Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another Holiday

Yesterday marks the end of Ramadan. So the government declared October 1 as a holiday. I thought Jason will go on site hopping yesterday but he decided to stay, it's raining anyway and he's too sure no one is working on sites. The little one enjoyed her day at home because everybody's here she have a lot of playmates and took turns to take care of her. Little bro came for a visit as well with his girlfriend in tow. Actually, he just came by to borrow the Canon Powershot S3IS because he'll have a team building seminar at Pansol, Laguna on Saturday.

Tita Joy and my cousin Ana also visited us. She's my mom's sister. They never get to see each other except for holidays. We bought pizza and pasta for merienda. They had a great time playing with Janna as well. They were a bit amazed to see her so big already. The last time they saw her was at her baptism. The little one amused them with her smiles, giggles and blabs. I so love her, she's such a darling. Next week she'll be 5 months already. How time really flies.

I so love holidays ... I wish there'll be more of it this coming months.

Oh and congratulations to Thet who just gave birth to her baby boy. Goodluck on breastfeeding!