

9. Typically, when someone says to you: “I’ll be five minutes”, how long do they actually take? One hour at least.

10. For you, what is the best word in the English language? unconditional

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanks to Architecture Week ... our Twilight movie date this weekend has been cancelled. I've been waiting to watch that movie, at bigla ba naman sinabi ni hubby na may lakad daw siya ng Saturday and Sunday dahil sa Architecture week. Susmiyo ... hindi ba pwedeng isang araw nalang sa weekend nalang siya umattend? Siguro naman sa isang araw, ma-a-accomplish na niya yung dapat niya gawin. It's all been work and extra-curricular activities ... set aside palagi kami.

I always have the right to be pissed off. Kaya don't mess up with me ...

Milestone: Sitting

She still can't sit by herself, but I tried to make her sit in a sitting position last week ... Still has a problem balancing but getting the hang of it. I'm so proud of her.

More practice honey and you'll gonna do better next time. And I'm sure you'll gonna love sitting while playing with your toys.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tag Train #13

PLAYERS: SIMPLY ME | Swept Away | God's best Gift | Life's Little Secret |Your Blog

1. What do you and your parents fight/argue about the most?
~ Mostly it's just me and my mom ... about rearing Janna and the do's and don'ts ... on disposable diaper and cloth diaper, petty but irritating.

2. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
~ Eyes on Fire and Never Think from Twilight Soundtrack

3. Any plans for tonight?
~ Nope, but tomorrow there is ... will be having dinner with my Uncle Froilan and Auntie Ella I think at Dad's Megamall.

4. If you could have any job what would it be?
~ A work-at-home-mom, but I'm still enjoying my job being a stay-at-home-mom

5. What is your favorite time of day?
~ middle of morning and afternoon, coz Janna is sleeping that time. Enough time to be online.

6. Do you like mustard?
~ Yup, especially on grilled hotdogs with ketchup.

7. What kind of phone do you have?
~ A Nokia N93i for my Globe, a hand me down phone from Dad. And another Nokia phone I got from hubby for my Sun.

8. What are some things that you have to have everywhere you go?
~ wallet, cellphone, My Blistex Liptone lip balm.

9. How is your relationship with your mother?
~ My opposite but my constant confidante, enemy, and my best friend.

10. If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?
~ Wish there is Winter Season in Pinas ...

11. Is there a girl/boy that knows everything or mostly everything about you?
~ My hubby doodles Jason

12. Do you regret dating anyone you dated?
~ nope ...

13. Do you always answer your phone?
~ Yup, except it's a forwarded message.

14. Looking forward to something this week?
~ Oh yes... we'll gonna watch Twilight this weekend!

15. How did your day go yesterday?
~ Hubby and I attended a baptismal of his collegue. Catch up with them coz it's been a while I haven't seen them. Then went to mass with Julianna after.

The next stop of the train will be on this blog.

The Year You Were Born

Got this from Nikki ... thanks girl!

In 1977 (the year you were born)

Jimmy Carter becomes president of the US

most of the 10,000 Vietnam War draft evaders are pardoned by President Carter

Singer Anita Bryant starts her "Save Our Children" crusade against gay rights

Elvis Presley dies in his Graceland bathroom

Congress creates a Department of Energy

Anwar Sadat flies to Jerusalem in a dramatic gesture of willingness to discuss peace

Orlando Bloom, Shakira, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Liv Tyler, and Ludacris are born

New York Yankees win the World Series

Oakland Raiders win Superbowl XI

Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup

Swedish music group ABBA passes The Beatles as having most records sold

Star Wars is the top grossing film

The Shining by Stephen King is published

"You Light Up My Life" by Debby Boone spends the most time at the top of the US charts

Three's Company premieres

JODY - 1977; (your name - birth year)
JOANNE - 1980
GRACIE - 1978
MANDY - 1975
NIKKI - 1979
ANN -1977

Now I'm tagging Anne, Heidi, and Chie

Friday, November 21, 2008


Since my old blogroll is not working so well lately, I decided to use Blogspot's own blogroll list widget.

Just in case I forgot to put your link on my list, just leave a message.


I'm done reading Twilight last night. Oh I can't wait to watch the movie ... naku ha ... dapat they'll give justice to it or else hindi ko na papanoorin yung sequel nun next time hehehe.

And then hubby told me, "Gusto mo pala yan, sana binilhan kita sa National Bookstore, mura lang P280" arrrggghhhh ... ang sarap niyang sakalin!

Gusto ko yung whole book set eh ... ayoko ng isa lang hehehe.


Geoff and Tisha won 2nd place ... I missed watching it. Hubby just told me who won.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.45

  • Affordable
  • Unique
  • Depends on their age group
  • Something they have interest with.
  • Something they could remind them of me.
  • Something they could use... good to last till the next Christmas hahaha!
When it comes to my inaanak, it always depend on their age group. I give toddlers more on toys. If they are already at their school age, I give them something they could use at school.

For my family, I always give them something to wear ... like shirts or accessories. But I'm having a very hard time buying a gift for my Dad. Don't ask why.

For my friends, I always give them in line with their hobbies or interest ...

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Question of the Week #40

1. What measures have you taken to cut back expenses? I don't go out as much, don't read magazines, I never surf the net. Because if I do, I'll be buying things we don't really need.

2. Have you ever bought a book and used the receipt as a bookmark? nope

3. Can you recall any traumatic, embarrassing or troubling events as a child that
you still remember vividly? If so, care to share? When I was in highschool, my dad got angry with me because I went home so late, and it's my brother's birthday. He was so angry that he put over my head the big bilao of pancit malabon. From there on, I never attempted on going home late again until I've finished college and got a job.

4. What is the strangest question you have ever been asked at a job interview? "Payag kaya ang asawa mo na hindi ka umuwi ng bahay dahil addict sa overnight ang opisinang ito?"

5. Does it make you uncomfortable if a woman is breastfeeding her baby in public? Nope, actually I envy those who breastfed their babies in public. It's something I wanted to do for Janna until now.

6. Do you know anyone who has an unpredictable temper? Who? Yes ... it's my Dad and my younger brother.

7. What did you have to learn “the hard way”? That not all things are easy to get, you have to work on it. It's really hard at first but in the end it's all worth it. I never grown up with "luho". I think I'm more become maluho when I was working already. Because I get to spend my money with those things I wanted to buy for myself.

8. Have you ever been dishonest about the origin of a bruise? nope

9. Have you ever gotten any kind of envelope in the mail without the senders return address? Did you found out who it was from? Nope

10. It’s our 40th QOTW. I am giving away something. Can you tell me why should I give it to you? It’s just a little something to spice up this little Meme! Well, I started doing this meme at #20 I guess. Those who started from the first up to now deserves to have the prize but it's worth a try if you'll consider me the lucky one hahaha.

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Mom's Got a Cam

This is a GE Electric Black A730 Digital camera.

Mom bought her first ever digital camera out of her Christmas bonus this year. Imagine, my mom is still using film-based point and shoot cam until now. I always tell her to use my Canon Powershot A400 whenever she needs it. But still, she'll buy films and use her ever reliable camera.

And she thought that it's about time that she needs to know how to use a digital camera, because next year they will go to Hongkong for their anniversary. At least this camera is so lightweight, slim, and user friendly. I love the features, as well.

At least I can borrow this at pwede ko gamitin pag small purse lang gamit ko. Hihihi ...

Argghhh hindi kaya sabihin sa akin ng tatay ko na hindi ko na kailangan pa bumili ulit ng bagong camera dahil madami na camera sa bahay? Oh no! Lord, please help me!

I'm currently reading ...

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer ...

I have to finish reading the book e-book (thank you sis Lenj) before watching the movie next week with hubby. I'm now on Chapter 12 ... I'm halfway through it. And it's getting better and better as the story goes on.

And now that I have the e-book of those 4 books, hubby told me there's no reason for me to buy the books coz I already put a little use on my PDA. Ay ayoko nga ... I have to have the book susmiyo! Magpapabili ako sa tita ko wahahaha!

I know I've been slacking on updating my blog. I'll do it in a while ... I'll just try to finish the book today.

I hope Janna doesn't get too cranky today hehehe!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brag It!

Thanks to Kirsten of Brag Bangle ... now I have something to brag about wahahaha!

It was my mistake to order the largest bangle. It keeps on falling everytime my arms are positioned downwards. Next time, I'll just order the L-size. Thanks to my hubby ... he doesn't know I bought this for myself. You made me very happy hehehe! I love you mwah!

Can't wait to use it on Sunday ... me and hubby will be attending a baptism of a colleague. Oh it looks like I need a new outfit to go with this one... what do you think, Labs? (cheap shot!)

Family Day Out

We went shopping last Sunday ... or should I say we tagged along Mom and Dad for our Sunday baby day out. I told Jason that it's been a while since he went out with me and Janna. Since it's a 4-day mall sale at Trinoma, Mom and Dad decided to go there.

As usual, I didn't bought anything for myself ... but lola bought me a shirt from Her Bench. And Lolo again bought Janna some clothes and an everyday shoes for her walker time. Basta I'm with Jason, hindi talaga ako makabili ... pero next Sunday I'll insist on getting me something coz I badly need another dress for another wedding coming this December (Jason, I know you stalk my blog sometimes ... ihanda mo na ang sarili mo sa shopping day ko sa Sunday)

As usual, the little one loves going to the mall. When she says "a-pa-pla", it means Trinoma. We just figured it out last weekend. Kasi when we say, "Punta tayo ng Trinoma!" she'll laugh with glee and will say "a-pa-pla!" ... weird ng language ng anak ko hahaha. Just before she dressesd up for the day, she said to Lola and me "sa-ma, sa-ma" pertaining to sasama siya ... kasi we are all dressed up, siya hindi pa hahaha. Akala niya siguro iiwan siya.

A photo of Jason and Janna at Dockers, Trinoma. While waiting for lolo buying pants, I did a photo opp of my two loves. I love the lighting and too bad I don't have my camera. I just used my camera phone here. And I'm glad it's still a reliable phone.

Speaking of camera, I told my Dad about my birthday gift request ... and when he saw the item hindi siya nagsalita ...

Does silence means yes? Ay sana nga!

After shopping, we went to the grocery to buy our weekly food supplies. While waiting for Dad at the lobby, we went to buy a Praline Mocha Frap Grande. Kainis, wala ng Peppermint Mocha ... yun pa naman favorite ko during this season. I already got 1 sticker ... 15 stickers to go till I get that planner in my hands hehehe. Goodluck nalang sa akin. As if I can sip a cup of coffee everyday from Starbucks.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wish Granted!

Got it last Thursday night courtesy of her Lolo's Christmas bonus. Thanks Dad! Although mukhang midget na midget ang anak ko sa high chair niya eh salamat po.

I'm always having a hard time feeding her especially when she's in her walker. After taking a bit of her food, she'll walk away from you, and you have to drag her again in the dining area to feed her again.

With this, she sits still while being fed. Maybe she learned already the concept of meal time and playtime are two different things.

Now, can we talk about my Christmas and birthday wish? hahaha!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy 34th Birthday!

Janna and I love you very much! May you have many more birthdays to come!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Question of the Week #39

1. Who brings out the BEST in you? My family

2. What makes you laugh? When my daughter does a very long babbling session ... then when we laugh, she'll laugh hard, too.

3. What makes you cry? Everytime my daughter is sick, when hubby and I is having arguments & when I slice an onion.

4. Would you help this damsel in distress?
+ You notice a woman with a stroller struggling to get to the top of a broken escalator.
You’re late for a meeting with an important, and impatient, person. Why would she insist on climbing that broken escalator in the first place?

5. Do you need some form of retribution and vindication before you forgive? It depends on the level of sin you did. I'm an easy person to deal with ... if you approach me and say you're sorry, then I'll forgive you and forget the whole thing.

6. Do you think you are mentally prepared to win a jackpot in a lotto? Always! But luck doesn't work my way.

7. Do you think the kinds of movies a person enjoys are an indicator of what type of person they are? Nah, I don't think so.

8. How do you do anything? I do it with labor of love.

9. Does music affect your personality? Nope, but sometimes music change my mood.

10. What can you say to brighten someone’s day? Ei! Looking good ha!

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Coffee Break ver. 1.44

Amazing Race ... I love watching them racing till the end while traveling to different parts of the world. It's like you're going to places with them, learning from their culture and loving their country as well.

Survivor ... because you get to see how a person's behavior changes when he starts to experience how hard to live in an island, secluded, less food, uncomfortable place to sleep in and with people who are so eager to win and fight till the end. Makes you think of strategies to stay in the game.

Pinoy Fear Factor ... recent fave coz they've change the format into a reality show, may the person with no fear wins.

I also love watching Pinoy Big Brother before, although it's more scripted and not a reality TV show for me but I love watching them being controlled by somebody who they can't see at all hahaha.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Janna's new toys part 2

Jason went to SM North Edsa last week to claim Janna's toys from Huggies Exploration Promo. Believe me, it's so hard to save those wrappers to accumulate points. The time this promo started, Janna is still using cloth diapers at day. We only use disposable ones during night time.

Kaasar pa, when Jason went to Chicco store to claim the items, my name is already on the list but my items were nowhere to be found. Ginawan ng paraan nung taga-Chicco at nakuha ko rin yung right toy. Actually, I've chosen the Megablok Alphabet Blocks, kaso numbers yung binigay kay Jason. Di bale, it's free naman eh hihihi!

It comes in a Huggies paperbag ... sweet!

Here are the toys I got from my 30 points accumulation of Huggies Diaper wrappers (I wonder what will they do with their wrappers ... it's plastic and non-biodegradable hehehe)

And someone's so eager to play with it.

"How can you open this, Mommy?"

"I love it!"

PSP addict, too?

This is how Janna gets our attention when we are playing with our PSP. She put her hands on the screen and sometimes making a scratching gesture to it. And she never fails, we always look at her after she's doing so. Ewan ko ba, pinaglihi ata sa manok tong anak ko, mahilig magkutkot hahaha.

There was a time when I put her in my lap while playing ... a few minutes later, she's sleeping already hahaha. Napagod kakanood ng game.

One time, we left this PSP lying in our bed. Janna went to it and started pressing the buttons with her hands. "Naku anak, naka-off ang PSP, hindi yan gagana hahaha!"

Sometimes she loves putting it in her mouth ... ginawang teether!

Naku, dapat pala ma-alarmed na kami, dahil malapit na kami magkaroon ng kaagaw sa PSP ni Tito Taba hahaha!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 6th Month Birthday, Janna!

Click to play Janna @ 6 months
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Janna's Milestones at 6 months old
  1. Can now eat solid food. She started eating cereals two weeks before her 6th month birthday. 1 tsp once or twice a day. On her 6th month birthday, I gave her mashed squash from Gerber. She love it! But I gave her a homemade one earlier, and she doesn't like it. i don't know why.
  2. Knows how to greet her lolo and lola by running to them (with the help of a walker, of course) whenever they're at the doorstep already.
  3. She loves grabbing everything she sees. She knows how a water dispenser works (oo ... alam niya ... at muntikan pa yung hot ang pinindot niya.) She loves holding our Christmas tree na muntik na natumba sa kakahila niya. She almost pulled our telephone cord 3 days ago ... buti nalang nasalo ng isang maid namin at hindi sa kanya bumagsak.
  4. She smiles whenever you smile at her. But rarely does it to a stranger.
  5. Can hold her bottle already but only for a few seconds.
  6. She drinks 8oz. of milk every 3 hours.
  7. When you tell her, "Janna, punta tayo ng Trinoma!" she'll open her mouth in awe.
  8. She knows how to smile and pose in camera.
  9. Practicing her sitting skills ... she's still learning the concept of balance.
  10. When she sees her photo, she laughs smiles and giggles with glee.
  11. Loves to see her reflection in the mirror.
  12. Sometimes you don't need to lull her to sleep ... she'll sleep all by herself.
  13. She already have favorite TV shows like The Wonder Pets, Diego the Animal Rescuer and Dora the Explorer. She likes TV commercials of Colgate ... all as in basta may ngumingiti gusto niya at may masayang tugtog.
  14. Sometimes we hear her as if she's like singing a song. May tune kasi pero it's all babbling.
  15. She's babbling a lot lately ... as if she wants to carry a conversation to whom she is talking to. Usually she does that to her Dad and her Lolo hihihi.
  16. She's now good on face recognition ... yung pedia nga niya umiiyak na siya pag nakikita na niya si Dra. Ong sa clinic. Natatandaan na rin niya konti yung mga places na pinupuntahan niya.

Sabi ko ...

... aayusin ko yung closet ni Janna to get rid of her clothes na nalakihan at di na niya magamit ... pero di ko pa din ginagawa.

... update ako ng blog ... pero hindi ko pa nagagawa ng maayos.

... I'll read Confessions of a Shopaholic ... kaso di ko pa nagagawa (malamang panoorin ko nalang ung movie).

... mag-da-diet na ako pero ang sarap ko naman kumain (kasalanan ng mga angels ng tahanan namin)

... bibili ako ng gift ni Jason last weekend, but I end up going with mom and dad sa supermarket to buy Janna's babyfood.

... magpopost ako ng latest photos ni Janna ... kaso isang batch palang napopost ko.

... hindi na ako gagastos sa online shopping, pero napa-order pa ako ng Brag Bangle last weekend hehehe!

... hindi na ako mag-aaddict sa Twitter at Plurk ... ah ... eh ... addicting talaga siya eh. Sorry!

... pag less than 90% addicted na ako sa Patapon, gagawin ko na lahat yan ... kaso 95% addicted pa din ako eh.

Arrrgghhh ... too much things to do but super less time hay o hay!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Breath In ... Breath Out

I've got tons of things to blog about, especially about Janna ... but I'm so addicted and into playing Patapon ... I'll get back when I'm so over it. Right now I'm still 90% addicted to it. Pag 50% nalang, start na ako mag-update ulit ng blog hehehe!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.43

Most celebrated milestone in my life was the day I found out I am pregnant and being a mom for the first time.

I always dreamed of having a family. So when I got married, hubby and I worked on having a baby right away. I was diagnosed with PCOS and it was so difficult for me to get pregnant. After 10 months of waiting, I got pregnant. The first time that I knew about it, everything has changed. I can't mention it all but having a child changed me to a better person 90%. I can't even imagine myself that I have gone through my pregnancy. But I'm so thankful that I am. It made me complete.

Who would resist to have a child like her ...

We so love her from head to toe ...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Question of the Week #38

1. Are you living in a fantasy world all your own? Everyone has it's own fantasies and I'm not an exemption. =)

2. You’re sitting on a small rock with your 5,6,7,8 years old child in your lap, watching the blue sea together, what would you talk about? Life is not always a bed of roses, in each road you take, there would be a lot of obstacles you will encounter. But no matter how hard they are, in the end it will all be worth it. Life is about enjoying every moment. Enjoy life as it goes.

3. If you have all the time in the world, what would you change about your life? Maybe my eating habits ... coz I'm having a hard time losing weight now that I reached the 30 mark. Wish I was that strict on my diet and maybe a gym buff to tone my body.

4. What is the best thing that ever happened to you this past week? Hubby and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary ... I can't remember anything better than that.

5. I seldom _______ without a _______ in my _______. I seldom sleep without a blanket in my tummy.

6. Is there something you will never do? Dating with other men especially now that I'm married and has a kid. Pwera nalang if its Richard Poon that I'll be dating wahahaha!

7. Naughty or nice…which have you been this year? I'm so uberly nice this year!

8. How self-conscious are you? super duper! and I don't know why.

9. Do you think photos of you capture your essence? yes, most of the time.

10. When I get angry,________________. When I get angry, it means I'm so pissed already. I might throw something at you rather than tell things that I don't mean and in the end will regret that I've said it.

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gift Dilemma

On November 15 is hubby's 34th Birthday ... at may-I-announce-the-age pa ako hahaha! Jason is one of the easiest person to please pero I'm having a hard time thinking of something I could give him for his birthday.

Here are some reasons why:
1. No time to shop ... I have to take care of Janna when everybody else is at work.
2. Very small budget, coz I'll be using money na excess sa monthly allowance namin sa bahay.
3. Speaking of money, galing sa kanya yung pera pambibili wahahaha.

Last year kasi alam nyo na kung ano ang regalo ko ... si Julianna ... at gumanti naman siya, sabi niya si Julianna din ang gift niya sa akin ... ok sa gift ... mukhang ako ang nag-wrap ng regalo niya sa akin ... eh 9 months nasa tummy ko si Janna, hello!!!

Wala ba kayong pwede i-share na online shop na pwede ko pagbilhan ng gift ko para kay hubby?

Or may suggestion ba kayo kung ano pwede ko ibigay?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Starbucks Planner 2009

It's spreading around the Plurk community that Starbucks started their annual releasing of Limited Edition Starbacks Planner 2009 yesterday, Nov. 4, 2008. Well, the design is not that appealing in photos. Maybe, I should check it out for myself. It's hardbound and available in 3 colors. I want the red one!

Naku, too much calorie intake nanaman to. Have to drink 16 cups of coffee to get one ... eh bili nalang kaya ako ng planner na iba, at least hindi ganun ka-gastos hahaha!

Pwede pa kaya yung stickers from last year? I still have it in my wallet, mga 6 stickers pa ata yun hehehe.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Message to Online Merchants

Bato-bato sa langit... ang tamaan ay sapul!

Paalala lang po sa mga online merchants ...

Everytime you receive a payment, please make it a point to notify the sender that you already received his/her payment. Hindi yung pakakabahin nyo ng husto yung tao at pinaghihintay ninyo. Always make your clients happy para dumami pa ang clients nyo.

I've been an online shopper eversince I got pregnant. Sa lahat ng online seller, kayo ang lagi nagpapakaba sa akin. Kung di lang sa request ng nanay ko na bilhan ulit si Janna ng item ninyo eh hindi na ako bibili pa. Akala ko naman magbabago na kayo ... pero hindi... ganun pa rin. Hindi kayo magte-text kung hindi ko i-ko-confirm ... mas worst kayo ngayon ... as in di kayo nag-rereply.

I'm warning you, nakaka-two points na kayo ha. Madali ko lang kayo pabagsakin ... I can even write sa magazine where you were featured ... malilintikan talaga kayo. Ayusin nyo systema nyo magpa-partners ha ... ang lakas ng loob nyo porke kayo lang may ganyan online.

I know na nagtatrabaho kayo, kami din naman ... we are working so hard for the money na binabayad sa inyo. The list you can do is assure your clients na our money is in good hands and will receive our item on time. Ganun lang!

I've been endorsing your product pa naman ... halos lahat ng patients ng Pedia ng baby ko pag nakita yung item ninyo eh tinatanong agad kung san ako bumili. And binibigay ko naman ang site ninyo ...

Bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan ay sapul ... please lang mag-reply na kayo sa akin at kinakabahan na ako kung saan na napunta ang pera ko.

Ann's 2008 Christmas & Birthday Wishlist

I'm a simple person ... with simple wants and wishes:

1. A DSLR camera ... probably a Canon 450D cam.

2. A couple of books that I've heard good reviews but don't have the courage to buy it for myself. Note: These are some of my friend's highly recommended books.
3. Complete DVD set of the following TV series
4. An out of town getaway with hubby alone ... and ride my first plane ride.

5. Hongkong Disneyland Trip for the whole family.

5. To grant me a small business.

6. Scholarship for short courses like, baking, cooking, bead works, dressmaking (oo I want to make Janna's dress hehehe!)

7. Sana wala ng magkakasakit sa pamilya ko lalo na sa anak ko na super duper liit pa.

8. At siyempre, ang walang kamatayang ... WORLD PEACE!

Monday, November 03, 2008

At last...

after 4 years este 4 months pala ...

Hubby dragged me to a salon to have a foot scrub and a haircut. Maybe hubby thought that I've been taking care of Janna and him too much that I rarely have time for myself. Especially now that Janna was diagnosed with asthma, we can't just leave her alone with anyone else. So while she is asleep in her lola's arms, we headed to the nearest salon in our village.

how do I look?

Actually, yan na yung haircut ko when I was pregnant to Janna. Ibinalik lang sa dati. Sayang, I should've had it before our anniversary. Eh di ang ganda sana ng photos ko nun hehehe.

And look at my feet ...

Aren't they look pretty now? My mom teased me when she saw my feet ... "Ayan, mukha na siyang paa!" Kainis ... ano kaya itsura ng paa ko nung hindi pa ako nagpapa-scrub? Hmp!

My Labs, thanks for the treat, I love you mwah!

By the end of November, I'll be having hands spa as well. I'll attend 2 weddings in December so I need my skin to look flawless. Hehehe ... ang vain ... as if I have the time to do so hahaha.

At siyempre na-miss namin si Janna...

oh di ba na-miss niya din kami hehehe!

A Gift from the Grannies

While waiting for the kids from the neighborhood to do their trick-or-treat (which eventually didn't push through because it rained), Janna's grannies bought her some things she can use while she's growing. Mom said she bought it on sale ... yah right, she always say that whenever she buys stuff for Janna.

A swing which she still can't use because she can't sit all by herself, after which, we figured out how she can enjoy seating on it with a little support.

She enjoyed seating on it for a couple of minutes ... but after seeing her walker ... she became too ecstatic to try it on.

She still taking her time figuring out how this walker works. All she knows is whenever she moves her legs and feet, she's moving. She can now walk backwards hehehe. A little bit on sideways, but not forward. We put pillow in front of her because she always put her mouth on the buttons in front of her. Akala niya siguro M & M's hahaha.

As days goes by, she's beginning to enjoy her walker more than the swing. So we put the swing back to it's box and re-open it by the time Janna mastered sitting all by herself.

Actually, there's one more item my mom bought for her ... her first ever potty trainer ... but it's still in it's box and will be opened by the time she needs to learn how hihihi. Oh before I forget ... lots and lots of clothes ... and yes it's on sale and they are all pretty ... can't wait to have her wear them all. Of course, I'll take pictures of them don't worry hihihi!

Thanks lolo and lola for the gifts ... now ... aren't you giving something for the mommy? hahaha!

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