Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Day Out

We went shopping last Sunday ... or should I say we tagged along Mom and Dad for our Sunday baby day out. I told Jason that it's been a while since he went out with me and Janna. Since it's a 4-day mall sale at Trinoma, Mom and Dad decided to go there.

As usual, I didn't bought anything for myself ... but lola bought me a shirt from Her Bench. And Lolo again bought Janna some clothes and an everyday shoes for her walker time. Basta I'm with Jason, hindi talaga ako makabili ... pero next Sunday I'll insist on getting me something coz I badly need another dress for another wedding coming this December (Jason, I know you stalk my blog sometimes ... ihanda mo na ang sarili mo sa shopping day ko sa Sunday)

As usual, the little one loves going to the mall. When she says "a-pa-pla", it means Trinoma. We just figured it out last weekend. Kasi when we say, "Punta tayo ng Trinoma!" she'll laugh with glee and will say "a-pa-pla!" ... weird ng language ng anak ko hahaha. Just before she dressesd up for the day, she said to Lola and me "sa-ma, sa-ma" pertaining to sasama siya ... kasi we are all dressed up, siya hindi pa hahaha. Akala niya siguro iiwan siya.

A photo of Jason and Janna at Dockers, Trinoma. While waiting for lolo buying pants, I did a photo opp of my two loves. I love the lighting and too bad I don't have my camera. I just used my camera phone here. And I'm glad it's still a reliable phone.

Speaking of camera, I told my Dad about my birthday gift request ... and when he saw the item hindi siya nagsalita ...

Does silence means yes? Ay sana nga!

After shopping, we went to the grocery to buy our weekly food supplies. While waiting for Dad at the lobby, we went to buy a Praline Mocha Frap Grande. Kainis, wala ng Peppermint Mocha ... yun pa naman favorite ko during this season. I already got 1 sticker ... 15 stickers to go till I get that planner in my hands hehehe. Goodluck nalang sa akin. As if I can sip a cup of coffee everyday from Starbucks.