Thursday, January 22, 2009

She fell

Last night, Janna and I are playing, while hubby is in front of his laptop.

... and throughout the play ... I fell asleep ...

... and the next thing I know ...

... BLAG!

Janna was crying coz she already fell from the edge of our bed. I was in the state of shock. I could see hubby's face went furious towards me. I know Janna fell, but still I'm there sitting while watching her cry in hubby's arms.

This is the first time it happened and I'm not letting it happen again. I was so scared of what it may cause to Janna in the future. We didn't know how she landed, but I believe somebody broke her fall. Walang bukol, walang pilay, no broken bones. She just cried because of fear and nothing else.

By the time she fell asleep, I cried so hard ... dun lang nag-sink in sa akin ang lahat. What if mali pagkakabagsak niya? Ano na mangyayari next?

I thank God for saving her. She's really a strong baby. And lesson learned talaga to never leave your baby unattended.

I'm such a bad mommy!


Chris January 22, 2009 11:22 AM  

hello ann! dont be too depressed about it. i know how you feel. of course as moms we want to give our children total care and protection but you also have to be ready for the times that accidents happen. just learn from your mistake and but dont think that you are a bad mommy because something like that happens.

as your little baby grows, she will want to explore more and you will face more situations... so you got to be prepared...

dont feel too bad... :) its really good that nothing happened to your baby :)

Maeyo January 22, 2009 3:32 PM  

Naku Sis. Ngayon pa nga lang iniisip ko na rin itong mga ganito. Sabi ng Sis and friends ko sa akin that when these happen do not worry to much about it as it is part of growing up daw. Being moms, we cannot help but want to protect our little ones from everything. So.. don't get too depressed. Thank God that Janna's guardian angel was there to catch her fall. :)

sweetytots January 26, 2009 9:44 AM  

oo nga.. this things happen to all mommies.. mas grabe ung sken. she was just lest than 3 months old then, so I layed her on the sofa beside me, while aI finish some cadd work for a plan. She never rolled before that, that is her first, she rolled and dropped from the sofa. I cried so hard, much harder than her. Then when she was about 8 months, i was holding her and she pooped, so I hurriedly went to bathroom to wash her, and since Im in a hurry I accidentally hit the her head on the doorknob. I am a much worse mommy when it comes to this, because I'm so clumsy. But she is fine, there is always an angel guarding our babies. Im so happy that with all those accidents she is still fine, her head and brains are still fine.. haha.. she gets straight A's from school too.

Joanne MV January 27, 2009 2:06 PM  

Accidents happened sis. Don't be too hard on yourself ;)

I V Y January 28, 2009 8:30 PM  

hi anne! dont be too hard on yourself. things like this like my mom said, it's part of their growing up.
she will be fine.