Sunday, September 14, 2008

Someone is sick

Janna had her 2nd IPD vaccine yesterday. She's one brave baby, she didn't even cried out loud when her Pedia prick her very big thighs. She did cry a little but not that loud. At home she's so busy playing with her lolo and lola, drinks lots of milk and take naps in between. I thought she'll be fine coz I'm worried she might have fever. Her pedia told us that most likely she will have a fever with this vaccine.

Around 1:00 a.m, I was awaken by her because she keeps on tossing and turning in her crib. I just took a peek on her and she stopped. So I just went back to bed. Before I could fall asleep again, she did it again. I thought maybe she wanted to be cuddled, wanted to sleep on my chest. Cause she always do that. So I carried her and she cried, and was alarmed on her temperature.

I waked Jason up and told him that Janna has a fever (40 degrees celsius). He panicked a bit and held Janna onto him. I took her medicine from her medicine kit and Jason let her sipped it. After that she vomits, spilling out all the medicine and some milk. She is now soaked with vomit and I panicked. I told my mom that Janna has a fever. She immediately got a face towel and pour cold water on it. Put it on Janna's forehead (arrrgghhh why don't we have Cool Fever that time.) Mom said that I should watch her temperature, baka daw magka-kumbulsyon. Yaiks! Now I'm so worried. Around 2:30 a.m. she fell asleep already and her temperature went down a bit. Thank God for that.

This morning, she woke as if nothing happened last night. She smiles, coos, laughs at everyone just like what she's doing everyday. I'm now finally relieved. Thank you, Lord for making my baby feel well.

It's not only Janna who is sick, my bunsong kapatid also was diagnosed with muscle strains. He's already staying in my Aunt's condo unit, he has no one to turn to for help. He called my Dad that his having a hard time lifting his head and arms. The pains already killing him. To the rescue my Dad is, they went to FEU hospital after fetching him. Muscle strain daw ang dahilan. Kaya eto he needs to stay here at home because he needs Mom's tender loving care. I think he's already ok now ... I could hear his voice from the next room laughing out loud watching TV hehehe. Naku, di kaya you miss us lang kaya ka nagkasakit? hahaha!


lani September 15, 2008 1:21 PM  

hi ann, it's nice to hear that janna is doing fine na. mahirap talaga may sakit si baby. wawa.