Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weird Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night. Pinasyal daw namin si Janna sa maraming lugar ... every place nagdedevelop siya ... meaning she's growing too fast. Like we went to the mall, we saw her crawling already to the toy store. After that we went to visit my brother in his condo ... bigla nalang naglalakad na si Janna, at malaki na siya ... tapos we went to a park, all of a sudden tumatakbo na siya. Susmiyo, nawindang ako dun ha. Kaya pagkagising ko sinilip ko kaagad ang anak ko ... ayun tulog pa ang bubwit.

So, what are those dreams all about? I made a little research ha...


You have not taken proper advantage of your opportunities if you are dreaming of crawling over rough, or broken ground. If you are crawling over stones and other damaging material and hurt yourself you may shortly experience some humiliating events that are forced on you by others. If you are crawling in muck and mire with someone, then you will shortly fall into a depression over a business failure.


If you dream you are taking a walk through pleasant surroundings then you will enjoy success in love and business. If the path is strewn with briars and other brush, you will experience hardships but if you manage to get through them then you will overcome all your adversaries and make your fortune. To walk in the night hours brings with it much discontent.


A running dream is basically a dream of escaping a certain situation, person, or thing. If you succeed in running away from, or elude a pursuer, then you will be able to change those things in your life that has you 'on the run'. If you dream of the desire to run but cannot get your feet to obey it shows a lack of self confidence and perseverance on your part. Try sticking to your guns and see how much your life will change.

Source: http://www.sleeps.com

Hmmmm ... medyo may connect. Jason and I were talking about lots of things last night, medyo related yung mga napaginipan ko. Sa business, family on both sides, kay Janna, yung future home namin ... mga ganun ... Sana mangyari yung mga positive, wag na yung negative.