Thursday, January 15, 2009

8th Month Birthday and Anniversary Celebration.

January 11, 2009, Mom and Dad celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary at home. Medyo diet muna kami sa paglabas-labas dahil gusto namin malakas resistensiya ni Janna bago kami pumunta ng Baguio for Panagbengga Festival next month. We ordered food from Max's and Jason bought a cake from Conti's. And since it's also Janna's 8th month birthday, eh di madami nanaman food on the table wahahaha!

Click to play Janna @ 8 months
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Janna's milestone @ 8 months:
1. Can now get up alone from lying down position, side position and sitting position.

2. Can now wave goodbye
3. Can now do close-open
4. Loves playing "eat! bulaga!" using her lampin hehehe.

5. She knows were to look if you ask her to where she should look for. Example: "Where's Daddy?" she'll look at her Dad. "Where's Lolo", she'll look at her lolo
6. Some words she can speak:
  • hinde for no
  • yea for yes
  • i-ja for Lola Lydia (my mom ... badtrip ... hindi namin alam kung bakit first name basis sila ng mom ko.);
  • Egg for Lloyd (my brother ... hindi din namin alam kung bakit egg ang tawag sa kanya;
  • Mam-ma for Mommy;
  • Dadi or Adi for Daddy;
  • A-ta for lolo Apin
  • Didi for milk
7. She's now practicing to stand up by holding on to something for her to get up.
8. She already have two lower teeth sprouting. She's a big time drooler and super manggigil.

9. Drinks milk from 5oz to 6oz of milk every two hours (I badly need bigger bottles now).
10. She can now eat solid foods from 1 tbsp. to 2 tbsp. per meal twice or thrice a day. Now eating mixed foods according to pedia's advice.

11. Knows how to make "beautiful eyes".
12. Nods for yes.
13. Can now play alone but still with supervision.

14. Can now hold her bottle pero tamad pa rin hawakan ng matagal. Even if I put her trainer bottle holder on it, ayaw pa din niya hawakan.
15. Loves eating marie or teething biscuits. I love the way she looks so messy and all.

16. Her favorite play time with her Daddy.

17. Smiles and giggles a lot.

Four months to go and you're a year older ... Mom and Dad is doing their best to give you the best party you'll ever have. Wish us luck!

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Heidi January 15, 2009 3:29 PM  

Wow, Janna's so cute! And nakakatuwa when you enumerate her milestones... makes me more excited that I'm going to see my baby soon, hehehe!

Keyword January 15, 2009 8:47 PM  

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Rocks January 17, 2009 3:44 AM  

You're daughter is such a darling! she's so cute :)nakakahawa ang smile nya.