Monday, September 01, 2008

"Ber" Months are here again

Today starts the first day of the "ber" months. I can already feel Christmas is just around the corner. I'm pretty excited about it coz it's our first Christmas with Janna. And also our first time to celebrate our birthdays and our anniversary with her. Nakakatuwa di ba? Mas masaya ngayon kaysa dati. Nag-iisip na nga ako ng itinerary namin eh ... kaso oo nga pala, I need to consider also, the family from both sides wanted to spend their time with Janna as well.

I decided to post more on my blogspot site than on my wordpress site. Wala lang, I just felt na this is really my home. Saka mas marami ako visitor dito kaysa sa Wordpress account ko 9hmmm assuming ata ako hehehe). And how can you maintain two blogs with same post, same photos ... parang kino-clone ko sarili kong blog di ba?

Next week marks Janna's 4th month. She already have lots of milestone lately that I'll be blogging this coming days. It's so fascinating talaga to watch your baby grow. Kaya we bought a new rechargeable battery to capture her milestones. The old ones were better used with my Canon Powershot A400 camera. The Canon S3IS consumes more power. Pero nakakatawa, di ko naman ma-post lahat hehehe.

I haven't started printing out her photos from her Christening ... so scrapping her photos was set aside for awhile. But I promise to start soon.

I also wanted to start on planning for her first birthday ... pero hindi kasi namin alam kung will do a Jollibee/Mcdo party or themed ones ... I know themed parties are very expensive ... but siyempre I want her first birthday to be so memorable. Isa pa, I wanted a different party so yung mga kids ng friends namin eh maiba naman ang ma-experience when it comes to children's party. Next year din, we're planning to move out of my parents house. Kaya medyo dadami talaga expenses namin this coming year. For the meantime, I have to set aside planning her birthday.

I visited some ka-bloggie friends who are now expecting their first borns. Nakakatuwa kasi halos kasabayan ko sila nagpi-pray sa isa't-isa on having our babies na. And so happy for them na magkakaron na din sila ng bundle of joy weeeeeee. Kaya Nikki (uy lapit na sis, kaka-excite), Heidi, Mari, Berns, Thet, Maeyo and Cheche ... ingats kayo palagi ha :) eat well, saka nyo na problemahin ang body fats. Enjoy your pregnancy ... post your preggy pics ha :)

And to Irene, Tin, Alynn, Nette and Chie who delivered their first born already, goodluck on breastfeeding! And hope to see more photos of baby Andi, Penoy, Elijah, Mackenzie and Lucas ... Tin, better luck next time nalang tayo ... may sususnod pa naman na baby, so malay natin, makapag-breastfeed na tayo that time di ba?

Hanggang dito na muna ... My two babies are taking a nap so I'll be joining them now... inggit ako eh hahaha.


Maeyo September 04, 2008 12:20 PM  

Hiya Ann! Musta ka na? Tagal ko na rin di napapasyal dito. Hindi me mahilig mag-online ngayong preggy eh. hehehe.

Alam mo ba kung hindi pa dito sa post mo hindi ko malalaman na preggy na rin si Cheche! Ang saya saya!!!

Anyway, take care lagi. Pa-kiss naman kay cutie baby Alyssa. :)

Ann September 04, 2008 3:32 PM  

Naku Maeyo, ako din nung buntis di ako masipag mag-online hehehe. Nalaman ko lang na buntis si Cheche sa friendster. Tuwa nga din ako eh hihihi ... o di ba magkaka-batch halos mga babies natin.

streetsmartchic September 18, 2008 10:15 AM  

Hi there, I just wanna say I like your blog...

Shi-Shi =)