Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Plane Ride

Our flight was scheduled on April 9, 2009 at 6:10pm bound to Laoag. Since it was Janna's (and yours truly) first time to ride a plane, I asked Jason if we can go to the airport 2 hours before our flight schedule. We left our house around 2pm and reached NAIA Terminal 3 at 3:00pm. No traffic and whatsoever.

I was like a probinsyana when I first step at the airport. Susmiyo, ganun pala ang feeling ng nasa airport. It was huge ... akala ni Janna mall yun. She was clapping her hands when we were already inside. The place is really cold... hindi nagtipid sa A/C I must say.

Our flight was delayed for an hour and a half. Imagine how Janna and my niece, Elay were beginning to get cranky because we've been there for a long time. Though they love to stroll around. we brought their umbrollers, by the way. It's what the grannies told us to bring.

We stayed at Cinnabon to eat our meryenda and wait there till its boarding time. We took a lot of photo ops of Janna while standing up. She can now stand against a wall, and never sits until we said so. You can view the photos here.

while waiting for our delayed flight... hay!

I was afraid at first that Janna might not love flying. But I was wrong, she loved every second of it. She loves looking outside the window as she see the million lights of Metro Manila. She even screams when she sees the moon. You can view a video clip wherein she's laughing so hard whenever the air from the A/C lingers on her face.

We did join the mini games inside Cebu Pacific's plane. Unfortunately, mahirap pala sumali ng may hawak na bata. hahaha! Kasi nahihirapan kami maghagilap ng things needed for the "bring me" game lalo na kung nakikisingit si Janna sa paghalungkat.

I didn't like how our plane landed at Laoag's Airport. Akala ko nag-crash na kami eh. Kumbaga sa naglalakad, para kaming nadapa. Kaya pala Jason told me to hold Janna tightly kasi matindi daw mag-land ang Cebu Pacific ng eroplano, hindi daw swabe unlike sa PAL. True enough, even si Janna nagulat, napaakap ng ng di oras ang bata. Pero it's just a manner of seconds lang naman pero I didn't like it talaga.

minutes before boarding ... sabi ko kasi kay Jason wala pa kami picture
ni Janna outside the plane wahahaha!

pinilit na family picture kasi nauna na sa amin sila kuya,
hindi kami nakapagpakuha ng picture.

But it's was so different nung pauwi kami. This time, our flight was on time, and the plane is quite more colder than the forst one. And Janna and Elay loved this trip because they got photo ops with the pilot and the stewardess. You can view the photos here. A lot of people from the plane were playing with them kaya akala nila it's a playground on air hahaha. As usual, Janna had the same laugh whenever the A/C is turned on (addict sa malamig). Kaso while descending nung pa-land na sa Manila, medyo nakakabingi na that made Janna a bit uncomfortable. Pero she's so intelligent, what she did was she's like chewing something, as in close open yung mouth niya. Tapos she's looking at me and Jason biglang tatawa. Galing-galing talaga ng baby ko.

I really enjoyed our first plane ride. And I'm looking forward until my next plane ride. Hopefully, we can go to Bohol in October for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary with Janna.


iris April 20, 2009 1:14 PM  

wow that looked fun for janna. how was she when the plane was gaining altitude? di ba masakit sa ears niya? i've been worrying about Mia kasi, if ever we ride a plane soon, baka mahirapan..

exodusknight April 25, 2009 9:01 PM  

hi... i enjoyed reading your posts.. nice pics of ur baby huh?!.. ung stewardess, cebu pacific yan noh?... hehe just guessing.. ung color ng damit eh... hehe..