Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Food hoarding!

Last January 7, we went to Janna's pedia for her check-up due to her coughs, cold and fever. According to her pediatrician, no wheezing or halak naman so it's not asthma. Maybe it's just allergies. And the reason for her fever was she has a "singaw" in her throat. Oh wawa naman ang baby.

She lost 100 grams of her weight. And now my mission is to let her gain more before her well-baby check up on January 31.

Her pedia gave us a go signal that she can now eat mixed food. But still can't eat chicken, fish or seafoods, eggs, mangoes and orange so as not to trigger her allergies and asthma. So being the very excited mommy, I bought her baby food. Originally, we wanted home cooked meals for Janna. But wasn't able to do so coz we haven't bought food processor for her baby food. When Janna feels there's big lumps in her food, ayaw na niya kainin ... or nasasamid siya. Pero she loves home cooked potatoes sa nilaga and beef stew. And she loves kalabasa na lutong Diningding without the bagoong.


sweetytots January 26, 2009 9:47 AM  

I wish I was already blogging nung baby pa si little J so that I can writye her milestones like this.. I wrote hers on paper which i lost.. ganito rin ako nuon.. sinusulat ko lahat.