Monday, November 17, 2008

Wish Granted!

Got it last Thursday night courtesy of her Lolo's Christmas bonus. Thanks Dad! Although mukhang midget na midget ang anak ko sa high chair niya eh salamat po.

I'm always having a hard time feeding her especially when she's in her walker. After taking a bit of her food, she'll walk away from you, and you have to drag her again in the dining area to feed her again.

With this, she sits still while being fed. Maybe she learned already the concept of meal time and playtime are two different things.

Now, can we talk about my Christmas and birthday wish? hahaha!


Heidi November 17, 2008 9:16 AM  

at least you know, hindi madaling kalakihan ni Janna yung high chair, para kasi siyang pang-giant baby jan sa picture e, hehehe!

Ann November 17, 2008 9:03 PM  

oo nga natawa din ako eh. parang sobrang laki for her.