Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! myspace graphic comments

Too bad it rained ... no one's able to do their trick or treating ... ano na gagawin namin sa mga loot bags namin? Kainin na namin o ipamigay tomorrow sa church sa mga bata?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Question of the Week #37

1. What does whispering make you think of? Top secret

2 What kinds of current women’s clothing styles do you dislike the most? uberly short shorts and uberly short skirt. The korean-inspired outfits from My Girl.

3. What is your greatest extravagance? if God and money permits, it would be a trip outside the country or buy a DSLR camera.

4. Do you have a good luck charm? What is it? Yup, but I don't use it anymore. It's a bracelet I bought from the very famous Joy Lim.

5. Fill in the blank: “Without ___ I am nothing.” Without my parents I am nothing.

6. How do you react when you find out that your closest friend dated your ex? I don't really care, an ex is an ex, so why bother react? And if your friend really is your friend, she won't be out with your ex on a date.

7. Do your heart and your mind ever disagree? 60% always hehehe!

8. In what areas of your life are you uncompromisable? My family and principles in life

9. Have you ever gossiped about other people in order to add excitement to your own life only for it to back-fire on you ? Nope, I don't.

10. I am___________________. I am sleepy but I have to finish this before hitting the sack.

Join here.

Coffee Break ver. 1.42

We lived in Bulacan for almost 20 years then we move out when I graduated from college and reside here in Fairview. We had a lot of paranormal experiences there in Bulacan. I'll share to you what I can remember ha.

Kwento ni mom, we went out para daw ipasyal kami nila mom and dad sa Luneta. We left the house so cluttered and messy. But when we got home, our housemaid shriek when she saw our house all spic and span. That's the first time we knew we have company in our house.


One time, our house almost got burned down. Without our neighbors help, we wouldn't have save our house. One of our neighbors told us that there's a man who bravely splashed buckets and buckets of water he got from our fish pond just to kill the fire. A lot of people saw him, he's wearing all black and wears a hat. Pinalakpakan pa nga daw nila, because he's truly a hero. But when we're looking for him just to thank him, no one knows where he went. Bigla nalang nawala. Who that person might be?


One of my childhood friend went to our house for a visit. She asked if she can use the comfort room before we eat merienda. Minutes after, she told me, "Tawagin mo na yung sister mo sa loob, kain na tayo!". I told her, "Huh? eh nag-iisa lang akong anak na babae, wala akong sister." and my friend said ... "Eh sino yung girl na long hair na naglalaro ng bola sa kwarto mo?"


Doppelganger Experience

My mom got up in bed to pee when sudenly she saw an image like my grandma, went inside the bathroom. She took a sit first and waited for my grandma to come out. Pero nung napadaan si Mom sa room where my grandma is, she's still sleeping in bed. Then who the hell is that woman she saw going inside the bathroom?

Another bathroom incident, my mom needs to pee again, and she saw a woman na nakatapis ng towel, her long hair all gathered in front of her face. My mom mistakenly thought it was our maid so she said, "Ay sorry!" and closed the door again. When she went to the kitchen, she saw our maid cooking breakfast already ... when she went back to check the bathroom, it's all empty ... and worst is ... it's dry ... parang walang naligo.


The peeing guy ... how did we know it's a guy? For sure naman you know how a pee sounds like when it's coming from a high level di ba?

Whenever Dad is going on an out of town trip, I always stay in bed with my mom. During one of those times, we heard somebody is taking a pee inside the bathroom. As usual, si mom may sakit ata sa bato nung mga panahon na yun, needs to take a pee as well. She mistakenly shouted pa nga kasi she thought it's my brother who is peeing. When she opened the door, no one's in.

There were series of peeing nights, and we're too afraid to see who was it. I'd rather feel and hear them than see them. Kaya mom and I just think of it as someone who look after us whenever dad is not around.


I lived in a boarding house in my last year in college. Dad would fetch me Friday night, and he'll drop me on Monday morning. One time when I got home from school, one of my boardmates asked kung sino daw yung kasama ko dumating kanina sa boarding house. I told her, "Daddy ko pero di naman siya umakyat dito, bawal di ba?". And she said, "Ay hindi, yung babae na kasama mo, nagsalamin pa nga siya dun at inayos yung buhok."

I didn't argue with her, I just told her na wala ako kasama that time. But I knew one of the entities at home went with me. The next thing that happened ... one of my boardmates who always gets my things without permission got sick ... I think that thing gave her a lesson. After that, she never got any of my things ever again.


Before we left our house in Bulacan, we made sure that we fixed everything so that the one who'll be renting won't have second thoughts of renting the house.

One time, one of the carpenter spoke with my mom. "Ma'am, may kasama ho ba kayo dito sa bahay?" My mom said, "huh? ano ibig mong sabihin?" ... and the carpenter continues, "Eh kasi kanina pa kinukuha at nililipat kung saan-saan yung martilyo ko, hindi na tuloy ako matapos-tapos sa ginagawa ko, lagi kong hinahanap at nawawala sa tabi ko yung martilyo ko."


Here at home in Fairview, mom and I were seated opposite sa magkabilang dulo ng dining table. As we are in a middle of our conversation, isang spoon ang umangat galing sa lalagyan niya and fell on the floor. Promise, we saw it with our own eyes. And it's my first time to see such a thing. and I don't want to experience it again.


A lot of times na may nakikita akong nakahiga sa bed ng maid's room namin, tapos makikita ko sila doing their chores in a different location. I even saw once their bathroom door opened, which I thought one of our maid was inside. Tapos nakita ko siya naglilinis pala ng room nila mom.

Okay tama na... natatakot na ako hahaha!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat Preps

Janna's First Halloween. Me and our kasambahay helped out to fill loot bags for the kids on Friday's Trick or Treat here in our village. I just wish Jason will be home early so he could carry Julianna while I snap her some photos with the kids hehehe.

Here are the loots ... siguro naman the kids won't expect to have Hershey's or Cadburry inside their loot bags. Mahirap na buhay ngayon hahaha! Take note, it's all Melamine free (I hope!)

We put it inside this brown bags. Environment-friendly na, mura pa hehehe.

Printed out stickers with "Happy Halloween" and we're done. Hope the kids will enjoy this. All in all it's 102 bags. Not bad na rin ... I'm sure may sosobra pa diyan.

As for my little one, she won't be joining the Trick-Or-Treat because she's still sick due to cough. But her granny bought her butterfly wings so she can dazzle with her charms those kids who will come to get some goodies. I'll try to take a picture of them don't worry. And of course, I'll share Janna's pics as well.

Cotton Year

Yup, it's been two years since we tied the knot. And I could say that we're the same couple as before. Yun nga lang, there are added responsibilities, different perspective in life ... but still the same us. We're not that perfect. Of course, there were series of arguments, misunderstandings and all, but it will be reciprocated with love, hugs and laughs. Well, there are some things we can't blog about, right?

We didn't get the chance to celebrate our 1st anniversary last year because of my very maselan pregnancy. So I stayed in Manila while Jason have to attend the UAP Convention in Bohol. And as I remembered, on the eve of our anniversary, I was brought to the hospital because of a surprise asthma attack.

But of course, we have the best anniversary gift from God... Julianna!

This year, we celebrated it over at dinner with our families from both sides. I told hubby that whenever there's an occasion, we need to celebrate it with our families so that Janna would feel that there are a lot of people who loves her very much.

I wasn't expecting any romantic out of town getaway or trip abroad from hubby. He's not like that ... if there is ... it's me who have planned everything, not him. For now, we are in the need to save on for something. I know romance is greatly affected sa taong nagtitipid, but I'm sure it will be all worth it if we already saved as much to buy our own house di ba? We can't stay here at my parents house forever.

But I'm still waiting for my Crocs Malindi ... hehehe!

My Labs, I love you so much and no matter what happens I'll be always at your side. Thank you for being such a good father to Julianna and a good husband to me. Thank you for providing all our needs. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for loving my family. I'm not good at words, but I'm sure you already get what I wanted to say hehehe. More and more anniversaries to come! Let's just stick together like glue, ok?

hmmm ... labs ... I think I really need a haircut! What do you think? myspace graphic comments

More photos here.

Happy Anniversary to Irene and Val ... we're sharing the same anniversaries kasi hehehe.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tag Train #12

Riding along the train this week:
The Salad Caper | Swept Away | Life's Little Secret | YOUR BLOG

1. Favorite spice? Pepper and Cinnamon
2. Favorite pizza? Sbarro's Mushroom and Cheese pizza (hmmm ... yun ba tawag dun?)
3. Coffee or tea? If so, what kind? Coffee ... I like capuchinos and lattes but when I'm home, I can live with instant coffee.
4. Vanity: Sound mind, big body or Poor mind, great body? Sound mind, big body
5. Preference: Physical or intellectual stimulation? Intellectual
6. When was the last time you pigged out? Yesterday, I ate a big bowl of arrozcaldo for merienda, then at dinner I ate rice with sinigang na baboy. Waaaaaahhh!
7. Which scents are you sensitive to? not so good to smell perfumes... it's giving me an asthma attack instantly.
8. Favorite pig out food? pizza ... I can eat 4 slices in 1 sitting.
9. Love or Hate: Peppermint - I love it on my Starbucks coffee during December.
10. Best food this upcoming holiday season. Lechon from my ninong in Cebu.

Next stop will be here.

I should've been shopping...

I texted hubby that we'll be having a trip to the mall today. I asked him if I could shop for clothes or shoes. Jason said, "Ok, pero wag naman yung tipong parang nauubusan ha?". I'm so happy... hubby loves me so much!

... but after buying all my medicines for my allergies (yes, I've been having series of attacks ... skin asthma coz of the hot weather, asthma at night and rhinitis at dawn), I stopped and think ... I've already spent half of my shopping allowance. I guess I have to control myself on spending too much coz if I do, I might not get what I wanted for our anniversary next week. I asked for a Crocs Malindi from him and he agreed hehehe. But I forgot to asked... kailan mo ako bibilhan? Hahaha di ba, it's so easy to say "yes" pero ang tanong kailan?

Too bad sale pa naman sa Trinoma ... but I've realized that it's so hard to shop when you're with your baby. Coz I ended up checking out baby clothes hahaha! But still, I hold on to my thoughts that I need to buy what's needed. Poor me, better luck next time ... anyway may pasko pa hahaha!


I saw Canon D-Zone kanina ... I wanted to tell dad that I want a DSLR for my birthday pero pinigilan ko sarili ko hehehe. Ayoko kasi malaman ng baby bro ko yun dahil pag nagkataon, wala palagi sa kamay ko ang DSLR na yan ... kasi my little bro is fond of photography ... pero wala siyang art. Basta shoot lang ng shoot. Pero he's constantly learning naman ... ayaw kasi magtanong sa akin ayan tuloy hehehe joke! (kala mo Pro na).


And Dad asked me kanina, if I want a Technomarine Watch ... I so wanted to scream "YES!" pero nagpigil talaga ako, ayoko abusuhin ang pagiging mapagbigay ng tatay ko. I just told him, "Dad, just save it for my birthday ... malalaman mo rin kung ano gusto ko hehehe". And he said, "Bakit sinabi ko ba na bibilhan kita... pabili ka sa asawa mo" ... yeah right! Malamang 60 years old na ako pag binilhan niya ako nun hahaha.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Falling Hair

I don't know why I'm having this dilemma again.

The last time I had falling hair was when I'm preparing for my wedding. Luckily, I didn't experience this when I was pregnant to Janna.

I think I have to buy that shampoo ... forgot the name ... basta it's for falling hair. You can buy it in Mercury Drugstore. Is it Lauat? Basta yun na yun. It's so effective kasi eh.

I constantly tell Jason to check my scalp if he'll see a patch with no hair. I'm a bit worried of alopecia aretea. My Dad has that last year. He has two at the back of his head. Para siyang poknat same size of a 5 peso coin. It's curable naman, kaso ang hirap itago ... kitang-kita kasi. It's due to stress and depression daw.

I'm not depressed, pero stress? Yah I think so ... Nakaka-stress maging wife, mommy and yaya at the same time hahaha. Pero it's all worth it naman. Eh marinig mo lang humagikgik ang anak mo at pasalubong na yakap at kiss from your hubby, tanggal na ang pagod mo.


Janna's pedia already gave me a go signal that she can now TRY to eat solids. Plain Cerelac until she reaches 6 months. Since 2 or 3 weeks nalang ang hihintayin eh pina-try na niya sa akin. 1 tsp. 2x a day ... bibili palang ako bukas ng Cerelac... share ko how it goes. Exciting!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Just wondering why Janna hasn't learned to sit on her own. Even if we let her sit with support, she still can't balance her weight if we let go of her. Ilang months ba natututo umupo ang baby? According to her pedia, it's between 5 - 6 months daw. In two weeks time 6 months na siya, bakit di pa din siya marunong umupo? Do I need to worry?

Pero mas gusto niya na hinahawakan siya ng nakatayo siya kaysa nakaupo siya. Hindi kaya mas atat maglakad ang anak ko kaysa umupo? Mom told me nga baka walker na ang kailangan bilhin, hindi booster seat ahahaha.

I was thinking of buying her a Bumbo seat, kaso it's so expensive, tapos sandali ko lang gagamitin. Hubby told me na we should be patient and wait for her nalang to learn. Eh hindi kaya mahirapan naman kami pakainin siya ng ganun?

We'll start to canvass for a booster seat already. The lola is quite more excited than the mom hahaha! I think this weekend, sasama kami sa mall ... yahoo makakalabas nanaman ako sa wakas. Obviously, na-bo-bore na ako dito sa bahay.


Last night, when I'm teaching Janna to say "Mommy" and "Daddy", she said "Ma!" ... and when I asked her na ulitin niya... sabi niya ulit "Ma!" ... hindi ko alam kung yun na nga yung "mommy" na hinihintay ko na sabihin niya. Tignan ko kung kaya niya ulit ulitin next time. Kanina kasi hindi na siya nag-reresponse. So baka coincidence lang

She calls her dad "a-i" ... nawala yung "d" hahaha! Jason called from Davao, I put my cellphone to loudspeaker so Janna can hear him. She hold the cellphone and flip it to see where the sound is coming. Then she said "a-i". Natawa si Jason. Tapos everytime may question si Jason like "Kumain na ba baby ko?" o "naging mabait ba kay mommy ang baby ko?" she would answer in a babbling way ... hahaha as in parang may conversation talaga sila mag-ama. Nakakatuwa.

Lumalaki na ang baby namin ... baka bukas nag-dedebut na ito sa sobrang bilis ng araw. Hay o hay!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Questions of the Week #36

1. Fill in the blank. “I used to be _____ but I’m not anymore.” “I used to be a shopaholic but I’m not anymore.”

2. What makes you cry? When I explain my side and no one cares to listen.

3. Are you more creative or adventurous? A little bit of both.

4. What is your favorite line from a movie? "I'd rather die tomorrow, than to live a hundred years without knowing you" -John Smith (Pocahontas)

5. What do you do when you have nothing better to do? Watch TV and eat potato chips.

6. Would you rather win an argument knowing you are wrong, or lose an argument knowing you are right? Neither, I want to win because I'm right hahaha!

7. Are you more organized or disorganized? 60% organized, 40% disorganized

8. What do you collect? Books (I love books), stationaries (eversince highschool... but now I don't), formula milk scooper (yup, you read that right),

9. Which gives you the most satisfaction, recognition or private success? satisfaction

10. Any plans for the upcoming Halloween? Janna will be going on trick or treating next week. Of course, hubby and I will come along.

Join us here.

Coffee Break 1.41

We always talk about our love, life and work. I don't know but maybe it's one form of release because there are some things that you can't talk about to your significant other, but you could tell to your friend. Sometimes I ask them for advices on how to go about in some things that I'll be doing. Di nawawala ang okrayan ... which is also part of our kwentuhan. I think everybody does that. Pero we are not that mean ... game naman kami sa isa't-isa kaya no hard feelings after. We also sometimes try to think of business that we can put up together so that we'll gonna have additional income or to help our dear hubby with the expenses.

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Dear God #2

Dear God,

Wag Nyo naman po ako pakabahin. Alam ko po hindi na ako bata at dapat minamadali na namin ang pagkakaroon ng marami pang supling, pero tama na muna po kami sa isa. Give chance to others, dun po sa wala pang anak. Pag 3 years old nalang po si Janna saka namin siya susundan. Hindi ko pa po nakakalimutan ang trauma ko sa panganganak. Hayaan Nyo po muna makalimutan ko yun ng paunti-unti bago nyo po ulit iparamdam sa akin iyon.

In other words, ayoko pa po mabuntis ulit.

Salamat po sa mga biyayang binibigay Ninyo po sa amin sa araw-araw


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stuffs for Janna

I bought Janna last week 2 pairs of Baby Legs from Indigo Manila. I've realized that she have tons of onesies ready to wear a month or two from now.

I so love this ... they're so comfy to wear ... as I can see thru my baby's happy face. But there's a bit of a problem ... it's quite tight on her thighs. Nagmana kasi sa akin, ang laki ng hita. I forgot to take a picture of her wearing this. Next time I will, I promise.

Just as Jason was buying a luggage for his Davao trip, the very excited me made a short trip at the infant section and bought her a mealtime set. Janna's pedia already gave us a go signal that Janna can have solid foods as soon as she reached 6 months. Weeeeeee we can't wait. She already gave us a feeding schedule for her.

Actually, I stashed some money from our account to buy additional spoons and bowls I bought online. I'm sure Jason will be furious if he learned about it. But I'm sure he'll understand. He still loves me even if I'm a pasawife hehehe.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tag Train #11

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Riding along the train this week:
Aggie Scraps | Swept Away | Life's Little Secret | Your Blog

1. Favorite flavor of toothpaste? hmmm ... the red one ... is it peppermint or cherry?
2. Last stupid thing you have done? I was looking for my glasses when my mom told me it's in my head already.
3. A goal you would like to achieve this year? To ask for as DSLR camera as a birthday and Christmas gift.
4. A smell that reminds you of your childhood? The smell of newly baked pandesal.
5. Favorite cereal? Honey Stars and those Oishi cereals.
6. First thing in the morning, I….? sneeze
7. What is your favorite flower? a rose bud
8. What is your favorite form of exercise? carrying my daughter around the house.
9. Do you keep a journal/diary? yup, when I was still in highschool ... but now I have a blog already. (hightech na eh)
10. Do you sing in the shower? Always ...

An Excerpt #2

"Bakit ba ayaw matulog ng mga bata sa tanghali?
Alam ba nilang pag natuto silang umibig
eh hindi na sila makakatulog kahit gusto nila?"

-Bob Ong-

Friday, October 17, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.40

My Dad's conversation with my 3 year old cousin after his birthday bash in the Philippines

JP: Wow, this is the best birthday party ever.
Tito Apin: Really, that's good to hear
JP: Tito, can we do it again next year?
Daddy Jun: JP, we need to save some money first before we can go back here.
JP: Hmmm ... ok, I know you can do it, Dad. You've been working so hard, I'm sure you'll gonna have lots of money till next year

(hala! napasubo ang Daddy!)


New Years Eve of ... ergh ... I forgot ...

Minia: Ate pag nilagay ko ba tong watusi mamatay mga fish?
Me: Oo naman, malalason sila.
Minia: Eh di naman sila namatay, nagfo-floating nga sila eh

(waaaaaaahhh namatay lahat ng goldfish namin nun!)


During my grandma's funeral

Cousin: Ate bat kayo umiiyak
Me: Eh kasi iniwan na tayo ni Nanang
Cousin: Ate, di naman siya umaalis ah, kanina pa nga siya natutulog diyan.

(hay! kids talaga!)

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If you wanna hear how it sounds like ... just go here.

Janna loves it when we're singing it to her Patapon, a game from PSP. Not only she watches it whenever we play it, she really do enjoy listening to it. You need to use earphones or make the volume to its maximum state to let you hear the rhythm.

Since little brother came back home from his two months living alone, I now have everyday access on his PSP. At first, I was not that jolly to play this one. Not only it wakes Janna when she's asleep because of the loud volume, but also I'm having a hard time going thru its rhythm. I'm just satisfied playing Magic Sudoku on his PSP. But when little bro taught me how the game goes, I finally got hooked. I'm now a certified addict! Hahaha ... too bad, hubby erased my save file (arggghh I'm already in Stage 7 with a lot of army grrrr!). Yesterday, hubby got curious about it, he didn't like it at first, but after he got the hang of it, he got hooked as well. Now, little bro is having a hard time getting his PSP from us hehehe.

But you know, I still love Magic Sudoku ... I don't know why but I'm enjoying it more than Patapon.

Question of the Week #35

So funny that I just finished answering QOTW #34 last Monday (oh yes, I was uberly late for that set), and here goes another one hahaha. Here's my take of Yen's QOTW #35:

1. Do you have a broad sense of humor?
nah ... I'm a happy person but I'm not gifted with a good sense of humor.

2. Is it possible to have a truth without an opinion?
No, I don't think so

3. What amount of money would you shave your head for charity?
5 million pesos

4. Do you find it easy to be totally honest with someone even though it might hurt their feelings?
No, truth really does hurt, so no matter how you choose your words or how nicely you said it, it would still hurt.

5. When people you know are laughing to themselves while reading, do you ask them to share what is funny?
Yup, especially if it's my husband who does that.

6. What stresses you out the most?
When there's a mall 3 day sale and I don't have money to spend on them.
When I did everything just to make my daughter go to sleep, in the end she's still 100% awake.
When I have a whole day rhinitis attack.
When my mom tells me everyday that cloth diapers is better than disposable diapers.
When hubby and my daughter are both sick.

7. Could you go one full day without speaking?
Nope, I might die if I do so.

8. Would you rather ask the question or answer it?
It depends on the situation.

9. What is the one thing that always makes you smile?
Janna's laugh, giggle and smile, and when hubby makes a sweet gesture which is rarely happens since hubby is not a showy p erson.

10. Do you trust in love?
All the time!

Tag Train #10

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Riding along the train this week:

1. What is your worst habit? Worrying too much
2. What is your best physical feature? My eyes and dimples
3. What is your most overused phrase? susme! Hala!
4. What is your favorite salad dressing? Ranch
5. What is your favorite scent or perfume? Clinique Happy, Lacoste Pink, Marks and Spencer, Penshoppe colognes
6. Who makes you laugh the most? My hubby and Janna
7. Never under any circumstance would I…..? buy something that is not important even if I wanted to.
8. Have you every run away from home? No.
9. Can you whistle? yup
10. What is the last song you’ve sung? Later

The train will be here

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mommy's 62nd Birthday

Happy Birthday Mommy Lydia!

Wishing you good health to have many more birthdays to come. Thank you for loving us unconditionally! You're the best mother, lola, sister, friend, and babysitter in the whole world! We love you so much!

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune.
~Graycie Harmon~

More photos here.

Starbucks Frappucino

If you happen to feel constipated, just buy one of this Starbucks Frappuccino in bottles. It's so effective really. After a few minutes, you'll be running towards the toilet and flushed out all what you have eaten the whole week.

It cost a bit too pricey but its more safer than taking medicines that will make you go poopoo. After my comfort room experience last night, I don't feel like drinking one of these for a while. I'll just let the day pass by and drink another one tomorrow hehehe.

Later, the Recta family along with other relatives of mom will go to Trinoma to celebrate her birthday. Weeeeee, for almost three weeks, makakatungtong nanaman ako sa mall. Grabe, I'm so bored na dito sa bahay! Too bad Jason can't come, he's in Batangas and will be back by Wednesday pa ... oh I so miss him na.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.39

Kahit kailan naman, wala na ata ginawang matino yan si PGMA.

According to some lawyer friends, he killed two persons meaning it's double murder. If he is sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, he would've have 40 years in jail. 20 years is just for Maureen, another 20 years is for the boyfriend. Imagine, in exchange of his freedom, he needs to give up some of his properties and surrender it to the government. That is so way too easy. If there were rich convicts in there, I'm sure they are now too busy thinking of what property they will give up for their freedom.

Just Funny

Janna is beginning to love her teether. One day, she discovered another way to enjoy one of her ring teether.

I swear we didn't put it on purpose. I left her in her crib playing with this teether. When I came back, it's already in her face. I just got to take a picture of it before she'll remove it on her face.

Question of the Week #34

1. If someone expects you to do something you aren’t obligated to do, does that make you want to do it less?
It depends, if it's part of the job then I'll do it even if they're not obliging me to do so.

2. Are there any activities, commitments, obligations in your life that instantly put you in a bad mood?
When my baby is cranky, I seem to loose a lot of energy that puts me in a bad mood. But thank God it doesn't happen all the time.

3. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize as a weakness in yourself?
It irritates me to think that someone you know can spend so much on anything she/he likes to buy for herself/himself ... Me, I can only spend on whatever that is needed, a lot of times ended up to be buying for someone else's needs, not mine.

4. Do you surround yourself with the friends who like you best?
I don't know, actually I don't know where they are right now, I don't even know how they are.

5. When you are angry or nervous, how do you calm yourself down?
By taking a deep breath and uttering words like "Lord, please make me more patient"

6. Do you take compliments well?
Yes, if it's sincere and true. Some would on ly do it because they badly need to do so for the sake of conversation or anything.

7. Do you think you would have been a different person if you had different parents?
Yah of course, who wouldn't think of that? I know we all lived in the past but we are all different from our past lives because of our parent who molds us to be a better person. We all owe it to our parents.

8. Do you change your mind frequently or do you make up your mind about something and stay firm with that position?
I usually stay firm but now that I already have a child, every decision should be well taken care off.

9. Describe the person that would be the exact opposite of you.
Oh, that would be my husband! hahaha! We always believed that we are opposites. I'm showy and he's not. He's thrifty and obviously I'm not. He's nice and I'm the naughty one. He's athletic and I'm not. I'm Ms. Sunshine and he's Mr. Grumpy. He's serious and I'm not. Well, opposites really do attract.

10. Are you generally capable of seeing both sides of an argument at the same time?
Yup, and it pissed me of when the person arguing with me only sees one side of the situation.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Julianna Alyssa @ 5 Months Old

Click to play Janna 5 months
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Milestone at 5 months:
  1. Now weighs 6.4 kilos, 64 cm in height.
  2. She can now grasp firmly. She loves pulling my hair (ouchie!) and holding my shirt whenever I hold her.
  3. Loves to put everything she can reach in her mouth (waaaaaaahhhhh!)
  4. She can sleep side to side without me worrying that she might suffocate herself when she sleeps lying in her tummy position.
  5. When sleepy, just put her in my chest, sing her a lullaby and she'll fall asleep (hay good girl!)
  6. We can now carry her without back support. But still, she doesn't want to be worn in a sling (hay sayang yung 2 slings na binili ko tsk!)
  7. Water addict! She loves drinking water after playtime and after feeding. My mom tried her to drink in a glass. It's so amazing she already knew the concept.
  8. Rolling over is her favorite pastime. She even watches TV lying in her tummy.
  9. Can say the word "in-de" meaning no. And a lot of times I heard from her she says "yea" for yes hihihi.
  10. She can now touch her knees when in sitting position.
  11. Knows how to make "mano" to elders. When we say "bless" and let her hold our hands in a "mano po" way, she automatically put your hand in her forehead and smile.
  12. Trying to walk already if you put her in a standing position (of course, with support) ... she can't even sit alone or crawl hahaha! (masyadong nagmamadali)
  13. She's discovering her voice lately, how it sounds like when she shouts when angry or pissed, when she's laughing.
  14. She knows how to imitate your words thru intonation and pitch.
  15. She knows to stick out her tongue when we say "where's your tongue"
Hay dami milestone yehey! She's growing up so fast ... next month she'll be having her first solid food experience. Oh I can't wait. Jason and I are starting to canvas on high chairs that is durable and comfortable for Janna. But that would wait till next month.

Thank God she's ok now but still under medication. She's taking her antibiotics until Wednesday and nebulize every 6 hours until there's no sign of colds. Good thing the coughing stopped totally. But a little bit of the cold is still present. She's so active and malikot. We can't leave her now alone in bed grabe!

More photos here.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Quick Break

I'll be MIA for a couple of days. I'll just take care of my little one for a while. She's been sick with colds since last Friday night. She even got a fever last Saturday after her emergency pedia visit. She's already well last Sunday but unfortunately, just today, colds went back again. Good thing she has no fever. Nahawa siya sa Dad niya, kasi may sipon si Jason ngayon. Blame it on the weather, hot by day, cold by dawn tsk! I myself have a series of allergy attacks (skin asthma due to hot weather and rhinitis due to hamog sa umaga). She's under medication right now, nebulize every 4 hours with Normal Saline Solution (NSS). She like it though, the steam coming out of the tubes.

Just a while ago, she was laughing so hard ... biglang lumobo yung sipon niya sa ilong. Jason and I were laughing so hard. Tsk tsk tsk! Nakakaawa talaga magkasakit ang baby. Nakakaloka!

I'll be answering QOTW and Coffee Break ver.1.39 very late hehehe ... I'll do it pag may time na ako.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tag Train #9

If you want to chug along, you can catch up on these train stations: Tag Train #1, Tag Train #2, Tag Train #3, Tag Train #4, Tag Train #5 Tag Train #6, Tag Train #7

Riding along the train this week:
MOMMY TALKS | Life's Little Secret | YOUR BLOG!

1. What was the last thing you laughed at?
One conversation I had with hubby re: buying his birthday gift.

2. Have you been dipping into the halloween candy?
Nope, but maybe this coming trick or treat, we might be coz lolo and lola is insisting Janna to join.

3. Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes, and I could sense if there is.

4. Do you have a good luck charm?
Before, I do ... but now I don't. I just realized that it's not true. No offense to Joy Lim ha hehehe.

5. Have you ever told a joke and nobody laughed?
Yup, it's too deep daw, they didn't get it.

6. Last thing you ate?
Bread with peanut butter.

7. What is your heritage?
Filipino. Spanish

8. If you had to move, where would like to go?
In Greece, saw it in a movie.

9. What quote says most about your life?
Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you die.

10. Have you ever toilet papered someones house?

Next stop is on this train.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Photo Task

It's finally here... Mom went over her budget just to print out Janna's photos. And I need to start putting them in her album ASAP.

Just in case your wondering how many those pictures are ... let me give you an idea...

Roughly it's 200+ something or more. Hehehe photo addicts kami. I'll share with you the outcome if I can scrap it in her album. But on the looks of it ... I think I need a lot of energy doing so hahaha.

An Excerpt

"Walang taong manhid ...
Hindi niya lang talaga maintindihan
kung ano ang gusto mong iparating
dahil ayaw mo siyang diretsuhin"

-Bob Ong-

Thursday, October 02, 2008

On Resizing Photos

I discovered this when I was looking for an easier way to resize photos for Janna's Christening pictures last July. The sizes of the photos I got from Ging Lorenzo is way too large for uploading on my Multiply account. I accidentally opened one picture in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. And I found out that I can resize photos in just one click of a button. How nice di ba? Here's how it goes:

1. Make sure that you make a new file of your photos. Keep the high resolution ones for digital printing in the future.

2. Select the photos you want to resize.

3. Click the "Edit Pictures" button from upper right of your screen.

4. At your right you'll see another set of choices. Click on "Compress Pictures".

5. From there you'll see the choices according to its use. You can choose from Documents, Web Pages or Email.

6. Below that you'll see that your photos were compressed already to your desired data. So click "OK". You will notice that your 5MB something photo will be compressed to only 800kb and below. Neat huh? Click "Ok".

7. You will know that it's done when you see an asterisk right before the filename of your photo. Then click on "Save" and you're done.

Now you don't have to worry on uploading your photos to your photoblogs. Hope this helps.

Something About Me

Thanks Chris for the tag.


1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.

2. Get back to ME and I’ll add your blogs to the master’s list HERE {Note that you are not ALLOWED to change this links and make sure to leave the exact URL.}

3. Copy from Start to End.

4. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join.

Who played along:1. Music of my Heart 2. Me and Mine 3. Creative in Me 4. For the LOVE of Food 5. Little Peanut 6. Pea in a Pod 7. It’s Where the HEART Is 8. Around the World 9. Quicker8 10. Eds Mommy Life 11. My Precious Niche 12. Just Me.. Eds 13. Princess Vien 14. In The Spirit of Dance 15. A Pocketful of Happiness 16. 1 Twelve St. 17. The Mommy Journey 18. Life's Little Secrets 19. YOUR LINK HERE

Questions and Answers:

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:
“... empty hands that offer oneself. Empty hands that do not get or grab..."

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
Janna's crib

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
TV Patrol

4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:

5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?

6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
the loud barks of our dogs outside.

7. When did you last step outside? what were you doing?
Last Sunday to hear mass and roam around West Fairview to look for house/apratments for rent.

8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at?
Gmail, to check on my emails.

9. What are you wearing?
A spag-strap yellow shirt and printed shorts

10. Did you dream last night?

11. When did you last laugh?
A few hours ago when Janna was babbling ang giggling on something that I still can't figure out what or why.

12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
A wall clock and some glow-in-the-dark paw prints.

13. Seen anything weird lately?

14. What do you think of this quiz?
stress killer

15. What is the last movie you saw?
The Happening on DVD

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
A house and lot ASAP

17. Tell me something about you that I don’t know:
I love collecting and reading books. But lately I'm more into collecting not reading it hahaha.

18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Worthless and useless creatures like mean and disrespectful persons.

19. Do you like to dance?
Yup, but I'm not a good dancer hahaha.

20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? a boy?
My daughter is Julianna Alyssa, Julianna means Down-bearded youth while Alyssa means Noble kind, of the noble sort

21. Would you ever consider living abroad?
No as of this moment, I want to go abroad only for pleasure. I still love our country.


Feel free to tag yourself.

Another Holiday

Yesterday marks the end of Ramadan. So the government declared October 1 as a holiday. I thought Jason will go on site hopping yesterday but he decided to stay, it's raining anyway and he's too sure no one is working on sites. The little one enjoyed her day at home because everybody's here she have a lot of playmates and took turns to take care of her. Little bro came for a visit as well with his girlfriend in tow. Actually, he just came by to borrow the Canon Powershot S3IS because he'll have a team building seminar at Pansol, Laguna on Saturday.

Tita Joy and my cousin Ana also visited us. She's my mom's sister. They never get to see each other except for holidays. We bought pizza and pasta for merienda. They had a great time playing with Janna as well. They were a bit amazed to see her so big already. The last time they saw her was at her baptism. The little one amused them with her smiles, giggles and blabs. I so love her, she's such a darling. Next week she'll be 5 months already. How time really flies.

I so love holidays ... I wish there'll be more of it this coming months.

Oh and congratulations to Thet who just gave birth to her baby boy. Goodluck on breastfeeding!

Banana Chips

For those who are going to Oriental Mindoro, don't forget to grab a bag of John-Nette's Banana Chips. I'm not fond of eating banana chips until someone gave Dad this banana chips as pasalubong. It's so addicting to munch on. The sweetness and crispiness is just right. We have 3 bags of those chips. 20 small pouches in each bag. And it only lasted for 3 days hahaha. Too bad I didn't take any pictures of it. Next time I will ... if there's a next time hahaha.

Question of the Week #33

1. Do you ever think about how your actions affect other people? Yup, most of the time. It's not in a bad way though but more on the good side.

2. How good is your “emotional intelligence”? Hmmm ... I don't know, but I'm a kind of person who uses the heart more than of the mind. I know when a person doesn't like me or not. I know when someone has a problem or not.

3. You are cordially invited to my Virtual Masquerade Ball. Who/What will you disguise yourself as? I will disguise myself as the Invisible Woman ... coz I don't want to be seen hahaha.

4. How far apart are you from your closest sibling? when it comes to age, we're 5 years apart.

5. Do you trust your feelings? Yup, most of the time.

6. How much time do you spend with your family per week? Almost everyday, coz I'm still living with my parents.

7. What do you do if everything seems to be going wrong? I stop, think and relax ... take a deep breathe and go on again. Sometimes you need to stop and reflect on certain things for a while before moving on.

8. How do you decide between “right” and “wrong”? I don't have to weigh on things, I always go for the right one as much as possible.

9. Is your personality more like that of your father or your mother? Both, I'm more loving and compassionate like my Mom. And I'm straightforward and strong like my Dad.

10. Do you find blatant burping and farting offensive? It depends on the situation and the person doing it. Hubby and I sort of doing this fart thing to break the ice. It makes us laugh especially when we're talking on some stuffs. Of course we do this only at home hahaha.

Join here.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tag Train #7

If you want to chug along, you can catch up on these train stations: Tag Train #1, Tag Train #2, Tag Train #3, Tag Train #4, Tag Train #5 Tag Train #6

Players: Thinking Out Loud | Life's Little Secret | YOUR BLOG

1. Who was your last inbox message from?
Daily Digest from Newlyweds@work

2. Anything funny happen this week?
Just my daughter babbling.

3. Do you believe that you can change for someone?
Oh yes, as a matter of fact, after giving birth to my daughter, everything has changed.

4. Do you like surprises? What's the biggest surprise have you received so far?
I like surprises but nobody attempts to do so even hubby. They thought that I'm not that easy to be please.

5. What song do you listen to feel happy?
The theme song from Wonder Pets hahaha!

6. Name famous people you have a crush on?
Collin Farell, John Cusack

7. Garfield or Mickey Mouse? And why?
Garfield ... I don't know, I just love his fur.

8. In a week, how many times do you go online?
6 times a week twice a day ... Sunday is my rest day.

9. Describe yourself in one word.

10. Something about you that you're proud of?
I'm so loving, patient and nice.

Next stop will be on this BLOG.