Saturday, October 11, 2008

Julianna Alyssa @ 5 Months Old

Click to play Janna 5 months
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Milestone at 5 months:
  1. Now weighs 6.4 kilos, 64 cm in height.
  2. She can now grasp firmly. She loves pulling my hair (ouchie!) and holding my shirt whenever I hold her.
  3. Loves to put everything she can reach in her mouth (waaaaaaahhhhh!)
  4. She can sleep side to side without me worrying that she might suffocate herself when she sleeps lying in her tummy position.
  5. When sleepy, just put her in my chest, sing her a lullaby and she'll fall asleep (hay good girl!)
  6. We can now carry her without back support. But still, she doesn't want to be worn in a sling (hay sayang yung 2 slings na binili ko tsk!)
  7. Water addict! She loves drinking water after playtime and after feeding. My mom tried her to drink in a glass. It's so amazing she already knew the concept.
  8. Rolling over is her favorite pastime. She even watches TV lying in her tummy.
  9. Can say the word "in-de" meaning no. And a lot of times I heard from her she says "yea" for yes hihihi.
  10. She can now touch her knees when in sitting position.
  11. Knows how to make "mano" to elders. When we say "bless" and let her hold our hands in a "mano po" way, she automatically put your hand in her forehead and smile.
  12. Trying to walk already if you put her in a standing position (of course, with support) ... she can't even sit alone or crawl hahaha! (masyadong nagmamadali)
  13. She's discovering her voice lately, how it sounds like when she shouts when angry or pissed, when she's laughing.
  14. She knows how to imitate your words thru intonation and pitch.
  15. She knows to stick out her tongue when we say "where's your tongue"
Hay dami milestone yehey! She's growing up so fast ... next month she'll be having her first solid food experience. Oh I can't wait. Jason and I are starting to canvas on high chairs that is durable and comfortable for Janna. But that would wait till next month.

Thank God she's ok now but still under medication. She's taking her antibiotics until Wednesday and nebulize every 6 hours until there's no sign of colds. Good thing the coughing stopped totally. But a little bit of the cold is still present. She's so active and malikot. We can't leave her now alone in bed grabe!

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