Thursday, April 16, 2009

For the 3rd Time...

... we are going to change venue again for Janna's birthday party on May 16. There's no way the kids will enjoy the party if they are all dripping of sweat and the adults are already getting annoyed of the whole scenario. I've been doing ocular inspection during the afternoon. From 3:00pm onwards, it really is too hot in our backyard. One way to minimize it is to rent a misting fan to cater the whole place or do the party at night. But unfortunately, it's quite too expensive to rent a misting fan and a children's party at night... I don't think so.

The family had a serious talk at dinner. And Dad suggested that the party should be held in a much comfy place for the kids to enjoy. So we decided to have a Jollibee party for Janna. Yes, a Jollibee party.

And now we need to find a venue this week to booked the place and revised the invites ... sayang yung mga print outs, hindi na magagamit tsk!

Any suggestions of a Jollibee branch within Quezon City na medyo malaki ang venue for parties? Need your help, desperate na kami huhuhu!


nel's bebi April 23, 2009 10:35 PM  

di bale sis, matatapos din lahat yan :)
ano, sa shakey's na nga ba?

nga pala i tagged you... , sagutan mo lang pag gusto mo magunwind :)