Sunday, January 18, 2009

Preparing for Baguio

Finally, I got the chance to go to the mall after much lambing to hubby that I wanna go with mom. Hubby gave us the go signal that we can bring Janna with us. Whoopee! Janna really missed the mall, she enjoyed it as if it was her first time all over again.

We are going on a trip to Baguio on February and I wanted to have a hassle-free trip that's why I again made lambing to hubby that i have to buy stuffs for Janna.

I already ordered a Trunki from a fellow N@wie, Morning for Janna's luggage. Okay, strangle me to death if you like ... I know it's expensive, but I want it for Janna. She can use it naman for a long time. Plus, it's something she can enjoy using coz she can ride on it while you pull the luggage.

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I also bought Janna an 8oz Playtex Drop-in Nurser so that we don't have to carry her sterilizer to Baguio and the hassle to bring along too much bottles. But I'll be bringing at least one of her Avent bottles for her drinking water since she still can't get the hang of using her Avent Magic Cup that her Tito Ninong Jade gave her.

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Clothes are not a problem coz she already have those frogsuits that her three lola's from the US gave and recently, her Ninang Me-anne gave her 2 sets of it. She also have 6 long sleeve onesies that she got as a gift on her Christening Day. She also have some pair of pants to go with it. All we need is to buy her thick socks. I bought her 2 Baby Legs before so I think it will be on use in Baguio, too.

Hmmmm I think we're all set ... now all I have to do is watch Janna's health ... bawal sipunin, ubuhin at hikain. Mahirap na ... baka di pa kami makasama.


jen January 19, 2009 10:43 AM  

Hi Ann! I live in Cavite and the weather here is not quite Baguio. Pero it gets so cold at nights. My son wears frogsuits as well as hoodies at night. Might be a good idea to get Janna a hoodie jacket also.