Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mom's Got a Cam

This is a GE Electric Black A730 Digital camera.

Mom bought her first ever digital camera out of her Christmas bonus this year. Imagine, my mom is still using film-based point and shoot cam until now. I always tell her to use my Canon Powershot A400 whenever she needs it. But still, she'll buy films and use her ever reliable camera.

And she thought that it's about time that she needs to know how to use a digital camera, because next year they will go to Hongkong for their anniversary. At least this camera is so lightweight, slim, and user friendly. I love the features, as well.

At least I can borrow this at pwede ko gamitin pag small purse lang gamit ko. Hihihi ...

Argghhh hindi kaya sabihin sa akin ng tatay ko na hindi ko na kailangan pa bumili ulit ng bagong camera dahil madami na camera sa bahay? Oh no! Lord, please help me!