Thursday, March 26, 2009

Summer is really here

Yes ... because it's so freaking hot! Even if you turn on the airconditioner, you really can't bear the humid and all.

I've been bathing Janna twice or thrice a day. I can see she seems so irritated especially in the afternoon. Thank God Janna is a waterbaby. She loves taking a bath. She even loves the shower lately. And at night, she can't bear the humid so we don't have a choice but to turn on the a/c. Good luck to our electric bill hehehe.

We are now beginning to worry about Janna's party. If the weather will be like this until May, it would be so uncomfortable for the adults and the kids. We are thinking about renting a tent or renting a humidifier or mist maker. Kaso the problem is ... magkano?

Does anybody know where we can rent a humidifier? Sana mura lang :(