Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Motiff

Lowella, a W@wie, told me na abnormal daw ako ... after sending her my ideas on what's going to be my motiff on my wedding eh wala dun yung napili ko. It's Sunshine Yellow ... nice color isn't it? I just thought of it while browsing the net. I let Leiza (my h2b's fashionista cousin) look at it and she said "Yes, this is the one I like for you ... it's so YOU ..." My h2b told me on the phone "Labs, final na yan ha, wag ka na titingin sa iba"

Blue is our favorite color, then why didn't we use it as our motiff? Hmmm... bakit nga ba ... sabi ni H2B, common na daw yung blue. Madami ako ginawang variety, pero Sunshine Yellow din ako bumagsak.

My Entourage would wear the Sunshine Yellow gowns

our moms will gonna use turqouise ...

and the principal sponsors would use Nude

My bouquet would be all shades of pink ... and so does my entourage but one shade only. I was planning to let my guest wear baby pink and baby blue ... hassle kaya sa kanila yun? oh well, here comes my imagination hahahaha!