Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Questions of the Week #47

1. It’s really funny when________________. It's really funny when I'm talking to somebody, then suddenly I forget what I'm going to say to him/her ... so embarassing.

2. What’s your story? hmmm ... nothing great!

3. How often do you awaken remembering your dream/s? A lot of times

4. Would you have a baby to save a relationship? Nope

5. Is it acceptable to kill one man in order to save a million? If I have to, why not.

6. If someone calls you and asks for your name, do you tell them? nope

7. In the past days/weeks, what piece of mail made you the happiest? Actually, it's an email. My tita is coming home from US and she told me that everything I've listed to buy for Janna is already with her weeeeee!

8. Would you want to live forever? Of course ... but if I'll be a burden of somebody's life, I'd rather die.

9. Is sitting around doing nothing inconsequential? nope, everybody needs to rest once in a while.

10. What does whispering makes you think of? betrayal, gossip, backstabbing.

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