Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tag Train #12

Riding along the train this week:
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1. Favorite spice? Pepper and Cinnamon
2. Favorite pizza? Sbarro's Mushroom and Cheese pizza (hmmm ... yun ba tawag dun?)
3. Coffee or tea? If so, what kind? Coffee ... I like capuchinos and lattes but when I'm home, I can live with instant coffee.
4. Vanity: Sound mind, big body or Poor mind, great body? Sound mind, big body
5. Preference: Physical or intellectual stimulation? Intellectual
6. When was the last time you pigged out? Yesterday, I ate a big bowl of arrozcaldo for merienda, then at dinner I ate rice with sinigang na baboy. Waaaaaahhh!
7. Which scents are you sensitive to? not so good to smell perfumes... it's giving me an asthma attack instantly.
8. Favorite pig out food? pizza ... I can eat 4 slices in 1 sitting.
9. Love or Hate: Peppermint - I love it on my Starbucks coffee during December.
10. Best food this upcoming holiday season. Lechon from my ninong in Cebu.

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