Monday, October 13, 2008

Question of the Week #34

1. If someone expects you to do something you aren’t obligated to do, does that make you want to do it less?
It depends, if it's part of the job then I'll do it even if they're not obliging me to do so.

2. Are there any activities, commitments, obligations in your life that instantly put you in a bad mood?
When my baby is cranky, I seem to loose a lot of energy that puts me in a bad mood. But thank God it doesn't happen all the time.

3. What do other people do that irritate you that you recognize as a weakness in yourself?
It irritates me to think that someone you know can spend so much on anything she/he likes to buy for herself/himself ... Me, I can only spend on whatever that is needed, a lot of times ended up to be buying for someone else's needs, not mine.

4. Do you surround yourself with the friends who like you best?
I don't know, actually I don't know where they are right now, I don't even know how they are.

5. When you are angry or nervous, how do you calm yourself down?
By taking a deep breath and uttering words like "Lord, please make me more patient"

6. Do you take compliments well?
Yes, if it's sincere and true. Some would on ly do it because they badly need to do so for the sake of conversation or anything.

7. Do you think you would have been a different person if you had different parents?
Yah of course, who wouldn't think of that? I know we all lived in the past but we are all different from our past lives because of our parent who molds us to be a better person. We all owe it to our parents.

8. Do you change your mind frequently or do you make up your mind about something and stay firm with that position?
I usually stay firm but now that I already have a child, every decision should be well taken care off.

9. Describe the person that would be the exact opposite of you.
Oh, that would be my husband! hahaha! We always believed that we are opposites. I'm showy and he's not. He's thrifty and obviously I'm not. He's nice and I'm the naughty one. He's athletic and I'm not. I'm Ms. Sunshine and he's Mr. Grumpy. He's serious and I'm not. Well, opposites really do attract.

10. Are you generally capable of seeing both sides of an argument at the same time?
Yup, and it pissed me of when the person arguing with me only sees one side of the situation.

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Yen October 13, 2008 7:27 AM  

I like your #6! Soo very true;)