Monday, April 27, 2009

Julianna Alyssa @ 11 months old

This is an overdue post. We celebrated Janna's 11 month birthday in Laoag City. Feeling ko birthday na talaga yun kasi ang daming pagkain parang may fiesta. Tapos hindi naman nakisaman ang Red Ribbon dahil wala sila ng rectangle size na cake big enough to feed 50 persons or so. Kaya we opted to buy 3 chocolate rolls.

Janna's milestone at 11 months:
  • Her new tricks are as follows: clapping, flying kiss, a-line, sawsaw suka (yes, the sawsaw suka game), high five, give me five, waives goodbye, waives hello, putting her hands to her ear as if she's talking on the phone, eat-bulaga, kiss and hug.
  • Just learned how to walk, still a little wobbly but she can already do 2 steps at a time. The other day she did 4 steps.
  • Knows how to climb down our bed. She learned it while attempting to grab one of her toys. Ended up sliding from our bed, and she kept repeating it until she mastered it.
  • Eats a bit of rice with sabaw and minced pork or beef or mashed veggies. Actually, she's now eating table food little by little.
  • Can eat biscuit and chews it thoroughly before swallowing it.
  • Drinks 6 oz of milk every 2 hours.
  • Additional words she can utter: baby - she says baby when she wanted us to carry her, bow for blow (coz we're teaching her how to blow her candles for her birthday cake on May), e-lo for Hello, lay for Elay, eat-ba! for eat bulaga, wow for wow, wim for swim
  • Upper front tooth sprouting already.
  • She had her first time to swim in a pool on an inflatable on her 11 month birthday. She's a water baby. Loves to swim in the pool. Hubs and I decided to enroll her in swimming lessons by the time she learned how to walk properly.
  • First time to ride a plane on May 19, 2009. She loves flying and the next plane ride will be in July, hopefully with my in-laws.
  • Still a cruiser, doesn't use her walker anymore. She's more into pushing it not riding it.
  • Loves books... especially those with large illustrations.
  • Loves dogs, she shouts with glee when she sees one of our dogs peeking in our kitchen.
  • Loves to dance, any song she hears as long as she loves the beat, she'll dance. Even if she's drinking milk. May kasama pang head bang yun.
Less than 2 weeks and will be celebrating her 1st birthday. I'm getting excited already and at the same time a little bit nervous on the day of her party. Sana pumunta ang mga relatives and friends namin on that special day para ma-feel naman ni Janna the love they have for her.


cpsanti May 22, 2009 11:34 AM  

wow, ang saya naman ;-) she sounds like an adorable child!