Wednesday, July 29, 2009

and I'm Back!

A lot of times have I told everyone that I'm such a lousy blogger. It's been a month now and I got lots of pending things to blog about like Janna's first birthday, Baby J#2's monthly progress, Kuya's wedding, Janna's 1st birthday supplier's rating. Too much to do but don't have the power to do so. I told myself that today starts the day of my come back.


As for my little Julianna Alyssa, she's now a pretty walking doll. She can now run and walk around the house. We never get to bring an umbroller or stroller whenever we go out coz she refuse to ride in it. She prefer to run or walk and explore her surroundings. She already have six teeth now ... four on her upper jaw and 2 on her lower jaw. She's still more into milk formula than solid food though she's now eating table food. No chicken, seafoods, mangoes and eggs on her diet. But her pedia already gave her a go on tilapia and bangus. She can now say a lot of words with intonations and emotions. She dances a lot and sometimes try to sing or hum. She's now more sociable than ever.


And for the little one whose growing inside me, he's now almost 4 months old. I can now feel his little kicks especially at night. We're excited to know the baby's gender by September, before mom and dad leaves for the US. Everybody is hoping for a baby boy. But if this baby would be another girl, ok lang ... no need for shopping coz there are a lot of Janna's clothes that were worn only once and looks almost new. This time I wanted to establish my milk supply. I was disappointed when Janna only breastfed for two weeks. This time I wanted for this baby to be breastfed for as long as I can.

More kwento next post... the little one is awake already.