Thursday, November 13, 2008

PSP addict, too?

This is how Janna gets our attention when we are playing with our PSP. She put her hands on the screen and sometimes making a scratching gesture to it. And she never fails, we always look at her after she's doing so. Ewan ko ba, pinaglihi ata sa manok tong anak ko, mahilig magkutkot hahaha.

There was a time when I put her in my lap while playing ... a few minutes later, she's sleeping already hahaha. Napagod kakanood ng game.

One time, we left this PSP lying in our bed. Janna went to it and started pressing the buttons with her hands. "Naku anak, naka-off ang PSP, hindi yan gagana hahaha!"

Sometimes she loves putting it in her mouth ... ginawang teether!

Naku, dapat pala ma-alarmed na kami, dahil malapit na kami magkaroon ng kaagaw sa PSP ni Tito Taba hahaha!