Monday, January 12, 2009

Janna's First Christmas

Christmas of 2008 was one of the best Christmas for me and Jason. It's Janna's first Christmas. We tried to be as festive as possible for it's something she'll look forward to every year. We bought her a simple present coz she practically has everything already (thanks to her lolo and lola for that). Wrapped it and put it under the Christmas tree.

December 24, 2008
We cook our Noche Buena earlier because of kuya's celebration. Palaging ganun, our noche buena is also kuya's handa for his birthday. Kaya pagdating ng 12mn, halos paubos na ang food kasi kinain na namin hahaha. Sayang I didn't took a picture of our Noche Buena ... Oh before I forgot, Dad brought 3 lechon that day, all gifts from his friends. Oo, nung December, nagdidildil kami sa lechon (hindi sa asin at kamatis hahaha!).

We attended the Christmas Eve mass while my Kuya is celebrating his 35th birthday at home with friends. Good thing Janna is so behave at the church. We didn't have the hard time taking care of her.

Happy Birthday Kuya Stan, looking forward to your wedding this year
... totoo na ba yan? Baka stir nanaman yan ha?

After hearing mass, we started opening gifts. Janna is more excited on ripping the wrappers than seeing the gifts inside hahaha. Kasi she cries whenever kinukuha namin yung crumpled gift wrappers from her hands. Kaloka! We bought her a shape sorter. She loves it ... I mean she loves to chew it hahaha.

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December 25, 2008

We went to Antipolo to visit Janna's other lola, Lola Perlie. And so goes with Tito Jade and Tita Jamie. As what I expected, Janna already have a stranger and separation anxiety. I've been telling hubby that we should see her mom at least once a month so that Janna won't always be like this. Whenever she's been carried by somebody else she barely sees everyday, she begins to cry. Cry as in parang somebody is spanking her. And when she looks around and I'm nowhere to be found, she'll cry again. Oh bummer! Now you know why going to the mall and going to the salon is something of a difficult task to handle nowadays.

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After a bit of playing and everything, she's starting to talk to her Lola and Tito Jade. Nagpapakarga na din siya, medyo matagal na din. Sometimes, she fell asleep on her Lola's shoulders when she's sleepy na. Tito Jade gave her a Crocs shoes (which i think can wait for a couple of months before she can wear it.) and a Vtech toy while her Lola Perlie gave her a cash gift. And of course, hubby and I got presents, too from the ever-galante Kuya Jade. Hehehe!

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We went home by 8:00p.m. Mom told me that one of Janna's Ninang, Hazel, is coming for a quick visit. May ibibigay lang daw sila. Pero they end up eating pa rin because Mom insist for them to eat before they leave nyahahaha! Wawa ang buntis, nabundat. They gave Mom and Dad a Banofee Pie from Banapple which i tasted for the first time. Grabe ang sarap! Which made me and hubby Banapple treat our new fave dessert.

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Baby Hailey, laro tayo!

December 26, 2008
Mom's sibbling along with their children and apo's in tow went for a mini reunion. It's been a while since they've seen each other. Usually, it's tita Ligaya who we always see. Si Tito Rene kasi is always busy eh. Hindi mahagilap! Hahaha!

Tito Rene already got 10 grandchildren ... all boys hahaha! Imagine Janna's birthday party, sa kanila lang puno na ang venue hahaha. It would be fun grabe!

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Grabe, ang dami namin dito no! Actually, kulang pa nga yan eh hahaha!

As usual, my Dad was like Santa, nagpapila at nagbigay ng cash gift. Dad sucks big time on buying gifts. He always opted on giving cash gifts for the reason that they can buy whatever they want for themselves. Para daw hindi sayang ang regalo ... ok may point nga naman si Dad. Saka mas ok sa kanya if you tell him what you want so that he knows what to buy for you. That's why I got this for my birthday and Christmas.

The Gifts
We didn't expect anything from everybody but it would please us to see somebody remembered Janna on Christmas Day. So here are some of the gifts she received this Christmas. Walang gift si Mom and Dad sa kanya kasi palagi naman siya may regalo kay mom lalo na pag nag-shoshopping ng damit hahaha. All her clothes were bought by mom, and some of her big things like high chairs, extra playpen, and a comfy chair were bought by her Lolo.

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FIRST PHOTO: Baby Pooh pillow came from Ate coolet (bro's GF), the dress and 2 piece swimsuit from my cousin Roselle, dozen of underwear from my cousin Rina, Vtech Storybook and Crocs Shoes from Tito Jade, photo album by Tita Ninang Ana, Barbie bag and hairclips from Ninang Hazel, Shape sorter from us.

SECOND PHOTO: Towel from Ninong Jess and Ninang Otel, Touch lamp from Ninang Bebet, Pink Osh Kosh dress from Tito Ninong Onet ... the stuff toy was from our Christmas party exchange gift.

THIRD PHOTO: 2 frog suits from Ninang Me-anne (sakto for Baguio in February).

FOURTH PHOTO: From Lola Evelyn in California, of course ... I love the Winnie the Pooh shirt hehehe.

Not in photo is the cash gift from Lola Perlie, and Janna's gifts from Lolo Junior, Lola Yolanda and Lola Josie is on the way already hehehe.

So that's Janna's first Christmas. You can view some photos here.