Monday, November 03, 2008

A Gift from the Grannies

While waiting for the kids from the neighborhood to do their trick-or-treat (which eventually didn't push through because it rained), Janna's grannies bought her some things she can use while she's growing. Mom said she bought it on sale ... yah right, she always say that whenever she buys stuff for Janna.

A swing which she still can't use because she can't sit all by herself, after which, we figured out how she can enjoy seating on it with a little support.

She enjoyed seating on it for a couple of minutes ... but after seeing her walker ... she became too ecstatic to try it on.

She still taking her time figuring out how this walker works. All she knows is whenever she moves her legs and feet, she's moving. She can now walk backwards hehehe. A little bit on sideways, but not forward. We put pillow in front of her because she always put her mouth on the buttons in front of her. Akala niya siguro M & M's hahaha.

As days goes by, she's beginning to enjoy her walker more than the swing. So we put the swing back to it's box and re-open it by the time Janna mastered sitting all by herself.

Actually, there's one more item my mom bought for her ... her first ever potty trainer ... but it's still in it's box and will be opened by the time she needs to learn how hihihi. Oh before I forget ... lots and lots of clothes ... and yes it's on sale and they are all pretty ... can't wait to have her wear them all. Of course, I'll take pictures of them don't worry hihihi!

Thanks lolo and lola for the gifts ... now ... aren't you giving something for the mommy? hahaha!

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ruther November 05, 2008 10:59 PM  


kami puro second hand na lang. galing sa mga pinsan. hehehehe!

Ann November 06, 2008 1:16 AM  

yun mahirap sa unang apo eh, sa amin magmamana ng gamit, hindi kami yung magmamana ng gamit nila hahaha.