Thursday, September 25, 2008

Question of the Week #32

Another set of Yen's Question of the Week:

1. Have you ever wished you’re someone elses? Sometimes I do, I just want to know how things are in other peoples view.

2. Can you say one nice thing about a person that you do not like the most? What is that? That's one tough thing to do coz if I don't like a person, I pretend she/he doesn't exist ... but I respect her/his existence.

3. Finish this sentence. “Sometimes I can be… moody and irritable, so don't mess up with me on those days hahaha.

4. Finish this sentence. “Compared to my real life self, my Internet persona is… outspoken but a little bit shy, easy to get along, very friendly, and sociable.

5. Life dishes out pain from time to time. We can never tell. Loss of a loved ones, breakup of a relationship, etc. How do you deal with this pain? Pray to lessen the burden, cry to relieve the pain, talk to somebody who would sincerely listen.

6. Are you a leader, follower or loner? I'm more of a follower than a leader, but I'm not a loner. It's not that I don't want to take big responsibilities, I just don't want to be stressed out ... that's all hahaha!

7. Would you rather blend in with the crowd or stand out? I'd rather blend in the crowd. I'm a bit of a shy person.

8. What do you take pride in? You can brag a little, or a lot more. It’s your day! It's my daughter and my husband. I'm sure one day, I'll be able to brag about my very pretty daughter. She's a fast learner, and I hope it will continue until she grows up. My hubby works hard for both of us, he deserves to be bragged about. I always have faith in him that he'll never leave us, that we'll always have food in our table, that we can send Janna in a good school because of his hard earned money. I so love him that's why I'm so proud of him, too.

9. When people pop their gum do you find it annoying? it depends, I usually see this when I'm inside a bus. Traffic means boredom, and boredom will lead to chewing a gum and pop them on and on and on. Come to think of it, as I write this ... it's pretty annoying really!

10. How often do you complain? Nope, I just complain when I'm too fed up already.


darly September 25, 2008 4:34 AM  

ei mommy ann,

love your answers so gaya na rin me and answered yen's meme... hopefully ill be able to keep up.. how's your little one, ang bilis ng panahon no, she's almost 5 months now, my girl will turn 7 months this 28th.
God bless sa lahat nating mga newbie mommies...
Ingats lagi :)

Chikai September 25, 2008 4:54 PM  

great answers and thanks for the warning (no.2). hehe!

mine's up here:

alpha September 25, 2008 8:34 PM  

hi ann! salamat for checking out my qotw. :D

Ann September 25, 2008 8:41 PM  

@ Anne, naku 4 months and a half na si Janna. Malapit na din mag-5 months. Ang bilis lumaki ng mga bata ngayon grabe!

@ Chikai, di ba action speaks louder than words? di ko kasi kaya talaga maging nice sa hindi ko gusto.

@ Alpha, thanks for cheking mine as well hihihi.