Thursday, September 25, 2008

Melamine in Infant Milk

Lucky for those who breastfeed their babies. They don't have to worry if their milk have melamine hehehe. I was worried at first when I knew about this. But Janna's pedia assured me that Isomil has no melamine content. What a relief! Nak ng boggie naman kasi ang China, ano nanaman tong ginagawa nila? Susme, ginawang furniture yung tiyan ng tao tsk tsk tsk!

My mom thought of buying breastmilk at milk banks ... susme Mommy, di ka naman OA niyan ha. Mas marami naman nangangailangan nun kaya spare them the breastmilk.

Does anyone have a complete list of those dairy products that have melamine? I can't rely on forwarded emails alone, I need to know the source of your list.

Thanks in advance for sharing ... in the meantime, no ice cream, no milk, and no chocolates until all is cleared of melamine. Mahirap na.