Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby J#2 @ 32 Weeks

Baby J#2 is a girl ... Yes, it's another baby girl for us. Sabi ko na nga ba it's a baby girl ulit hehehe. We will gonna name her Janysha Andrea. Ysha for short.

Last week I had my monthly check up for November. I've been experiencing some pain sa may puson, thighs and butt. My OB did an IE and found out yung first layer ng cervix ko was slightly opened. I'm on bedrest for 2 weeks. And if I'm still experiencing preterm contractions, I'll be admitted in the hospital to prolong the baby for a while inside my womb.

I'm beginning to miss Janna everyday, for we can't do our daily activities as mom and daughter because of my condition. She's more into her yaya nowadays and it breaks my heart that she finds her yaya more than me. I promised myself that after I give birth, babawi ako kay Janna. I'm sure baby Ysha will understand that I have to attend to her ate's needs as well.

I really wanted to shop for the baby even if she'll have a lot of hand me downs from her ate Janna. But of course, I want her to have her own things, too. Eh kaso paano ko naman magagawa yun if I'm on bedrest ... hmmm ... makapag-online shopping nga hehehe!


Coriander Dreams November 20, 2009 8:18 AM  

hello! sabay tayo almost. am 32 weeks tomorrow!

stay safe and take care. hope all goes well for the final stretch..


p.s. added you to my blogroll! :)