Friday, November 14, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.44

Amazing Race ... I love watching them racing till the end while traveling to different parts of the world. It's like you're going to places with them, learning from their culture and loving their country as well.

Survivor ... because you get to see how a person's behavior changes when he starts to experience how hard to live in an island, secluded, less food, uncomfortable place to sleep in and with people who are so eager to win and fight till the end. Makes you think of strategies to stay in the game.

Pinoy Fear Factor ... recent fave coz they've change the format into a reality show, may the person with no fear wins.

I also love watching Pinoy Big Brother before, although it's more scripted and not a reality TV show for me but I love watching them being controlled by somebody who they can't see at all hahaha.

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