Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.42

We lived in Bulacan for almost 20 years then we move out when I graduated from college and reside here in Fairview. We had a lot of paranormal experiences there in Bulacan. I'll share to you what I can remember ha.

Kwento ni mom, we went out para daw ipasyal kami nila mom and dad sa Luneta. We left the house so cluttered and messy. But when we got home, our housemaid shriek when she saw our house all spic and span. That's the first time we knew we have company in our house.


One time, our house almost got burned down. Without our neighbors help, we wouldn't have save our house. One of our neighbors told us that there's a man who bravely splashed buckets and buckets of water he got from our fish pond just to kill the fire. A lot of people saw him, he's wearing all black and wears a hat. Pinalakpakan pa nga daw nila, because he's truly a hero. But when we're looking for him just to thank him, no one knows where he went. Bigla nalang nawala. Who that person might be?


One of my childhood friend went to our house for a visit. She asked if she can use the comfort room before we eat merienda. Minutes after, she told me, "Tawagin mo na yung sister mo sa loob, kain na tayo!". I told her, "Huh? eh nag-iisa lang akong anak na babae, wala akong sister." and my friend said ... "Eh sino yung girl na long hair na naglalaro ng bola sa kwarto mo?"


Doppelganger Experience

My mom got up in bed to pee when sudenly she saw an image like my grandma, went inside the bathroom. She took a sit first and waited for my grandma to come out. Pero nung napadaan si Mom sa room where my grandma is, she's still sleeping in bed. Then who the hell is that woman she saw going inside the bathroom?

Another bathroom incident, my mom needs to pee again, and she saw a woman na nakatapis ng towel, her long hair all gathered in front of her face. My mom mistakenly thought it was our maid so she said, "Ay sorry!" and closed the door again. When she went to the kitchen, she saw our maid cooking breakfast already ... when she went back to check the bathroom, it's all empty ... and worst is ... it's dry ... parang walang naligo.


The peeing guy ... how did we know it's a guy? For sure naman you know how a pee sounds like when it's coming from a high level di ba?

Whenever Dad is going on an out of town trip, I always stay in bed with my mom. During one of those times, we heard somebody is taking a pee inside the bathroom. As usual, si mom may sakit ata sa bato nung mga panahon na yun, needs to take a pee as well. She mistakenly shouted pa nga kasi she thought it's my brother who is peeing. When she opened the door, no one's in.

There were series of peeing nights, and we're too afraid to see who was it. I'd rather feel and hear them than see them. Kaya mom and I just think of it as someone who look after us whenever dad is not around.


I lived in a boarding house in my last year in college. Dad would fetch me Friday night, and he'll drop me on Monday morning. One time when I got home from school, one of my boardmates asked kung sino daw yung kasama ko dumating kanina sa boarding house. I told her, "Daddy ko pero di naman siya umakyat dito, bawal di ba?". And she said, "Ay hindi, yung babae na kasama mo, nagsalamin pa nga siya dun at inayos yung buhok."

I didn't argue with her, I just told her na wala ako kasama that time. But I knew one of the entities at home went with me. The next thing that happened ... one of my boardmates who always gets my things without permission got sick ... I think that thing gave her a lesson. After that, she never got any of my things ever again.


Before we left our house in Bulacan, we made sure that we fixed everything so that the one who'll be renting won't have second thoughts of renting the house.

One time, one of the carpenter spoke with my mom. "Ma'am, may kasama ho ba kayo dito sa bahay?" My mom said, "huh? ano ibig mong sabihin?" ... and the carpenter continues, "Eh kasi kanina pa kinukuha at nililipat kung saan-saan yung martilyo ko, hindi na tuloy ako matapos-tapos sa ginagawa ko, lagi kong hinahanap at nawawala sa tabi ko yung martilyo ko."


Here at home in Fairview, mom and I were seated opposite sa magkabilang dulo ng dining table. As we are in a middle of our conversation, isang spoon ang umangat galing sa lalagyan niya and fell on the floor. Promise, we saw it with our own eyes. And it's my first time to see such a thing. and I don't want to experience it again.


A lot of times na may nakikita akong nakahiga sa bed ng maid's room namin, tapos makikita ko sila doing their chores in a different location. I even saw once their bathroom door opened, which I thought one of our maid was inside. Tapos nakita ko siya naglilinis pala ng room nila mom.

Okay tama na... natatakot na ako hahaha!

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Maeyo October 30, 2008 9:58 PM  

Dami dami mo naman paranormal experiences. creepy! hehehe... pang-halloween ang kwento mo. :)

Ann November 01, 2008 9:53 AM  

konti pa nga yan Maeyo, madami pa sa ibang lugar namin na-experience hehehe.

popcorn November 01, 2008 11:49 AM  

Hi Ann!

Nakakatakot naman tong stories mo. Binasa ko to right after taking a shower, so now, eto, hinihintay ko si hubby dumating kasi natatakot na ako pumasok sa CR mag-isa, hindi ko mapatuyo yung hair ko, hahaha!

Ann November 03, 2008 9:41 AM  

hahaha ... ewan ko ba, mahilig mag-CR yung mga entity sa bahay namin sa Bulacan. hahaha!